‘Bay Khudi’ – A tale of Love, Hatred, Obsession & Forgiveness! TwiNj [Intro] {Important msg!}

Hello friends….??????? I m in no mood to do my bak bak…. but yess what I m going to do is a kind of bak bak which you all have to read…. I was so busy in exams but I take out time to write this because I wanted to tell this to all of you….!!!! Do read my bak bak all of you as it is very important.. ???

I opened TU after a long time and saw the post of adeeba or I must say last post of her.. I was hell angry… how could she do that??? I was so much angry that I didn’t commented… Guyssss….. what’s happening??? No one is posting since a long time.. Only 2 to 3 posts a day…. agar aesa hi chalta raha to ek din aayega ke twinj would be no more… nd I won’t allow this to happen… why guyssss????? ?????? I know everyone is busy in their studies but that doesn’t mean that we will forget twinj.. I won’t let this happen…. I m so much sad… itna tensed hun mein.. pata nhi kya hota jaa raha hai twinj fans ko… kyunnn guysss…. I m angry on adeeba but not on all of you… but I m hurt… ke why everyone is doing this….??? Please apne busy schedule se time nikalo… go and see swaragini page… there are atleast 5 to 6 posts a day or maybe more than that… go and see yrkkh page… go and see ssel page.. whyyy guyssss???? ???? please don’t do this…. I want to ask some question from you all… from all twinj fans… whoever is reading have to answer my those questions:
1 – Tell me do you all want that everyone forget our twinj..?
2 – Do you all want twinj to die??
3 – Do you all want to keep twinj alive through the ffs??
4 – There would be a day when everyone would forget that there was a couple named twinj. Do you all want this to happen???
Definitely, the answer would be a big NO. Still I want answer from all of you..? Some days before I was talking to Adeeba ke I less ffs and os on other couples because no other members of diff couples are active except twinj.. I was so proud at that time ke sabse zyada active tei page hai.. but now see, kya huaa??? Kyun horaha hai aesa???? I don’t want this to happen… please guys I beg you…!!! Don’t do this…. I can’t bear this anymore…
I m sorry guys if I was rude… but I m hurt that’s why don’t what I have written.. I m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but this is the truth..!!
Twinj fans, you all know united we stand, divided we fall. So let’s be united and start afresh.. I hope everyone would agree to this what I m going to say right now..!! Let’s promise that we will always keep twinj alive through our stories.. let’s promise that everyone will try to post their ffs asap.. let’s promise that we would be like before .. our tei page will be like before… there would be many ffs and os in a day.. Please guys promise me???? Please I beg you??? ?????????????????????????????????????? Please guysss… please….!!!!!
Tamanna, Ria, Sara di, Simiyy, Aamu, Baby, Paavu, Shona, Manu, Tanya, Milli di, Shalini di, Affa di, Aakriti, Cp, Priya, Kruti, Arati di, Rashi, Chiku, Shreya, Aamna, Supriya and many more… I don’t remember all names.. including me.. me to roz hi aone ffs post kerti hun…. bss abhi exams ki wajah se leave per hun… sorryy…. I request you all ki plssssss ke humein twinj ko hamesha yaad rakhna hai…. we can’t forget them… I won’t mention adeeba’s name because I hate her…
Here we go with the new ff of mine…

This idea was revolving in my head from many days… and I thought to post it after exams but this Adeeba’s post made me post this…
This is a different ff from all of my ffs… This is a remake of a Pakistani serial .. the only Pakistani serial which I liked.. no no loved…. I won’t tell its name.. if you all can guess.. then guess… firstly u’ll find it just a copy but me ne bht kuch soch rakha hai aagy ke liye….
Here are the characters…
Twinkle Taneja – An introvert girl.. who is very different from every other girl.. she is not chirpy like her sister… she is very serious.. a studious girl… loves her baba (father) a lot… hated by everyone in her family… except her Nani, Dadi and Baba… there is a dark secret involving her.. her bua (father’s sister) hates her a lot… longing for the love of her mother… a very sensitive girl… has hidden a lot of pain in her heart.. goes to college.. cousin of Kunj Sarna.. nd younger than him.

