‘Bay Khudi’ – A tale of Love, Hatred, Obsession & Forgiveness! TwiNj [Episode #1]

Hi guyss.. I m back here with the 1st epi of my new ff..! U know guys..! I m very excited to write this ff.. becuz its from my fav serial which I loved..! I m toooo much excited..! I hope u guys like it..!
I was so happy by your response guys..! Seriously I love you all..! You all loved the intro nd I m sure you’ll also love the ff..!
The reason why everyone hates Twinkle is linked to Leela’s nd Rt’s past..!

Episode 1 ~
A mansion was shown. We can see a room. It was study room and Rt was sitting on the chair wearing spectacles with a book in his hand. He was reading something.
The camera showed a room of a girl..! The whole room was beautifully set up..! There shows a girl who was standing infront of the mirror.. She was very pale and the dried tears marks were visible on her face.
Girl – ‘Mirror you are my best friend! Because when I cry you never laughs!’ (I know you all know who the girl is.!)
The scene again shifts to study room. There comes a girl wearing a pink coloured salwar suit with floral white print on it. Her hairs were tied in a side french tail. She came and sat on the chair which was in the front of Rt’s chair. She was looking very sad. Rt kept the book on the table and looked at her.
Rt – ‘Kya hogaya hai hamari beti itni khamosh kyun hai? (What happened? Why my daughter is silent?)
T – ‘Kuch nhi!’ (Nothing)
Rt – ‘Kuch to hai?’ (Something is there?)
Twinkle – ‘Baba! Me Mumma ke kapre iron ker rahi thi par unho ne kaha koo zaroorat nhi. Me ne unse kaha bhi ke mujhe unke kaam kerna acha lagta hai lekin wo kapre utha ker room se chali gayi’ (Baba! I was ironing Mama’s clothes when she came and said no need to do this! I said to her that I like doing her works but she took the clothes and left the room!)
Rt – ‘Acha hua na! Tumhari kaam se jaan choot gayi!’ (That’s good na! U got relief from the work)
T – ‘Baba! Me Mumma ke nazdeek kesy aaongi! Mahi ki tarah?’ (Baba! How can I come close to Mumma like Mahi!)
Rt – ‘Beta! Apko kis ne kaha hai ke ap unke kaam karke hi unke qareeb aasakti hain?’ (Who said it thag you can only come close to her by doing her work?)
T – ‘To phir ap hi batayen wo meri dost kesy banegi?’ (Then you tell me how can she become my friend?)
Rt – ‘Beta wo dost hain tumhari.’ (Beta, she is your friend)
T – ‘Nhi hain wo meri dost!’ (No, she isn’t my friend)
Rt – ‘Acha me to hun na apni beti ka dost?’ (I m. My daughter’s friend.) She smiled.
T – ‘Ap to duniya ke sab se ache baba hain!’ (You are the best baba in the world)
Rt – ‘To phir tumhe kis baat ki kami mehsoos hoti hai?’ (So, which thing’s absence you feel?)
T – ‘Maa ka pyaar to Maa ka pyaar hota hai! Mera bhi dil karta hai wo mere baalon ke tel lagayen, mere pasand ki dished banaye! Baba ap mumma se poochte kyun nhi, unki berukhi ki kya wajah hai?’ (Mother’s is Mother’s love! My heart also wants that Mumma massages my hairs, she make my fav dishes. Baba! Why you don’t ask from mumma, what is the reason for her anger?)
Rt – Poochun ga!’ (I’ll ask.) He faked a smile.
Rt – ‘Lekin filhaal to mere sir me bht dard horaha hai or ye dard sirf meri beti ki hath ki coffee se jaayega.’ (But I have a severe headache and that can onlybbe cured by the coffee of my daughter’s hand.) She smilled and replied.
T – ‘Abhi banaa ke laayi!’

She got up but stopped at the doorstep. She went towards him amd took off his spectacles and take the book and kept on table. They both smiled and she left.Twinkle came to stairs to go down. She reached the middle of the stairs when a handsome hunk, with hazel brown eyes came and stopped her. He was looking dashing in his green coloured t-shirt with blue jeans. His hairs perfectly set with gel. (Hayyee kitna hot lag raha hai mera bunny!!) He was looking breath taking hot. Every girl would fall for him. Yes, he is none other than Kunj Sarna!
K – ‘Hi kesi ho?’ (How are you.)
T – ‘Me bikul theek . Ap kese hain?’ (I m fine, how are you?)
K – ‘Wohi puraana pehle jesa!’ (Same as before!) ‘Kesi ladki ho yarr! Me itne din gayab tha tumne poocha bhi nhi ke me kahan hun kesa hun?’ (Which type of girl you are? I was missing these days and you didn’t even asked where I was?’)
T – ‘Zahir hai! Busy hongay!’
K – ‘Me bas ye dekhna chahta tha ki tumhe meri absence feel hoti hai ya nhi?’ (I just wanted to know that do u even feel my absence?) He took one step closer to her ‘Toh hui meri kami feel?’ (So, did you fely my absence.)
T – ‘Me khud busy thi! Mere tests horahay thay mujhe nhi pata chala!’ (I was also busy. I had my tests. I didn’t felt anything!) He gave a sad smile.
K – ‘ye baat to phir pakki hogayi hai ke tumhari life me meri koi importance nhi hai!’ (So, this thing is final that there is no importance of me in your life!)
T – ‘Nhi nhi mera ye matlab nhi tha?’ (I didn’t meant that)
K – ‘Ye kesi bat hai?’
T – ‘Wo me baba ke liye coffee banane jaa rahi thi! Ap ko dun?’ (I was going to make coffee for Baba? Do you want it.)
K – ‘Of course!’
T – ‘Theek hai ap study me chale jayen baba wahi hai!’ (You go in study baba is there!)
K – ‘Acha where is everyone else?’
T – ‘They are in their rooms.. jab tea time hoga tab aajayengay!’

