B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-2


Sanlak comes home after clg got over as soon as san sees suji hugs her..
Suji(surprised):kya hua sanskar..
Sanskar(brks d hug):kya hua matlab..
Suji:why so sudden love
Sanskar:maa i always love u..
Suji:whats d matter u r looking so happy..
Sanskar:im so happy bcz i fought with that chipicalli
Laksh(glares at san):ragini..chachi
Suji(loudly with hapiness):what..ragini came
Sanskar(rubbing his both ears):y r u shouting mom..
Ap,pari(came frm kitchen):where is ragini..how is she..
Laksh:maa she came to study here..
Suji:really..im so happy..btw sanskar u r happy bcz ragini came..
Sanskar:no no mom..im happy bcz i teased her nd i ragged her..thats y im happy..
Pari(tease):really devar ji..i thought u r happy bcz ragini came..
Saying he comes to room nd murmurs himself no.. im happy bcz i teased her not about her arrival..
@swara home(where ragini was staying)
Ragini gets a call frm her dad..
Ragini:ha dad
Anand:how was ur day
Ragini:nice dad..
If i would nt have met thst stupid.it would be awesome..
Anand:tumne kuch kaha
Ragini:no dad..missing u
Anand:me too..how is maheswaries md shekhar uncle nd all..
Ragini:fine dad..
Anand:how about swalak nd sanskar..
Ragini:dont ask me about that stupid..he becme more stupid than his childhood..i hate him
Anand:again u fought with him
Ragini:no he only fought with me..
Anand smiles
Ragini:k dad im going to mm..i will catch u later..
Anand:fine..take care..dont trouble sanskar more
Ragini:dad..im not ..he only
Ragini:fine..tell mom..im missing her too.. Bye
Sanskar was in his room listening his fav music with closing his eyes..suddenly he heard loud noises..he removes his headphones..nd comes out of room nd sees ragini swara..sanskar murmurs i knw it was y then who else cme to disturb my peace..
he sees all his family who r treating her like she came frm heavan..
Sanskar:what was going on mom..
Ragini(looks at sanskar):cant u have eyes..
Sanskar:u shut up..im not asking u
Sanskar:what y u all behaving like she was an angel came frm heavan..
Ragini:so..whats ur problem..
Sanskar:my brblm always u..
Ragini:same here..y did u cme out of ur room..go nd stay there itself..then only i will get some peace..
Sanskar:this is my house..i can stay where i want u no need to tell..
Ap:will u both plz stop
Ragini:see aunty..what he waa saying ,he want me to get out as it was his house..
Sanskar:oye..i didn’t told like that
Ragini:i knw u r meant like that..
Ap:leave him ragu..its ur home too..
Ragini shows her tongue to sanskar..sanskar glares at her.nd he thought something smirks..
Sanskar:maa ,papa badimaa ,badipapa bhabi bhayya swalak..keep quite sometime..i want to make hear something to u all..
Suji:kya sanskar
Sanskar got his mbl nd played one recarding..where ragini was saying i love u sanskar…
All r shocked..ragini rolled her eyes..sanskar winks at her..
Sanskar:see all..she was acting as hating me..but she loves me..she proposed me..i rejected her so she wants to take revenge on me..
Ragini opened her mouth in O shape..
Suji:sachhi..y did u rejected her proposal..
Sanskar:who loves her..mental girl..
Ragini:shut up..wahh what a faltu story u made up mr sanku.
Sanskar:dont call me like that..
Ragini(ignores him):aunty he was lieing..
Sanskar:achaa..i have a proof..
Ragini:i will kill u..aunty it was not true..i didnt love him..i will never ever..believe me aunty
Sanskar:maa believe me..
Laksh:im getting headache..y u both cant keeo quite..
Ragini:see na lucky..tell what has happened mrng..
Laksh looks sanskar who was nodding his head no..
Laksh:leave me..i dont want to come between u both..
Ragini:Aunty believe me.he was lieing
Sanskar:no u r lieing
Ragini:no u..
Sanskar:no u
They r aruguing like this..
She turned but no one is there..(all left while they fighting)
Sanskar:where all went
Ragini:i came here to spend some good time but u ruined it..i hate u
Sanskar:i hate u too..
Both glares at each other nd walks in different ways..
@next day
Ragswa ,sanlak cme clz nd sits in corridar as it has still time for classes..
Tanu(san clasmate) comes to them..
Tanu(with seductive voice):hiii sanky baby..yesterday i didnt cme to clz na..i missed u so much..
Sanskar:me too baby
Tanu:hii swara..laksh..
Tanu:who is this girl(pointed towards ragini)
Swara:she is our frnd ragini..
Tanu:ohh..k bye..bye sanky baby..
Ragini:who was she..she was doing over acting
Sanskar:oye..dont say anything about her..she is my girlfriend..
Ragini:achaa..poor unlucky girl
Sanskar:shut up..u knw im the most handsome hunk of this clz..
Ragini laughs loudly holding her stomach..which is irked by sanskar..
Sanskar:stop it
Ragini:areh wahh sanku..u crack a goos joke keep it up..she laughs..
Sanskar fumes..
Swalak sensed tbe scene..
Swara:ragini u go to ur cls..
Ragini nodded nd leaves giving a glare to sanskar..

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