Kunj Sarna – A very chirpy, fun loving boy… his mother warns him not to go near twinkle.. he wants to know the reason behind the hatred of his mother towards twinkle.. has feelings for twinkle but never tells her.. his one nd only aim is to make twinkle smile.. is doing M.B.A and is a carefree guy… cousin of Twinkle nd is elder than her.. the one nd only son of Usha nd Manohar.

Raminder Taneja – Father of Twinkle and Mahi.. loves her a lot.. he never made difference between his two daughters.. he has some guilt in his heart.. nd cries every night.. married to Leela his cousin.. his mother’s sister’s daughter.. brother of Kunj’s mother Usha.. Mamaji of Kunj

Leela Taneja – Mother of Twinkle nd Mahi.. loves Mahi but hates Twinkle.. married to Raminder.. her mother’s sister’s son… she had some past and cries on her fate… raminder’s sister, Usha hates her and Twinkle to the core.. Mami of Kunj..

Mahi Taneja – Being loved by everyone.. very chirpy.. speaks with twinkle very rudely..

Usha Sarna – Kunj’s mother… hates twinkle.. nd loves mahi.. hates Leela for some reason.. elder sister of Raminder.. don’t want Kunj to go near Twinkle as she knows his feelings towards her.. married to Manohar Sarna..

Manohar Sarna – Father of Kunj.. married to Usha… loves twinkle nd mahi equally… he doesn’t know anything about everyone’s hatred towards twinkle…

Aditya Taneja – Elder brother of Leela.. he also hates twinkle.. nd loves Mahi.. Mama of Twihi..

Anita Taneja – Wife of Aditya.. hates twinkle nd loves Mahi.. don’t like Leela.. Mami of Twihi..

Tanushree Taneja – Mother of Raminder… loves twinkle, mahi nd leela equally…. Nani of Kunj.. loves him.. tries to make evryone understand not to hate twinkle.. dadi of twinkle nd mahi.. sister of rania luthra..

Rania Luthra – Mother of Leela… loves twinkle nd mahi.. also loves leela… she is same like tanushree taneja.. she always tries to make everyone understand not to hate twinkle… sister of tanushree taneja.. nani of twihi..

So here the characters ends…
Everyone is hating twinkle… whyy???
There is a small intro of the story…

Everyone hates Twinkle.. its the fact which is well known by her.. she loves her baba a lot.. who also loves her… mahi always taunts her.. leela is been disliked by her bhabi and usha.. becuz of some dark past.. raminder is guilty of something which no one knows except him… he cried every night.. twinkle is also hurt .. she is longing for her mother’s love.. kunj has feelings for twinkle.. which everyone can read in his eyes.. he is doing M.B.A. there is some dark ast involving twinkle … what will happend when the secrets unfold… which will change the lives of Leela, Raminder, Twinkle and Kunj.. nd everyone’s…

This is a diff story of mine.. this is not just the love story of twinj.. its about the fact of this world.. its about the father – daughter duo.. its about mother – daughter duo.. its about husband – wife duo.. its about lover’s duo… its about sister’s duo.. its about many other things you’ll get to know in this ff..

So start thinking and tell me your views about the plot… how’s it????
Nd try to guess the reasons behind the hatred for twinkle of everyone’s and leela being disliked… I hope you all like the plot…
I will post the first episode of it after my exams…
Do comment nd tell me how’s it???
Nd don’t forget to answer my questions…
Love you all ?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤ (hate adeeba) (answer my questions I beg….???? Nd tell me who is promising..??)

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  1. Nice . Post soon.

  2. anushka shetty

    Interesting…… Waiting eagerly for nxt

  3. Ruchita Bhole

    Hey purvi!!
    I loved d concept n I lyk dat serial/drama too bt plzz plzz end shud be different than serial!!
    All d best n lots of love!!❤️
    N try to keep them longer lyk every episode was long than our Indian serials !!

