B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-5


Ragini who was got irritated whole day seeing ria nd manvi whos r chatting with sanskar ,without giving any heed to ragini words..ragini got angry..after clsess got over ragini goes to swara nd asks about sanskar..swara replied he already went home..Ragini nodded nd leaves..
Ragini barged into sanskar room where sanskar jst cme frm washroom wearing only towel around his waist..
Ragini punched him on his chest..
Sanskar:oye chipicalli kya hua..y this sudden attack on me
Ragini:i warned u na..stay away frm my frnds..
Sanskar:i too said..i wont
Ragini:u can..they r not listening to me bcz of u..they r ignoring me bcz of u..
Sanskar(pulling her cheeks):oh..poor girl..he laughs..
Ragini:stop it u idiot..im telling u again stay away frm them..orelse i will (stopped seeing towel which was on floor instead of sanskar)..she immediately turns ..
Sanskar:y did u turned..tell.. orelse..what will u do..huh
Ragini(turns controlling her laugh):i will tell later..first wear something orelse i will get heart attach
Sanskar:what(he looks down)nd widened his eyes..ragini laughs..sanskar glares at ragini who was clicking his pic with her mbl..
Sanskar(grabs d scarf frm her neck nd covering himself ):oye mental what u did..
Ragini(looks at her scarf ):u idiot what r u doing ..my fav scarf..chii..
Sanskar:leave about scarf..first delete that pic..
Ragini:no..my scarf(he makes a sad crying face)
Sanskar:im asking something..but u r cared about this stupid scarf..
Ragini:u only stupid ,idiot ,bandar donkey,devil..
Sanskar:chup..give ur mbl
Ragini forwarded it..sanskar forwards his hand to take but ragini immediately back off her hands nd runs showing her tongue..
He was about runs her behind but stops seeing his state..he murmurs this mental girl na..really mad..i dont knw what she will do with that..sanskar ur reputation is in her hands now..
Suji spotted ragini who was descending stairs..
Suji:areh ragini..when did u cme
Ragini:15min before only aunty..
Suji:r u coming frm sanskae room
Ragini:ji aunty..i cme to warn him
Ragini:ha..he was flirting with my frnds..thsts y
Suji:r u feeling bad for that
Ragini:ha…he made them against me..i dont have any pblm his flirting..but not with my friends..
Suji( face fell):ok..sit i will get something to eat..
Ragini nodded…

Sanskar comes nd sees ragini who was eating gulabjamun..he in mind i will get her mbl..he moves towards her nd throws scarf on her..
Ragini:chi idiot..u spoiles my fav scarf..
Suji:kya hua..y u have ragini scarf
Ragini:i will tell u
Sanskar:u chup..she forgt in my room
Ragini:no aunty actually
Sanskar(feeds gulabjamun into her mouth to stop her):i said true maa..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar(whispered in her ear):delete that pic..now itself
Ragini gives a sheepish smile nd nodded no..
Suji wondered seeing their ear biting instead of fighting..
Sanskar:maa can u get coffee for me..
Suji: tell badi maa..she was in kitchen ..
Sanskar:no..badi maa must be bsy.u go nd make..plz go maa..im getting headache
Suji nodded nd leaves..sanskar stands nd makrs ragini stand nd he started to search mbl by checking her,make her turn this side nd that side(hope u got )..
Ragini:u r tickling me ..stop it idiot
Sanskar:where did u kept it
Suji(who jst cme):what..
Sanakar(leaves her):kuch nay maa..
Ragini goes to sofa nd take her mbl which she hided under pillow..she winks at him..sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:aunty..im going now..swara must be waiting for me..
Suji nodded..
Sanskar:maa im to going out
Suji:no..u asked coffee na sit here i will get
Sanskar:but maa
Sanskar nodded helplessly..
Ragini leaves giving winning smile to sanakar..
@next day
When sanskar sees ragini in clg ,he dragged her to aside..
Sanskar:where is ur mbl
Ragini:why..do u want to see ur pic..
Sanskar:delete it
Ragini:no..u have to do something fr me..orelse i will keep it on clz noticed board.
Sanskar:dare u
Ragini:u knw ver well about my dare mr sanku
Sanskar(annoyed):k tell what to do
Ragini acts as thinking..
Sanskar in mind i will also have one day i will see u that day.
Ragini told something to sanskar..
Ragini:u have to..orelsw u knw what will happen..
Ragini(smiles):lo..they r coming
She goes nd hides behind piller..
Ria&manvi:hiii sanskar
Sanskar looked at ragini who signs something..he makes a sad face..
Ria:sanskar kya hua
Sanskar:sanskar..is this d way to respect ur seniors..call me sir..
Ria:but u only said na..
Sanskar:ha i said..now im telling call me sir..
He looked at ragini..ragini asked him to continue..
Sanskar:y r u both still standing with ur ugly faces(in mind sry girls)
Sanskar:ha..nd stop flirting woth me..
Manvi:what we r flirting with u..
Sanskar gives a enough look to ragini..she asked him to tell final dialogue..
Sanskar(makes a sad face):dont show ur faces again.go frm here..
Ria:how mean u r..i hate u..ragini is crct
Manvi:ha..she told about u..but we misunderstand her..
Ria:we supported u..instead of our friend..chalo manvi..we should apologize to ragini..
They leaves angrily..sanskar looks at ragini who was jumping happily..he moves towards her nd pins her to wall..
Sanskar:i will kill u
Ragini:im happy..my frnd r back to me..
Sanskar:now delete pic
Sanskar(pressed his body against her):delete it
Ragini:move idiot..im not getting breath
Ragini looks at him nd bites his neck..he jerked nd moves..ragini runs frm there..
Sanskar:ochh..she again bited me..jungli billi..i will not leave her..

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Pic credit:ganga sis

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