B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-16


Ragsan stood in shock…
Suji:ragini..i will talk to ur parents..i hope they will not object for this marriage as i knw they love sanskar..
Sanskar:stop it maa..marriage??that to with her..no maa..plz dont make my life hell
Ragini:Even i dont hav interset to make my life hell..
suji:stop u both..now u both are husband and wife..u hav to live with eo..(she said angrily)
Ragsan stood annoyed..
Sanskar:maa can u give us 5min..
Sanskar:plzz maa
sanskar drags ragini to room…
Ragini:kya idiot..
Sanskar:we have to do something
Ragini:still what left..all bcz of u..y did u do that..
Sanskar:i really dont knw,if anyone fill sindhur like this..its called marriage..i thought marriage needs muhurt,bharat,some rituals nd all…u should hav told me na..
Ragini:i too thought like that only..
Sanskar:now what will we do
Ragini: convince suji aunty
Sanskar:we cant..maa never gt convince..u knw about her nahh..she believe all shit..
Sanskar:we knw we cant live as husband nd wife..so we should think something to escape from this marriage..
Ragini:what will we do..
Sanskar:i hav idea..
Sanskar:we hav still 3 years to complete our study naa..
Sanskar:we will tell to them..after our study we will be hus nd wife..
Ragini:what do u mean..
Sanskar:first listen billy..
Ragini:fine tell..
Sanskar:we jst told to them like that..may they forget about this..
Ragini:what if they wouldnt forget
Sanskar:we will think about that later..we hav 3 years naa..
Sanskar:what but..do u want to live with me
Ragini:no way
Sanskar:then shut ur mouth..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:now chalo
Ragini nodded..
Ap:suji what are u talking..u knw naa they hate eo..
Suji:haan jiji..but not only hate ,something was there between them which they could not understand..they knws eo well,they cares for eo..nd u knw naa we alkways wanted them be together..yestered he makes her wear mangalsutra unknowingly nd today sindhur..may be its their destiny,God too want to make them together..
Ap:but,at this age.. marriage nd all..it wont good nahh suji
Suji:we will manage jiji..
Ragsan came
Sanskar:maa ..vo…we want some time
Suji:how much.. 1 day or 2 days..
Ragini:3 years
Sanskar:haan..maa we r studying still,it will embarassing if anyone knw this..
Suji:didnt u feel embarassed,when u filled sindhur..
sanskar:maa.i did unknowingly..plzz maa..
Ram:agree for this suji..they are still kids na…we will do their marriage grandly with all rituals after completion of their studies..
Ragini(in sanskar ear):sanku our plan wont backfire nahh
Sanskar:dont wry..first we have to be happy,we escaped for 3 years..
Dp:ram said correct..we will do like that sujatha..let them study first..we will think about that later..
Ragsan got relieved..
Suji:but u both should stop fighting..
Ragsan in mind it will never happen..
Suji:did u get that
Ragsan nodded smiling fakely..
Suji:nd u both should learn how to love eo..
Ragsan in mind love bw us..so funny..
Suji:what..are u listening..
Ragsan nodded…
Suji:if i saw u both again fighting..i will really do marriage at nxt min..so stop fighting nd start loving..
Ragsan nodded again smliling at their fate..
Suji:im very happy..my daughter got married nd my son’s marriage also fixed..nd i got good sil nd dil…
Sanskar(in mind):for ur happiness..u r spoiling my happiness maa..
Ragini in mind ragini see ur fate..
Shekhar:jii..now we should leave its already late..
Suji:vo..shekhar ji.let ragini nd swra stay here for today..anjali left us naa..if they be here we will happy…
shekhar agreed nd leaves with sumi..
Ragini swara spent good time with maheswaries…
Ragini comes to sanskar room holding glass of milk..
sanskar(gotb annoyed sseing her):cant u leave me in peace even 2min..y did u came..
Ragini:vo..kya hai na pati ji..we got married..its our suhagrat night nahh..so..
Sanskar rolled his eyes
She forwarded milk looking at romantically..sanskar took glass looking at her like is she out of her sense..
Ragini:i will lock door ..no one should come to disturbs us naa..she said biting her lower lip..
Sanskar:pagal girl…
he ignored her nd sips the milk..he spilts out as ragini mixed salt in it..
Ragini:oh..my poor pati jii..dont split like this..ur patni gave with love..
she laughs nd goes out immediately locking the door from outside..
Sanskar( fumes):billy open d door
Ragini:no..sleep ..good night pati jii..enjoy salty milk..saying she leaves..
Sanskar banged the door..after 5min laksh who was passing heard this, opens door..
Laksh:who locked d door
Sanskar:who else..billy
Laksh:u both started again..
Sanskar:leave thst..have u seen ragini
Laksh:han..she is going to terrace..
saying he goes towards terrace..
Sanskar came to terrace nd sees Ragini who stood back facing him nd enjoying moonlight…he slowly neard her nd lifts ragini in his hands..
Ragini(widened her eyees):sanku
Sanskar walks downstairs holding her in his arms..
Ragini:where r u taking me…leave..
He took her to his room nd throws on bed nd comes over her..
Ragini:sanku..what are u trying to do..
Sanskar:u said na today our suhagrat..i had milk..now its time for our suhagrat..come
Ragini(eyes popped out):no
Sanskar:yes..we have to celebrate our suhagrat..u only made me remember patni jii…
Sanskar kept his face on her neck curve,which tickles her..
she( giggles nd smiles):sanku no
Ragini:get up
sanskar no
knock on door
Ragini:sanku get up ..someone knocking d door
Sanskar(got up):u got saved..
Ragini took deep brearth nd stood after setting herself properly..
Sanskar opens d door nd sees suji stood there..
Sanskar:kya maa
Suji:what are u both doing..again start fighting???(she askd angrily)
Ragsan:n…no..not at all
Sanskar:vo..vo..u siad na we have to love eo..so we are jst talking about our love..
Ragsan nodded..
Suji:ragini..did u give milk to sanskar
Ragini:haan aunty
Sanskar:maa u told her to give milk to me
Sanskar:plzz maaa dont tell her again..nxt time i dont knw what she will mix in it(he said last sentense slowly)
Sanskar:vo..vo..i dont want make her trouble so(she said smiling likea idiot)
Ragini looked at him mouth opened..
Suji:wow..itna change..good
Sanskar smiles sarcastically..
Suji:ok..u both continue where u had stop..im going to sleep..
Sanskar(teasingly):come billy..we will continue
Suji:kyun ragini..spend sometime with him..then only u both can understand eo
Ragini:vo..aunty..mujhe bahut neend aarahi hai..good night aunty..saying she runs..sanskar smiles..
suji:sanskar u too sleep..good night
Sanskar nodded..

I knw some of might be disaaponited..but dont wry…their marriage will happen soon..

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