She got down the stairs. He turned around and saw her going. He took a sigh and went to study room. Twinkle was about to enter the kitchen when Leela came and asked in the most rude way.
L – ‘Kya kerne jaa rahi ho?’
T – ‘Wo! Kunj aaya hai! Baba or unke liye coffee banane jaa rahi hun!’
L – ‘Tumse bada hai Kunj! Bhai bola karo!’ (He is elder than you! Call him brother) (Guys please..! Spare me..! Don’t kill me for this but I have to! Don’t kill me please!)
T – ‘Ji..!’
L – ‘Jaao apne kamre padhai karo..! Coffee ban jaye gi!’ (You go in your room and study..! Coffee would be made!)
She didn’t replied anything and went to her room.
Next Scene ~
Leela came in study room with two mugs. She gave them the coffee and sat down!
K – ‘Namaste Mami!’
L – ‘Namaste beta..! How r u?’
K – ‘Ekdum fit nd fine!’
L – ‘Or Usha ji kesi hain?’
K – ‘Bilkul theek!’
They chit chat nd then Kunj came to the point.
K – ‘Mama Mami! Mera masters complete hogaya hai!’
L – ‘Ohhh good ye to bht achi baat hai!’
Rt – ‘Wah Kunj beta!’
Next Scene ~
All were gathered in the hall. Nani, Dadi, Mahi, Kunj, Leela and Rt but Twinkle was not there.
Tanushree (dadi of TwiHi nd Nani of Kunj) – ‘Array Leela u have made Twinkle like yourself. She is always busy in study!’
K – ‘Nani mera M.B.A hogaya hai to aj ek choti si success party hai..! Maa told me to invite you all she couldn’t came because of some work.’
Rania – (Nani of TwiHi) Array wah ye to bht achi baat hai!’
Mahi – ‘Kunj bhai party ek dum achi honi chahiye!’
K – ‘Ab ye department to Maa ka hai!’
Rt – ‘Kunj beta, go nd call twinkle!’
K – ‘Ji!’ He got up nd went towards her room. He stood at the doorstep and knocked the door. She was busy studying.
K – ‘May I come in?’
She looked at him.
T – ‘Ap?’
K – ‘Andar nhi bulaaogi?’ (Will u not call me inside?)
T – ‘Koi kaam tha?’ (Any work.)
K – ‘Matlab tum andar nhi bulaao gi.! Theek hai me yahin se khade khade hi bol deta hun! (Means! You won’t let me enter the room. Ok I will tell you from here only!) Bahar sab tumhe bula rahy hain?’ (Evryone is calling u outside)
T – ‘Mujhe? Me nhi aasakti mujhe padhna hai.’ (Me! I can’t come. I have to study!)
K – ‘Twinkle! Hall me sab enjoy ker rahe hain or tum yahan boring ladkiyon ki tarah bethi ho! Mama naraaz horahe hain!’ (Twinkle! Everyone else is enjoying in the hall nd here u r sitting like boring girls! Mama is getting angry!)
T – ‘Baba! Wo kabhi mujhse naraz nhi hosakty! (Baba! He can’t be angry with me!)
K – ‘Horahe hain yarr!’ (He is getting angry yar!)
T – ‘Acha I m coming!’ She started to clean the table and arranging her books.
K – ‘Kyun samet rahi ho wapis aaker phir phelna hai!’ (Why r u cleaning it! It has to be messed up again) she looked at him.
T – ‘Mujhe apni zindagi mein betartebi bikul pasand nhi!’ (I don’t like messed up life!)
K – (murmuring) ‘Or mujhe cheezein phelane ka utna hi shoq hai! (But I like it very much,) ‘Aadat daal lo warna mushkil hojaye gi!’ He said ruffling his hairs.
T – ‘Jiiiiii?’
K – ‘Nhi kuch nhi.. array jaldi karo.. sab bolein gay dono akele itni der se kya kar rahe hain.’