  4. Sohi

    Very nice plot dear purvi ji
    And Haan i totally agree with you that no one should ignore our twinj
    We love them whatever may happened
    And yes I requested every one who quit TU
    And I have one more request for ria that plz continue her ff
    And I’m also trying to write new stories
    Do continue and post soon purvi

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting suspense full epi

  6. Aamna_2690

    Iye Hoye Purvi dear?
    Just opened the TU n Saw Adeeba’s post?I to am Sad with her sudden decision n that’s why didn’t commented yet?We all no that no one wants TWINJ to Die?Not even in our wildest dream ?
    Just a matter of few day’s itself dear than I will be free from my Board’s and then… There will be posts… posts n posts??N will also be giving TS… OS in between too?
    Acha well about the series u r talking about is ******…. I have guessed?well no one could no better than me ??Cause I am Pakistani Drama Lover n itself from Pakistan?N more over I want it to be suspense for other’s…And want them to have suspense while reading it?Whilst I would also loved to revived the moment’s of one of my Favourite Pakistani Drama ??This was really an amazing one?
    Post soon dear??
    Love u??
    Take care ☺☺
    Keep Smiling ☺☺

  7. SidMin23

    Purvi I am also sad as many members are leavin tu j understand they are busy that doesn’t means they will leave twinj behind as I also don’t want people to forgot twinj easily as this is the only place to keep twinj alive and hope they will start to before more and post too. Ff was great start and sad that everyone hate twinkle and love mahi by everyone expecting more interesting track from this ff purvi

  8. Ramya

    Purvi u r write n I agree wid u
    Even I open tu to read but der r days where I see even not even one post I know everyone r busy but still I want dem to wrote whenever dey r free n I feel so hurt when anyone quits it’s really hard n yesterday also after reading aduuu os I was so sad n answers for ur questions
    1-no I don’t anyone to forget twinj never ever
    2-never ever atleast I can’t think abiut dis in bad dreams tooo
    3-ofc ourse we want dem to keep alive through our ffs
    4-n dat day should never come in our lives hai na
    I hope all will get some time even for our Twunj n we can see tu wid many posts like before
    N I promise i won’t let twinj die

    N abt ur story y everyone hates twinkle
    God n only u knows y
    N i loved d plot
    It’s so awesome pura suspense se bara hai
    I’m just loving n waiting for it
    N also for ur other ffs
    So coming soon back
    Love u keep smiling

  9. Presha

    Hey purvi..
    Ots awesome..
    Just loved it..
    Ndi totally sgree with u..
    We ould never want teinj yo die..
    Love u..

  10. Nishfd

    Its amazing I loved the plot really
    Why everyone hate twinkle. …
    Plz post soon so that the mystery unfold soon.. …

  11. Sameera

    Hey purvi how r u ???? Well I totally agree with you about the facts u have mention yesss we have to be united for our twinj that no one should forget such lovable couple yaar …?????…
    Hats off that someone took this responsibility to make everyone understands and I think most of them understood ???…
    Well about the intro it was ……..I have no words to tell yaar just loveddddddd the intro first time twinj are gonna be cousins woah amazing yaar very much excited to read further ?????…
    Do post next one soon when ever u get free ….
    Ba byeeee ????love u too babes ???

  12. Excuse me miss purvi adeebu is my bestie and i cant listen any kind of nonsense against her..if u dont know about her problem it’s better u dont speak
    She tried her level best to be active in TU but she cant she shares everything with me i know all r angry with her but fr twinj she cant satisfie her future u know purvi how much this year is important fr adeeba and even me
    She is only on insta coz of u all she cant leave u all truly saying sometimes i get jealous of u all.
    I thought u all will support her but sorry to say u all r not her real friends
    Agar tumlog hote than u should have support her in her decision but no u all started hating her
    Sorry fr being rude but i cant listen such kind of things against adeeba which i told u in the starting
    And one more thing these tei writers r grt but they have attitude too much they read ffs but never comment untill the writers says “maybe this is my last post”
    And it will be better if u stop talking about adeeba

    1. Baby

      ohhh abcd don’t get angry plsss….
      purvi n adeeba are great frnds n she jst said dat hate u out of love…..
      sooo noo need for dis mch explaination…..
      she is supporting her bt jst bit angry for her leaving like dis
      she knws its bout her future n she is nt stopping her to study I support addy and I knw she ll cum bck after dis year hope soo so plsss…..don’t get rude….well u r a sweet person as u lovingly talked to purvi bout dis matter but plsss she mst hv felt sad….everyone does…addy was close to purvi… as well as she was wid u maybe…. 🙂

