B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-15

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Days r passing..ragini ,arjun became friends..
[sorry guys i forgot about Anjali’s wedding,so im continuing it..]
It was Anjali’s haldi…Ragini wears white choli, yellow lehenga with white dupatta looking elegant…Sanskar wears yellow kurta ,white pyjama complementing with ragini..
Sanskar came frm his room nd stood beside anjali ,who already stood beside ragini..ragsanpassed deadly galres at eo nd huffs..
Lady1:wahh sanskar,ragini u both wore same color…whats the matter..haan..are u both in love(gosping aunty)..
Ragini:love..that to with him..yuck

Sanskar:same here
Lady2:but u both are looking made for each other..
Suji who was there smiles seeing ragsan..
Lady3:ha..hope we will see u both together…
Sanskar:aunty plzzz..stop..y u all want to make my life hell..she was not perfect for me…im tho bahut handsome guy..she is average(sanky tum margaya)..im tho sweet nd good..she is evil..
Ragini stood fuming…
Sanskar:so plz dont match me with her..

Ragini:u r gone in my hands..
She supposed to attack him but suji stopped nd said ragini guest are there..plzz stop..
Ragini:but aunty see this sanku
Suji:do what ever u want after function gt iover..but niow keep quite..
Sanskar:maa told na..keep quite
Suji:tum chup..both keep quite untill function gt over..
Ragsan nodded…

Anjali sat nd all ladies applied haldi on her..ragsan jst stood glaring at eo nd fighting with their eyes…
Mehendi got over…
Sanskar came to his room nd removed his kurta nd his vest to change his cloths…ragini came frm behind..

Sanskar turns ,without doing any late ragini smeard haldi on his whole face…
Sanskar stood fuming where ragini laughs..
Ragini:now u r looking very handsome..dont mess up with me..
She huffs nd walks but before she could go out of room ,sanskar held her hand nd pulls her inside nd locked the d door..
Ragini:sanku..y did u closed d door..i wanna go

Sanskar:go after bearing punishment for what u hav done..
Ragini tries to go but he pulled her nd lifts her in his arms..
Ragini:sanku..what are u doing..
Sanakar:u will get to knw
Ragini:dont do stupid..leave
Saying he throws her on bed nd comes over her..

Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar removed her dupatta which was covered her waist nd neck..now her bare waist nd neck are visible..
Ragini:no sanku,plzz ..leave me..

Ragini:fine sorry..now leave..
Sanskar doesn’t listen..he leaned her waist nd rubs his cheeks on her waist..
He moves towards her neck nd rubs his face on her neck curve towards her face…
Ragini tries to get up but he doesnt let her go ,he makes her turn nd nd applies haldi on her bare back with his nose..he smeard all haldi which his face had , to all over her open places of her body with his face..
He gets up frm her nd says now laugh billy..
Ragini got up fuming.

Sanskar:now u can go
Ragini:u..idiot..i will not leave you..
Saying she jumps on him ..he stumbled by her sudden weight he fell on bed followed by ragini who fell on him..
Sanskar:ahh..my back…billy what u did..
Ragini:shut up..
saying she rubs her body with his bare body(sanskar was shirtless)..
Sanskar eyes popped out..ragini was trying to rub her haldi to him..
Sanskar:billy stop it,,do u knw what u are doing
Ragini:haan..im doing,what u hav done only nahh

Sanskar stops her nd rolled her..now sanskar was top of her..
Ragini looks at him annoying..
Sanskar:are u insane..stop behaving crazy
Ragini:u r only insane
saying she rolles him..now she ws top on him..
Sanskar:stop it billy
Ragini:tell sorry
Sanskar:y should i
Ragini:then i wont stop..

sanskar:billy listen
Both rolling on bed fighting(romancing) like that..
they came to this worlds when they heard knock…
Laksh:sanky open d door..

Sanskar:leave me billy..laksh came
Ragini:oyee..u only held me..leave
Sanskar bited his tongue.he left her nd got up from bed nd about to open door..
Ragini:wait idiot
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:where is my dupatta
Sanskar:who knws
Ragini:dont make me angry again..give..u only threw my dupatta..
Sanskar takes d dupatta from floor ..
Sanskar:le lo
Ragini:make me wear

Ragini:u only removed it..
Laksh:areh sanky what are u doing…open d door
Sanskar glares at ragini..
Sanskar pulls her on him nd annoyingly nd makes her wear dupatta…

Ragini:good boy
Sanskar glares at her nd open d door nd sees laksh with arjun..
Ragini(shocked seeing arjun):arjun tum yaha..
Laksh:he came to meet me
Arjun looks at sanskar who is shirtless nd haldi on his body..he looks at ragini messy hair ,her improper dress..
Ragini in mind oh no ragini..u tries to impress arjun but always u got caught like this..this is all bcz of this stupid..

