B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-3

Episode 2

Suji comes to sanskar room for call him breakfast nd she was shocked to see the room which was messed with clothes..she sees sansksr who was pulling his all outfits nd trying one another..
Suji:sanskar what is all this
Sanskar:maa how i am looking in this shirt..
Suji:u r looking sanskar only
Suji:what maa..what is this mess sanskar..btw where r u going..there is any special today..

Suji:then..y r u showing ur interest on ur outfit..u never be like this na..
Sanskar:ha but i want to show her how much im handsome..
Sanskar:ur laado
Suji:ragini..so u want to be handsome in front of ragini..(in teasing way)
Sanskar:maa..u dont think much..she said im not handsome thats y..i want to show her..
Suji disappointed as she always wanted ragsan together..but they r always fight with eo…

Sanlak comes to Ragswa who r waiting for them..ragini looks at sanskar who was looking dashing in white shirt nd blue faded jean with stylish black watch on his wrist..
Ragini(to tease):laksh there is any joker competition is going on..

Ragini:kuch nay..see ur bro looks like a joker..if he would go there he will get first prize
Sanskar(frowns): u r jealous na
Ragini:jealous for what
Sanskar:god gives me beauty with brain whicj u donf have..
Ragini:very funny..but im not in a mood to listen ur faltu jokes..
Sanskar:im too not in a mood to waste my time to talk with u..
Swara(folds her both hands):did u both plz..

Ragsan exchanged glares nd kept quite..tanu comes there nd says wow baby u r looking dashing today..sanskar thank u baby..come we should go to cls..saying he leaves with her looking at ragini who gives ignoring look..

@lunch time
Laksh placed a box infront of ragini nd says maa gave it…ragini smiles..nd opend box..she shouts loudly seeing snake(fake one) on it..she jumps saying snake snake snake…sanskar who was stood laksh back laughs..ragini realizes it was his prank..she fumes..
Laksh:im sry ragini..i dont knw when it got exchanged..
(ap gives Tiffin box to laksh nd askd him to give ragini it was her fav halwa..sanskar who witnessed this he exchanged the box without knowledge laksh)
Laksh:im really sorry ragini

Ragini:u no need to laksh..
Sanskar:how is my revenge..do u think i have forgotten what u have done to me..never..
8years old ragini came to 9years old sanskar where he was having lunch with his friends..
Sanskar:y did u cme here..u r not liking me na..go(childishly)
Ragini:i came to give this box
Sanskar:which box

Ragini:mom gave it to u..ur fav kheer in it..
Sanskar grabs d box frm ragini’s hand nd opens it immediately nd shouts seeing lizard in it..he starts cry as he was afraid of lizard..ragini nd his friends laughs..sanskar realized it was fake one..nd embarrassed..his friends teased him..he glares at ragini..who gives a smirk..
Sanskar:i hate u..
Ragini:i hate u too..

Fb ends..
Ragini:sanku maheswari i will not leave u today..
They starts their chasing game..
Ragini:stop idiot..thst was school..but u made me embarrassed in clz..
Sanskar:this is called tit for tat

Ragini runs behind him ,nd catches his wrist nd pins him to wall..both r breathing heavily due to running…
Ragini(while breathing):i..i..i will..ki..kill u today
Sanskar:seriously..im scaring.(sarcasm)
She beats him on his chest..sanskar holds her both hands..

Ragini:leave me
Ragini:leave me sanku
Sanskar(tightened grip):if u call me like this..i will really kill u..
Ragini:its paining..leave me
Sanskar:what if no..
Ragini:i will bite u
Sanskar:u cant

Ragini:i can
Saying she bited his cheek..
Sanskar(rubbing his cheek):ochh..junglibilli..
She again bites him nd says dont call me like that..
Sanskar:rakshasi..its paining
Ragini:oh really..i dont knw
Sanskar dragged her nd bites on her neck..
Ragini screams..
Sanskar:now u got to knw how much pained..

She looks at him annoyed..nd pushes him nd goes…murmuring idiot..
San come home suji who noriced his cheek whenever he entered calls him..
Sanskar:kya mom
Suji:what happened to ur cheek
Sanskar:ask ur laado only..
Sanskar:she bited me mom..
Ap nd pari widenes their eyes along with suji hearing sanskar..
Sanskar:stupid girl she bited me 2times..
Suji:what u did

Sanskar:y should i kept quite..so i too bited her on neck..
Suji ap rolled their eyes..
Sanakar:i hate her mom..i hate her..saying he goes to his room..
Suji:jiji..is this really hate..
Ap:mab be..
Suji looks at ap..both smiles..

Ragini stands infront of mirror nd staring at mark on her neck..nd says ..how deeply he bited..i want to bite his whole body..stupud.idiot..she sleeos cursing sanskar..

Guys im getting very less comments..nd plz tel me if it was not good..i will end r discontinue it..nd thank u so much who commented..frankly tell guys..i will not feel bad..

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  1. Lovely7

    It’s awesome yar

    Don’t end this please please

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    Awesome Lahari di

  3. Yaar its nice you pls continue and there r many silent readers so pls don’t feel bad n continue ur ff.

  4. No please don’t end…its good…keep writing……..

  5. Awsm one

  6. Nice.Pls dont stop 🙁

  7. Aliyahillary

    no lahari its really an awsome story yr….. i coudn’t comment earlier ‘coz i busy as my classes have startd…. u’ve discont. season 1 but not this one plz…….u r getting less comments may ‘coz they all are busy as most of their classes has started…..love u…..tc…..update soon…

  8. Basu

    Please continue

  9. A12345

    Hahaha… ??

  10. I read this story now only. it is excellent. i am Raglak fan and only few Ragsan writer convinced me to read their story. U r one among them. Going to read season 1 and this story from beginning


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  14. awesome

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    Lahari dii it really an awesome …couldn’t comment before bcoz i am busy now …u have already discontinued the season 1 plzzzz don’t discontinue this story ..i really loved this story …u remember i request u to continue this when saw u r season 2 i was really happy..plzz continue dii

  16. pkz dr dont end this ff.i really like it. eagerly waiting for next part

  17. Awesome

  18. Don’t end this u know na now a days very less ragsan story am really sad plz don’t end OUR RAGSAN story am crazy fan of them dr

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    Haha these two are behaving like kid… Awesome

  20. amazing

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    Don’t stop it yaar, because your story is fantastic, even i’m not getting many comments in my story The reason of my heartbeat, but I won’t stop writing it?

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  24. superbbbb yaarrrr….plz continueeeee

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