B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-10

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It was Anjali,s mehendi..Ragini worn saree looking damm beautifull..
Ragini serves drinks to guests..Sanskar holds her saree pallu..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:heyy waiter give me juice
Sanskar:ha..u r serving na..
Ragini:shut up idiot…
Sanskar:u shutup..nd give me apple juice

Ragini:no i wont give u..first leave my saree
Sanskar:no..y did u wore saree..u r looking like aunty
Ragini:me..aunty??idiot..u r jealous of my beauty naa..
Sanskar:dont tell this to anyone..they will think u gone mad..
Ragini fumes..
Sanskar laughs
Ragini:stop it idiot..
Sanskar:billy ko gussa agaya
Ragini:i will kill u idiot

Suji(who sees them,nd comes to them):again fighting??
Sanskar:see maa..im asking juice,but she is not giving to me
Ragini(glares at sanskar):see aunty..he holds my pallu nd not letting me go..nd he was teasing me..

Sanskar:where did i hold..see
Ragini notied he left her pallu(when he noticed suji,that time only he left her pallu)..
Sanskar:see maa always she lying..but u all r believes her words..see how she is lying..
Ragini:no aunty..he is only lying..
Suji:stop it both..areh guests r in our house..atleast plzz be quite for sometime..
Ragsan nodded like obdients childs..
Suji:Ragini come..have mehendi on ur hands..

Sanskar:kyun maa..she was not bride hai na..
Ragini:tho..whats ur problem

Suji:not again..
Suji:ragini u come with me..
Ragini nodded nd goes along with suji .showing toungue to sanskar…
all ladies had mehendi on their hands..
Ragini feels thirsty..he goes to drinking water but sadly looks at her both hands..
Suji (who was passing in that way):kya hua ragini
Ragini:im thirsty..but how can i drink water..(she pouts)
Suji:wait..she looks around and find sanskar who sits alone nd playing with mbl..she called him..
sanskar:kya maa
Suji:make ragini drink water

suji:ha..u only..
Sanskar makes her drink water glaring at ragini..ragini smirks..
Ragini:vo..aunty..actually i need to call my friend urgently..
Suji:sanskar..hold her phone near her ear..
Sanskar looked at her shocked..while ragini chuckles..
Sanskar:no maa,,i have work
Suji:what..to play with mbl na..help her..
Sanskar:maa..y me..ask laksh

Suji:he is with swara..
Ragsan feels happy as they(swalak) got sometime to talk about their feelings..
Suji(smiles):i knw mera bachha so good..he listen to his mom..
Sanskar:maa enough..i will help her..
suji smiles nd goes..
Sanskar:i knw u r doing intensionally billy…he pulls her hair..

Ragini:suji aunty
Sanskar(closes her mouth):chup billy..where is ur phone
Ragini shows him where her mbl was..he takes it..
Ragini asks him to dial one number..
Sanskar dials nd holds mbl near her ear..
Ragini:hello Vinay
Sanskar rolled his eyes..

Ragini:i sent pics na..how im looking..
Sanskar murmurs like aunty..
Ragini glares at him..
Ragini( smiles):really thank u

Ragini (blushes):stop it vinay..u r too much
sanskar cuts d call
Ragini:what u did idiot
Sanskar:is it urgnet call
Sanskar:chup..u should talk leter,ur nonsense
Ragini pouts..

Ap:ragini beta
Ap:i gave to u some shagun thing na..where did u kept it..
Ragini:it was in sanku room only..
Ap:i checked it but not found..
Ragini:i will see aunty
Ap:ok..sanskar go with her nd take that shagun,her hand had mehendi hai na..
Sanskar pouts..Ragini smiles..

Ap leaves..
Sanskar follows ragini..
Ragini goes to sanky room..nd nxt to laksh:
Sanskar:oye..u said it was in my room..
Ragini:actually i forgot where i kept it..stop questions follow me..
Sanskar knitted his eyebrows at her..
She nxt goes anjali’s room,she was jst making him rounds behind her.
sanskar jst got irritated by this..
She comes to sanskar room again..

Ragini:where did i kept…(she acts as thinking)…i think it was ap aunty room..chalo..she turns to go..
Sanskar holds her pallu nd stops her..
Sanskar:dont do overacting..i knw u r playing with me..u said to badimaa it was here only..tell where is it..
Ragini:no..it was ap aunty room..follow me..
she tries to go..

but sanskar pulls her pallu to stop her..the pin which was loose got removed by his hard pull.. nd her saree unwrapped..
Ragini(glars at him):what u did idiot
Sanskar:what i did..u didnt wear saree properly..it got unwrapped..
Ragini:u did wrong but telling i didnt wear properly..how mean you are..
Sanskar:stop fighting..wear saree
Ragini:how..idiot..my mehendi..

sanskar:ok..i will call swara or someone else..
Ragini:all r having mehendi na..
Sanskar:oh..ok i will call laksh..he knw how to wear saree..
Ragini( stamped his foot):are u out of ur mind..
Sanskar:then what to do..

Ragini:u should make me wear saree
Sanskar:me..no way
Ragini:fine..i will go like this only nd tell u unwrapped my saree..
saying she walks with blouse nd lehenga only..
sanskar runs nd picks her in his arms nd gets her into room nd latched d door..
sanskar:are u mad..
Ragini:then what can i do..

Sanskar:uff..but i dont knw how to wear saree
Ragini:i will direct u..u should do..
She is directing him nd he was doing as per ragini saying..
[iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??]

Ragini:finally..do folds.nd do pin into my belly..
sanskar doing folds..
Ragini:do it properly..
Sanskar glares at her..

Sanskar pinched on her waist
Ragini:ochh idiot
sanksar:dont call me like that..
he is adjusting her folds near her belly
Ragini:fast idiot..it is tickling me..
Sanskar:im doing na..

he pinned last folds into her belly..
he covers her waist which is visible..
Ragini:y r u covering that..leave it
Sanskar:do u want to expose
Ragini:yeah that part only

Sanskar gives a unbelieve look..
Ragini:dont look at me like this..chalo
Sanskar:where did u kept that shagun
Ragini:ur cupboard
Sanskar(glares at her):u intensionally make me round behind u na..
Ragini laughs evilly..
Sanskar(hitted her head):rakshsi

Ragini:ochh sanku

Ragini nodded both leaves..

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