B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-1

Hiii friends lahari here with season 2 of bcz i love u..it was not continuousion..i knw i left in middle season 1 i thought to complete it but i have forgotten that track completely.. Im sry for that..so i came with season 2..it will be d same concept hate to love..

Anand khanna nd janki r parents of ragini..
Maheswaries r same as serial..
Shekar nd sumi r parents of swara bose..
Anand dp rp shekhar r family friends used to live in Mumbai..so their childerns too bcme friends..ragini likes swara nd laksh..but hates sanskar..same as sanskar..both r hate eo equally..
Sanlakswa wr same age where as ragini was one year younger than them..
When ragini was in 10years old..anand had to shift his business to delhi..
Ragini(10years): hugs swa lak nd cries..swalak also cries..
Sanskar(11years) was chuckling seeing this..ragini glares at him..
After bidding bye to all anand family left..sanskar was dancing like a mad saying im the happiest person now…all looks at him angrily..he silently goes to his room nd enjoyed himself..

Some years passed…
One beautiful girl is standing infront of xyz clz..she dials someone..
Girl:swara where r u..im waiting for u infront of clz..
Swara: ragini i was stucked in traffic..it will take time u go inside lucky was there itself.
Ragini:fine come fast..im eager to see u..
Saying she cuts d call..
She looks at clg..
Her monologue..
Finally im in Mumbai after somany years i came here feeling so happy..im going to study in this clz where my two besties r studying..but im sad as i came here leaving my parents nd very hapy as im going to meet swalak..i knw that devil also studying here itself..plz god i dont want to see his face..hope i will not see his face..she took a deep breath nd walks inside..
Her way stopped by one boy nd his gang…
Ragini looks at them confused..
Boy:r u fresher
Ragini(careless):ha tho
Boy:im ur senior
Ragini:ha tho
Boy:see ms dont show attitude im ur senior..u have to respect us
Ragini:nahi tho
Boy:punishment will be serious..
Ragini:u r ragging me..i will complaint to Principle
Boy(smiles sarcastically):u cant..he too afraid of us..dont complicate things..do as whatever i say
Ragini:what will i do
Boy:first give respect call me sir
Ragini(clenched fist):ok sir
Boy:good girl..tell SD(self details)
Boy:dont u knw
Ragini nodded as no
Boy:karthik(one of his friend) show her…
Karthik showed her..
(it was incident happened to me at my first day of clz??)
Boy:now tell
Ragini:im ragini khanna frm delhi..some bla bla bla(hope u guys knw about sd)..
Hearing ragini khanna the boy was shocked..
His monologue
Ragini frm delhi that means she was that chipicalli whom i hate the most..she again came into my life to make my life hell..is she cane to study here but no one told me about it..whatever ms ragini khanna this time i will not leave u..he smirks..(all got to knw who it was..the one nd only sanskar)his thoughts disturbed by ragini voice..
Ragini:finish sir..can i go
Sanskar:not easily..say i love u to me
Sanskar:say it
Sanskar:orelse i will kiss u infront of all
Karthik:but sa..

Before he completed his name Sanskar closed his mouth nd asks him to shut his mouth..
Samskar(in mind i always used to hear i hate u frm ur mouth..it will be fun hearing i love u):say
Ragini(in mind ragu tell its not real na..jst ragging)
Ragini(un interested ,looks away):i love u
Sanskar:say it loudly
Ragini(glares at him):i love u
Sanskar recording this without knowledge her..
Sanskar:once again
Ragini(irritated):i love u
Sanskar:say loudly i love u sanakar
Ragini(loudly closing her eyes):i love u sanskar…
Ragini opend her eyes with jerk after realising what she said nd murmurs wh..wha..what i said i love u sanskar where this devil name comes frm..she looks at sanskar who was smirking..
Ragini:that means u..u
Sanskar:ha chipicalli mein hu sanskar maheswari..
Ragini fumed..
Sanskar(imitates):i love u sanskar
Ragini eyes got red..sanskar sensed d scene nd runs..ragini Chases him says i will not leave u today..he runs all over
Clz..she caught him nd pushes him on floor..she sits on him nd punches him on his stomach..
Sanskar:rowdy rani stop it..
Ragini:how dare u to rag me..
Sanskar:get up i could not bear ur wait..get down
Ragini:no.sanku maheswari
Sanskar:oye dont call me like that
Ragini:sanku sanku sanku
Sanskar( rolls her):dare u
Ragini(rolls him):u cant do anything i will call like that only
Sanskar(again rolls her):i will kill u
Ragini(again rolls him):i too
Sanskar(again rolls her):y god what sin u did..u sent this chipicalli into my life..
Ragini fumes nd hits on his chest..
Sanskar screams with pain..
They hears some giggling sound they looks around nd sees all r looking at them with widening their mouths..they gets up nd feels embarrassed..
Swalak(who jst came to searching for them):what was going on
Ragini looks at swalak nd hugged them nd says i missed u both..
Swalak:we too..btw what happened why all students looks at u both like that
Sanskar:she called me sanku..u knw na i dont like that name
Ragini:oye dont complain..u knw swara what he did..she told everything..
Sanskar:dont say lies
Ragini:u r lier.
Swalak(looks at eo):they will never change
Swara:stop.. u both still behaving like kids..
Laksh:sanky say sorry to ragini
Sanskar:y should i lucky..she only punched me..
Laksh:u should not have ragged her na..say sry
Sanskar:u always supports her..i will not..saying he leaves..giving a glare to ragini..ragini gives a chal bey look..

Hope u like it..
Shall i continue..

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