B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-7

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Ragsan got late for clz,bcz they wasted time in fighting in swimming pool…
Sanskar didnt allowd to his first period of cls bcz of his strict lecture..he cursed this for ragini..
He walks sadly..when he was passing through ragini cls soom..he see ragini who seriously listening class..He smirks…nd stood at window nd throws small paper ball on ragini..it hitted ragini nd turns..she sees sanskar who is smiling ar her..ragini rolled her eyes seeing his smile..he gives a flying kiss..ragini mouth wide opened..but thought he is upto something…nd ignores him..sanskar again throws paper ball on her..she ignores him..he gain did it..
Ragini(irritated nd loudy said):what the hell idiot..y r u disturbing me..stop it stupid..
Lecturer turns ar ragini..ragini bites het tongue..
Ragini:vo..vo..sorry sir
Sir:get out frm cls
Sir:get out..
Ragini goes out quickly..nd looks at sanskar angrily who is laughing..
As usual they starts their chasing game…ragini catches sanskar nd pins him to wall..
Ragini:what d hell u did..
Sanskar:bcz of u i got late…so
Ragini:tho..u disturbed me..how cruel u r
Ragini:no..she started hitting him..
Sanskar tried to escape ,but ragini pulls him..again he tried to go but ragini pulls holding his shirt..which causes sanskar buttons got broke revealing his naked front..both widened their eyes…
Sanskar:bachao bacha..she is trying to take my(ragini closed his mouth)
Ragini:chup idiot..y r u shoutingi like that…
Sanskar(bites her palm which is on his mouth):what u r trying to do..huh(he covers himself with his hands..
Ragini:oh..hello..stop ur nonsense…
Sanskar:what nonsense…how can i go out now..
Ragini:i dont knw..its ur pblm..
She about to go..sanskar drags her..
Sanskar:dont dare to go leaving me like this..u have to make my shirt perfect.
Ragini:how can i..
Sanskar:its ur pblm..orelse i will create drame here that u tried to do something to me..i have ur finger prints on my shirt also..
Sanskar told in her ear..
Ragini hits him nd says stupid…
Sanskar:do something quick orelse we should miss 2nd hour also..
Ragini:now how can i get needle nd thread..
Sansakr:go to hostel..nd get it.
Ragini looks at him annoyed..
Ragini glares at him nd leaves..
After some time she came holding thread nd says u sew urself..
Sanskar (drags her nd pins her to wall nd encircled his both hands around her waist):u should only do..
Ragini pouts..nd sewing buttons..they r very close..sanskar looks at her cunning smile..
She pokes him with needle..
Sanskar:ochhh rakshashi..
Ragini giggles…
Sanskar looks at her annoyed..
ragini cts d thread with her teath,her lips slightly touched his body..
Sansakr:oye..dont take advantage..
Ragini:dont do day dreaming..
she finished..
Sanskar:now close my buttons..
Ragini in mind i will hav one day i will u tell u then..she closes his buttons..
Sanskar:fine..chalo now..
Both r coming to their classes…ragini sees tanu who is passing there..
Ragini:hii tanu
Ragini told something in tanu ears ,sanskar looked at her confused…
Tanu looks at his shirt which had lipstic msrk on it..
Tanu:baby what is this..who did it..
Sanskar looks at ragini(when she cut d thread ,she kisses his shirt to make fun of him)
Ragini winks at him..
Tannu:y r u silent..tell na..
Sanskar:its u only
Sanskar:ha..last time when i wore this.u kissed..i think u hav forgotten..
Tanu:when.. i didnt remember it
Sanskar:what baby..how could u forget this..u hav to remember na..
Tanu:but ragini said she hav seen someone kissed u..
Sanskar:u knw she is lier..u hav trust on me na..
Sanskar winks at ragini..ragini gives a ignoring look..
Tanu:baby..u too missed first class like me..
Sansakr:ha baby..u r not in cls na..so i didnt feel to go..im waiting for u only..
Tanu:so sweet baby
Ragini murmurs flirt nd goes to her class room glaring sanskar..