  13. I completely agree with you that we cannot afford to let twinkj die they are only alive through our ff so my answer to all your questions is a big NO and I myself will try and make an effort to comment as I feel most of the writters are stopping their post due to lack of comments
    well about your new ff hell exited

  14. Hey Purvi nice intro

  15. Fatimaa.

    Jaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn…….. i m so soo soo happy dat u posted……??????????????????????????(tears of happiness??????)….

    Well pehle to me tumhe tumhare questions ka ans de deti hu….
    Its a NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wud never ever in wildest dreams let my twinj die…….whatever happens i will always keep twinj alive…..agar sab tei k ff likhna chhod de tab bhi me post karungi….
    Well as u said aaj kal koi zyada post nahi karta…..me bhi nahi kar paa rai hu q ki abhi meri health bohot zyada kharab hai…par phir bhi i have posted my episodes twice…..aur comment bhi karti hu…… jaise hi me thik ho jaungi i will surely post regularly…..

    Aur aur coming to this intro….it was fab…awesome loved it…..its a unique and beautiful concept….?????????

    And haan me katti hu tumse tumne mera naam nahi mention kiya sab writers me those which u want them to post…..
    Jao katti??????????……

    Hmm byeee…
    Love you(ye sirf post karne k liye….otherwise i m katti)

    1. Purvi128

      I LOVE H

      1. Fatimaa.

        Hehehe….jaan i was joking no need to b sorry..
        Ab naraaz hi nai hu to forgive kese karungi….punishment to dur ki baat hai..

  16. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god purvi wwooohhooo wat an intro♥
    loved it sooooooo mch yrrr….
    bas time nhi hai studies sooo no long comments……
    bt ek doubt hai how can a brother marry his sister twinj aare cousins naa….??
    loved d intro excited for d answers to dese soooo many questions rising in me…..
    love u……♥♥
    all d best♥

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks for ur comment.. koi restrictions to nhi.. for czns falling in love., they can ..

      1. Baby

        ohh I don’t knw….sriee

  17. amazing intro

  18. Amazing plot
    Post soon

  19. Fabulous intro

  20. Intro is superb
    And my answer no
    Do continue

  21. Nice intro

  22. Mia12

    Omgggggggggg look who is here,,?????????
    Purviii meri vanilla my hot coffee,,??????????
    Really its a shocking tuje dekhke,,????????…I can’t tell u how much I happy to see u thet to sooooooo long time,,???????? Or tuje kisne bola ki mai tuje bhul gayi kamini wo to TU Teri exam mai busy hai or hamari dusra koi site bhi nai hai Jo hum bat kar sake,,??? Or to meri yaha Network pblm hoti hai or upar se busy schedule iske karan or an to koi TU pe apni ff ko post nai karta in sabki chakkar mai mera TU anahi band ho gaya yrr,,??????????
    Or rahi bat Adeeba ki I knw sabki study important hoti hai apni future ko age barane ke liye so maybe uska esa disicion,,????? hope WO jaldhi ajaye I will miss her soooo much a lot,,???????
    And haa Teri question ka ans hai A big Noooooooooooooooo mai buddhi ho jaungi but phir bhi kabhi Tei TU kabhi nai chorungi,,?????? coz I can’t live without my twinj and can’t leave also them,,??????????…cahe jitna bhi mai busy kyu na rahun,,?????…Sab likhna band kardenge but mai nai karungi mai cahe mai sabse kharab kyu hi na likhun,,?????? and u knw how much m nervous about my writing,,???? I write sabse bad but phir bhi try karti huna na mai,,???? or yarr twinj me bina matlb twinj me story ko parhe bina to mera din hi nai gujarta purana update bhi parhti hun mai agr koi post na kare to,,??????…
    Or Teri ff ka to muje aaj bhi bhtttttt besabri se wait hai,,????…mai bhtttttt wait kar rai gun ki kab tu TU ayegi,,??? kyuki tere bina ye TU suna suna sa lagta hai yrrr jaldhi aja,,????????…
    And sabse pehle to Teri writing which I love the most,,??????????????? or yarrrr tuje itne acche acche ideas ate kaha se hai just amazing ur thots yrr,,????????? And now about ur intro uffff it was Marvelous… Out standing… Fabulous and what not,,?????????????? I Love it to the coreeeeer,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ but an or wait nai hota plsssssssss jaldhi ajaa meri vanilla my candycrush,,????? I miss u sooooooooooooo much and ur writing also mery vanilla,,????
    LOAD’S OF LOVE MERI VANILLA,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