Laksh:what happened to u both..
Ragini looks at arjun who looks at ragsan puzzling..
Sanskar:this billy
ragini(cutted him):vo..vo..nothing..we are jst playing..
Ragini:yeah..jst playing..

Sanskar(whispered in her ear):lier
Ragini:chup sanku
arjun looks not convince by her reply..but laksh can guess what must be happend..he gives a impossible look to them..
Arjun:seriously..u both are playing??
Ragini:ha…really..jst for fun..
laksh:leave it arjun..they are like this only..come..
Arjun nodded faintly..
Laksh:maa is callling u both..go..
Ragsan nodded…

laksh arjun leaves..
Ragini:what arjun must be think..
she makes a sad face…
Ragini:its all bcz of u…
sanskar glars at her nd pushed her out of room nd closed the door..
Ragini screams annoyed..
@next day
Ragsan came shopping with anjali to slect mangalsutra for her..anjali gets call..she told to ragsan choose one..i will be back..

They nodded…
Ragini sees one mangalsutra..she liked it alot..
Ragini:sanku see this one..its beautiful nah
Sanskar:no..see this one..it will be perfect for dii

Ragini:no mine is good
Sanskar:no mine..
Ragini:sanku..dont argue
Sanskar:fine..we will see wearing it
Ragini:do u wear..
She laughs

Sanskar:shut up nd turn
Sanskar makes her turn nd makes her wear mangalsutra which ragini selected..
Ragini:sanku..what is this
Sanskar:let me check which is good..
Ragini turns at him…sanskar looks at her nd says it was looking ok..saying he again makes her turn nd wears mangalsautra which he selected ,after removing first one…
Sanskar:this was perfect..

Ragini( looks at herself through mirrior):hmm..sanku its really beatiful..how im looking with this mangalsutra..im looking good na..i jst want to keep it with me..
sanskar looks at her like what..
Ragini:dont give me that look..i reallly like it alot
Sanskar:oh..god..y u made me stucked with this mad girl..
Ragini hits him..

Sanskar:we are in shop..stop..
Ragini pouts..
Anjali came nd sees mangalsutra in ragini’s neck..
Anjali:ragini what is this
Ragini:ask ur brother..he makes mewear
Anjali:what..sanskar what u hav done
Sanskar:we are jst checking which will suits u..

Anjali:what is d need to wear haan..
Sanskar:what is a big deal in it di..
Anjali:chup..if maa knw this..she will scold u both..
Anjali:u both nahh..leave it..chalo..
she removes ragini’s mangalsutra..

Sanskar:but dii we havnt buy yet
Anjali:ur jiju took it..he only called me..now chalo
sanskar nodded..
@Anjali’s wedding
marriage was going on….ragini stood beside bride..nd sanskar stood beside groom..as usual both are glaring nd fighting with eo with eyes…
Ragini throws flowers on sanskar making him irritate..sanskar glares at her..she laughs teasingly nd again throws flowers on him..sanskar looks around nd doesnt find flowers..he took handfull of sindhur which placed near him…at the same time pandit ji asks groom to fill bride mang with sindhur..sanskar throws sindhur on ragini angrily..ragini face nd mang filled with sindhur..
…all showers flowers on bride nd groom but it seems all are blessing ragsan..
Ragini wiped her face but still she had sindhur on her mang..
Sanskar:tit for tat
Ragini looks at him annoyed..

{all r busy ij watching anjali’s mrg so no one can kneely obseerved ragsan}
marriage got completed…bidai all got over..
Ragini came to console suji who are crying by anjali’s bidai..she consoled her..
suji smiles at her nd then noticed sindhur..
Suji:ragini..what is this
Ragini(touch it):oh..this..sanskar did it..
Suji:what..u both got married..

suji:sanskar..what have u done..
Sanskar:kya maa
Suji:y did u filled her mang with sindhur
All are shocked hearing this..
Sanskar:maa..its not a big matter.we are just

Suji:stop it sanskar..do u knw what does it meant..u both are hus nd wife
Suji:i have already told,dont make fun with these things..u both are not kids right..but y are u both behaving like kids..

Suji:enough sanskar..enough of u both..today is auspicious day,u filled her mang..nd i heard frm anjali,u made her wear mangal sutra..u knw i have respect on thse things..so..now on wrds u both are husband and wife…u both have to agree for this..
Ragsan looked at eo shockingly..

i beacme mad nd my stories became like this..ha..ha..

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