Next [email protected]’s(Sanskar sister)Engagement

Sanskar comes to anjali room nd sees his di sits there nd ragini combing her hair..
Sanskar:oye rakshashi..its not ur engagement..stop ur overv make up
Ragini:u shutp up..im jst combing my hair..
Sanskar( gives her look):come dii i will make u ready..
He make wear her bangles..nd jewllery..ragini also helps hom..Ragsan makes ready Anjali as beatiful bride..
Sanskar:dii..looking beautiful
Ragini:oye dont put ur evil eyes on dii..
Sanskar:u only evil(he pulls her hair)
Ragini glares at him nd spoiled his hair,by pulling it..
Sanskar:u..i will not leave u
Anjali:sanskar stop..
Sanskar:see na di..how she spoiled my hairstyle
Ragini:u only first pulled my hair..
Anjali:ragini set his hair..
Ragini nodded nd combs his hair..sanskar shows his toungue..ragini glares at him..
Anjali:sanskar now its ur turn
sanskar:r u serious dii
Ragini:no di..it ok..if he do my hairstyle..i will look like monkey..
Sanskar:u r already looks like that only
Ragini:shut up
anjali:sanskar say sorry to ragini
Sanskar unwillingly said sry..now ragini shows her toungue..
Anjali:sanskar now u go we will come..
sanskar nodded but before he could leave he again pulls ragini hair nd runs..ragini frowns..
Ragini took anjali where all waiting for her..both r looking gorgeous..
suji takes anjali nd makes her stand beside her fiance(Ajay)..
anjali introduced ragini nd her fiance to eo..
Ragini:can i call u bhai..actually i dont hav brothers..
Ajay:sure sister
Ragini:thank u bhai
Sanskar:oyee..i knw what u r tring to do..he is my side..hein na jiju..
Ragini hits her forehead…
Ajay:kya hua
Ragini:kuch nay..this sanku na..
Ajay:sanku??funny name
Ragini:hein naa…its sanskar name..she laughs at sanskar..
Sanskar:i will not leave u..
Ragini runs followed by sanskar..
she dashed one girl who holds flowers,ragini could fall sanskar holds her by waist,flowers showers on them…All looks at them..
Sanskar makes her stand..ragini about to go..sanskar holds her frm back(like he hugged her frm back)..
All looks at them with open mouths..
Sanskar:tell sry nd say dont call like that once again..
sanskar lifts her in his arms.,ragini leave me idiot..
Suji:sanskar…what u r doing..
Then only both realized nd looks around..they feels embarrsed..sanskar makes her stand..
suji:guest r here..behave urselves..
Both nodded..
Ring caremony started…Anjali ajay exchanges trings..All showers flowers on them..but Ragsan throws flowers on eo while glaring at eo..
sanskar sees ragini talking on phone..he moves towards her..
Ragini(to caller):nothing like that yaar..he lied to u,im not loving him..such mein
Sanskar pulls her close,ragini widened her eyes..
sanskar:what r u doing here baby..im waiting for u na..
he takes phone frm her hands:areh saale i told u na dont call,then y did u called ..she kissed sounding loudly on her cheek..nd says dont disturbence our romance..saying sanskar cuts d call..nd immediately left her..nd looks at ragini who is looking at him with rage..
Sanskar:u booked me to tanu na..now equal..he laughs evilly..
Ragini starts beat him….
Sanskar:stop it billy
Ragini:stupid idiot..sanku..
suji who sees them,she comes them..both stood quite seeing suji..suji takes both to room ..both r looks at her puzzled..
suji:do whatever u both want…we r fed up seeing ur fights..do how much do u want to fight..
saying she leaves locking them into room..both looks eo widening their eyes..
Ragini:see..it is bcz of u
Sanskar:no bcz of u
Ragini:dont argue sanku
he lifts her nd throws on bed angrily..
Ragini shouts sanku..
sanskar comes over her nd bites on her shoulder nd warns her dont call..
Ragini:ochh u bited me again..
she rolls over him nd beats him..both r fighting rolling like that for sometime..
Ragini who was hitting him ,leaned on his chest nd says im tited..
Sansakr who is breating says im too..both stayed like that by tired..(sanskar on bed ragini was on him.).

NOTE:Ragsan r hating eo(they feels)..but they can feel free to eo ,they feels they have full rights on him/her to do anything..they trust eo..i dont knw how to tell guys..hope u will understand in upcoming episodes..(Anisha sis hope u got my point)

Aliya sis:sry i forgot to ans ur question…Yes dear my real name was not lahari..Im susmitha frm Hyderabad..

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