B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-4

Episode 3
Ragini came with her new friends(ria ,manvi)where sanlakswa r waiting for ragini..
Ragini(eyeing sanskar):here is my besties swara nd laksh..nd swalak..these r my new friends ria nd manvi..
They exchanged smile..
Ria:then who is he(pointed to sanskar)
Before she could reply..
Sanskar:i will introduce myself..im sanskar..swalak friend..u both r looking so beautiful
Ragini glares at him
Ria nd manvi:thank u sir

Ria:vo actually some seniors told we have to called seniors as sir..so
Sanskar:ha but u both no need..i dont want to be called sir with beautiful girls..
Ria nd manvi blushes..
Sanskar:stop ur bakwas
Ragini glares at her friends..drags them to aside..
Ragini:i have already told there is someone whome i hate..u both should not talk with him but u both r
Manvi:oh he is one..y r u hating jim yaar..see how handsome he is..
Ria:ha yaar..did u noticed his smile..killer smile
Ragini:will u both stop..dont praisr him infront of me..
Ragini:enough..u both should go our cls i will come later..

They leaves..
Ragini comes to sanskar who was smiling seeing ragini face..
Ragini:stop smiling idiot..i will brk ur teeth..
Sanskar:oye chipicalli mind ur toungue
Ragini:no..y r u flirting with my friends
Sanskar:so u r feeling jealous
Ragini:jealous my foot..they r my friends..u want to flirt then u can flirt with ur tanu or someone else.i dont care.but not my friends..
Sanskar:its my wish..i can flirt whome i like..no need of ur suggestions..
Ragini:i knw y u r doing this..u want to make my friends against me na..u cant do that..
Sanskar:think what ever u want
Ragini:stay away frm them..orelse it will not good for u
Sanskar:omg im scaring so much..

Ragini:shut up
Sanskar:u shut up
Laksh:stop u both come with me..mom called nd asked us to come..
Ragsan exchanges glares eo nd gives a nod to laksh..

Ragini who noticed her parents as soon as she entered mm smiles widely nd hugs them..
Ragini:dad mom u didnt even informed me
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar came to them nd drags ragini aside nd hugs Anand..ragini frowns..
Sanskar:missed u so much uncle
Anand:me too beta..
Ragini( pulls sanskar):my dad
Sanskar(pulls ragini):my uncle

Anand:ragu after so many years he met let him na..
Sanskar shows her a tongue
Ragini:dad u r taking his side..
Anand:its not like that ragu..he ask her to come near him..he hugs both ragsan..sanskar murmurs cry baby..ragini murmurs hate u..
Sanskar hugs janki also..swalak also greated anans nd janki..they had a family time..

Ragini:dad y cant u shift ur business here..we can stsy here forever like this na
Anand:no dear..i cant but i will try for u..
Ragini nodded..
Janki:if u want to be here forever..then i have an idea
Ragini:kya mom
Janki:marry laksh r sanky..u csn stay forever
Ragini:really then i will marry laksh..

Swara face fell(as she loves laksh but scared to tell him,laksh too same..they r unware about eo feelings)..swara looks at laksh who eas looking tensed by ragini words..
Ragini:yes..im decided i want to marry laksh
Sanskar:no u cant do that
All r looked at sanskar shocked..

Ragini:what is ur pblm in that
Sanskar:i dont want to ruin my brother life in ur hands..
Ragini(understand what he meant ,fumes):fine..i will marry u..
Now all r looked at ragini with mouth opened..swalak got relieved..
Ragini:i will marry u nd make ur life hell
Sanskar:but im not ready to make my life hell..

Ragini:u have to sanku..
Sanskar:no..even in my dreams also..
Ragini(holds sanskar coaller nd threatens him):marry me
Sanskar:r u mad chipicalli..
Ap:stop it u both..mrg is not a game..it was a pure relationship..
Ragini:sry aunty ,i jst said to tease him..orelse who will mry this idiot..
Sanskar:oye even i dont have any interest to marry u..
Ragini:but i wish u will get the one who hates u like me..

Sanskar:my wish also same..u will get someone like me who hates u..
Ragini:i hate u
Sanskar:i hate u too

Janki:not again u both..
Ragsam nodded nd kept quite..
Eveng paased happily with reunion of 3 families…after spending sometime ragini parents left to Delhi..
Ragini comes to her class nd sits beside ria nd manvi..she looks at manvi who was engrossed with mbl..
Ria:ragini do u knw whom she was chatting with

Ria:ha..he accepted her friend request in fb..
Ragini(grabbed her mbl):manvi..what r u doing ha..i told he was not good..he wants to separate us..
Manvi:dont talk like kid ragini..r u lover of mine to separate..
Ragini:try to understand manvi

Manvi:he was not like that..he was so good..plz dont say anything about him infront of me..
Ragini gets angry on sanskar nd says in mind i will not leave u..bcz of u my friend talked with me like this..i hate u..

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