B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-6

After long time…i knw all hav forgotten about this story…

Last epi recap:ragini teases sanskar showing his naked photo..he tries to take it frm her..

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Ragini was talking in phone,sanskar goes to her nd grabbed the mbl frm her hand nd runs…
Ragini shouts sanku..
Sanskar hides in one corner, he noticed caller was still in line..he about to cut but stopped hearing male voice…
Boy:hello..laado r u there..
Sanskar(lifted his eye brow):ladoo??
Boy:laado..kya hua
Sanskar:kuch nay hua…
Boy:who r u
Sanskar:im her lover..who r u stupid..y did u called my lover dont u have any work..if u again call her..mein maar dunga saale..
The boy cuts the phone immediately..
Sanskar smiles evilly..he checked phone for his pic but he doesnt found it…he comes to ragini angrily…
Ragini:sanku baby..did u fnd ur pic..she laughs..
Sanskar:stop it..u lied to me..lier..
Ragini:i didnt lie..i stored it in my laptop..if u want i will show u all..
Sanskar looks st her knitting his eyebrows..
Laksh:which photo about u r talking..
Ragini:i will tell u..
Sanskar:nothing lucky..come we should go home…
Sanskar drags laksh nd leaves while glaring at ragini..
Night @mm
Ragini comes to mm while shouting sanskar name…
Sanskar:y r u shouting like that chipikalli..
Ragini:y did u told that u r my lover..
Sanskar(laughs):kya hua baby..did he brk up with u..poor girl..
Ragini:shut up..idiot..i(she stopped hearing voice)
Voice:y r u shouting on my bro like that..
Ragini turns nd smiles widely..
Ragini:Anjali diii(sanskar elder sister) when did u came
Anjali:mng itself
Ragini:missed u..
Anjali:me too
They hugs..
Sanskar:dii ..u r my side ..dont forget..
Anjali:ha ..yeah..sry bro(she winks st ragini)
Ragini:jealousy sanku
Sanskar:shut up rakshashi
Ragini:i hate u..i dont wamt argue with u..chal..
Sanskar:same here..
Ragini:btw dii u came suddenly..
Ap:after 2days her engagement na..so
Ragini:engagement??no one told me about this..
Sanskar:y should we tell u..
Ap:sanskar tum chup..all hav forgotten to tell u beta..
Ragini:its ok..we will velebrate grandly my dii engagement..
All smiles..
Ragini:ok..im going now..bye all..
Sanskar:finally..im waiting for this only..plz go..
Ragini glares at him..
Ap:ragini hav dinner nd go…
Sanskar:no badi maa..she is telling na ,let her go..
Ragini:i will have dinner here only..(while looking at sanskar)
Ap:come..sanskar u too come…
Both huffs looking at eo,nd goes..
Ragini had dinner..
Sanskar:now u had na..then go..i will be sleep peacefully..
Ragini:no..i wont go…i will sleep here ur room itself ,what will u do huh..
Sanskar:u cant do that
Ragini:i can..
Saying she runs to room followed by sanskar…
Anjali:maa when they will change..
All:who knws…

Ragini goes to sanskar room nd lies on his bed…
Sanskar:oye get up stupid..
Ragini pretends as sleeping..
Sanskar tries to lifts her..ragini bites his hand…
Ragini:go nd sleep on sofa
Sanskar:what..this is my room my bed..y should i..
Ragini:then go nd sleep in balcony..it is best place for u..
Sanskar glares at her nd angrily sleeps beside her…ragini keeps her leg on him..sanskar pushed it ..ragini smiles..she keeps a hand on him..he pushed it irritated…ragini again keeps her leg on him…sanskar looks at her who is smiling..he suddenly comes over her..
Ragini:get up..idiot
Sanskar:chup..now i will see..how can u sleep..
Ragini:how can i sleep placing big rock over me..
Sanskar:big rock ..me..
Ragini:ha..fatty..im not able to bear ur weight..
Sanskar:say sorry
Ragini:no..y should i..
Sanskar:ok i wont get up sleep like this only..
Ragini tickles him..sanskar holds her both hands..
Ragini(annoyed):leave na..
Sanskar:say sorry
Ragini:ok fine sorry
Sanskar smiles nd gets up..
Ragini frowns…both turns othersides nd sleeps…
Ragsan shown sleeping like a married couple…sanskar hugs ragini tight nd blanket over them..
Ragini first wakes up nd sees her position..she shouts sanku..
Ragini:y did u hugged me
Sanskar:im habitatuted to sleep hugging pillow..u took my pillow then what can i do..
Ragini:tho u used me like pillow
Sanskar:smart girl
Ragini:now leave stupid..(his hand still on her waist)
Sanskar( leaves her):atleat u go..i will slerp peacefully..
Ragini throws pillow on him nd leaves..sanskar sleeps again hugging pillow…

Ragini who wss passing through laksh room ,sees laksh smiling seeing one photo…she gets in nd grsbs d photo..
Laksh(shocked)…ra..ragini..tum..give me that..
Ragini sees it was swara photo..
Ragini:swara ???what is going on..
Ragini:dont hide..do u love her..
Laksh(nodded):plz dont tell this to swara..i will tell slowly…
Ragini smiles..nd walks out frm laksh room nd again goes to sanskar room nd sees sansksr is sleeping..she shouts loud in his ear ahhhjhhj…nd runs sanskar gets up nd runs behind her…
Anjaji:mng mng u both started..
All gives impossible look..
Sanskar catches ragini nd lifts her nd throws into swimming pool..ragini looks at him annoyed..
Sanskar laughs…
Ragini signs laksh who was behind sanskar..laksh said no..ragini signs him to push orelse she will tell his love to swara..laksh pushes sanakae unwillingly..
Ragini laughs now..
Sanskar:lucky what is this yaar .
Laksh:sry sanky..ragini askd me..
Sanskar looks at ragini..she splashes water on him..he holds hee nd makea drown..ragini pulls him too..they started fight in pool also..

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