  23. Twinjfan.tamanna

    My Jaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!I!! Mai apne ff’s ke continues 2 parts pe yehi problem likh hun per kisi ko samajh nahi aatha! And thank you so much ke tune yeh Kaha! u really made me happy! Aaj tune prove kardia ke hum connected by heart hai! Same message mere dil tha! Jo tune aaj,kehdia! kisi ki tho akal me guss jaaye! And Mujhe patha chal gaya tha ki yeh tu hi thi jab tune authors ke naam likhe aur usme pehla naam mera tha! I knew it ke it was you! Aur tere saare questions ka answers bada NOOOOO!!!!! hai! And remember I love you as much as I love TwiNj!

    Abt this ff! It’s so interesting! I can’t wait to read this! its just so amazing! plz plz post soon plz! I m waiting for u my love!????????????????????
    Love you so much My Jaan!

    With Love,
    Urs Shona!?

  24. Hey purvi api… U said absolutely right…. Hm is tarha simply apny twinj ko bhol nai skty… Cmntrs should do cmnt… And writers should post their ffs… I myself was not cmnting from few time but today i cmntd in everyone ff… And ans to ur questions is
    Nooooooooooo bcz i dont want twinj to die… And i will surely cmnt from now on in every ff bhaly wo chota hi q na ho but must kro gi….

    Amd cming to ur ff …. Plot is interesting…. I luvd it to the core…. And i have watched full serial bcz i am from Pakistan so i watch each and every serial … But i wanna read ur ff from the core of my heart bcz through this ff i will imagen my twinj…. I luv u for giving me a chance to read and imagen twinj through this ff i luv uuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo muccchhhh???????. ……… Post nxt asap…. I will surely read all parts of ur ff and will surely cmnt also…. Thanks again….

  25. Hey purvi api… U said absolutely right…. Hm is tarha simply apny twinj ko bhol nai skty… Cmntrs should do cmnt… And writers should post their ffs… I myself was not cmnting from few time but today i cmntd in everyone ff… And ans to ur questions is
    Nooooooooooo bcz i dont want twinj to die… And i will surely cmnt from now on in every ff bhaly wo chota hi q na ho but must kro gi….

    Amd cming to ur ff …. Plot is interesting…. I luvd it to the core…. And i have watched full serial bcz i am from Pakistan so i watch each and every serial … But i wanna read ur ff from the core of my heart bcz through this ff i will imagen my twinj…. I luv u for giving me a chance to read and imagen twinj through this ff i luv uuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo muccchhhh???????. ……… Post nxt asap…. I will surely read all parts of ur ff and will surely cmnt also…. Thanks again…. U dont know my happiness that how much happy to know that i will read this story on twinj…..thank u thank u soooo much??…. Post soon ….

  26. Twinj

    Hey bhootni
    Tu sahi keh rahi hae…u r not being rude n everyone out here doesn’t want to forget twinj. I always think ki if twinj will no longer be alive then….I can’t even imagine it but it’s like TU leaving season. Most of them have left TU n am very sad abou it but I promise I will trying posting my fs as fast as possible. I will never stop writing on twinj. It’s not that we r not trying but it’s xm time n no one would want to spoil their studies. So they r not posting. I too feel very sad when I see the posts in other pages. I promise to keep twinj alive. N what a intro bhootni. That was just fab….again suspense….itna suspense uffff….why do everyone hate twinkle….post asap….n best of luck…

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