They both came out of the room. He looked at her.
K – ‘Twinkle tumhe kahi mere saath bahir jaane mein masla hai?’ She didn’t replied and they came in the hall.
K – ‘Mama wo hum log kahi bahir jaa sakte hain kya. Per ye twinkle tayyar hi nhi horahi jaane ko.’ (Can we go out somewhere! But this Twinkle isn’t ready to go out.)
Rt – ‘Twinkle beta go wid dem.’ Leela tried to stop him but he doesn’t saw her.
T – ‘Baba I have to study!’
Rania – ‘Haan beta go.. thodi der ki baat hai.’
K – ‘Chalo Mahi warna hum jaa rahe hain!’
Mahi got up – ‘You can’t go without me.’
They came out near the car.
K – ‘Mahi let Twinkle sit in front.’
M – ‘Why.?’
K – ‘Because she is elder than you!’
M – ‘Yeh kahan likha hai ke bade aagay bethtay hain bhaee me to baba ke saath bhi aagay hi bethti hun.’
K – ‘Array beth jaao na.’
She looked at Twinkle.
M – ‘Ye to kitaab ka keeda hai isko to peeche rehne ki aadat hai! Kisko fikr hai iski!’ (She is book worm. Nd she has the habit to be behind. Who cares for her.)
Mahi opened the front door and sat frustrated even after Kunj’s denial. Twinkle sat on the back seat.
Screen freezes.

Precap: Kunj & Twinkle were sitting in the restaurant. The ice creams were placed in front of them. Twinkle was very depressed.
T – ‘Apne dekha hai per me ne bart’aa hai!’
K – ‘Twinkle me tumse….’

Hey guys.,how was it. I hope u liked it?
Many question r roaming in ur minds.. but wait nd watch i mean read.. ?
Will Kunj be able to confess his love for Twinkle??
Keep thinking nd to know stay tuned to ‘Bay Khudi – A Tale of Love, Hatred, Obsession, Forgiveness.’ @ TELLY UPDATES.
Loads of love

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  1. Nishfd

    Great epi girl ….
    Bhai seriously I ws like wht… no…. kunj twinkle ka bhai …. nhi…… hehe. ..
    I just hate mahi n leela. .. huh…
    Poat soon dear…

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks Nishfd for ur love nd support!
      Just wait nd watch, I mean read! She will call him bhai ???????
      Will post soon.

  2. Sohi

    Wow yaar story is absolutely amazing
    It’s very interesting
    Plz plz post soon
    Felt very bad for twinkle
    Hope kunj will support her
    Waiting for the next update eagerly
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks Sohi for your comment!
      Interesting parts are comming soon,
      Stay tuned!
      Will post soon!
      Love you?

  3. Ritzi

    Yaar Epi toh matlab… No doubt out of the world….actually out of the universe tha…lekin I hv a doubt.. Agar kunj rt ko mama bulata hai toh kunj, twinkle ka cousin hua na? Or m I over thinking? Nd haan ek favour kardo…iss epi ka promo diya tha? Pls link dedena…..nd ek aur….accha kk…last wala pakka ekdum last….devil wala ff jaldi post karde meri jaan pls

    1. Purvi128

      Heheheh Ritzuuu.. such a big compliment.. actually I don’t deserve it..!
      Btw I had posted the intro of it nd yes Kunj nd twinkle r cousins…
      To clear ur confusions, here is the link to the intro:

      ‘Bay Khudi’ – A tale of Love, Hatred, Obsession & Forgiveness! TwiNj [Intro] {Important msg!} – Telly Updates
      I’ll post it when you’ll post ur ff… ??

  4. kunj aur bhai.nehiiiiii.Acha hua tw didn’t call bhai in front of kunj.otherwise kunj would’ve heart attack.
    btw awesome epi and I liked d way kunj said‘ Aadat daal lo warna mushkil hojaye gi’.poor tw don’t know what is cooking in d mind of kunj

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks dear nrk..!
      Hahahah ????
      Dekhte jaao aagay hota hai kya!
      Will post soon

  5. Sameera

    Amazing yaar purvi seriously loved it sooo much kunj how cute aadat daal lo yaar loved it sooo much ????…
    And this mahi kawab me haddi plz post next one soon ???…
    Love u

    1. Purvi128

      Thank you so much Sameeee!
      She is looking like kabab me haddi now but soon you’ll like her!
      Will post soon!
      Love you too!??

  6. purvi you are just awesome
    you are not less than a writer
    so much suspense
    many questions are arising in mind
    please post the next episode as soon as possible pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    can’t wait for it
    and please also post your that ff devil falls in love with an angel

  7. Simiyy

    Hey Purvi
    I really enjoyed the first part
    Feeling Sad for Twinkle
    Can’t wait to read more
    Post soon
    Take care

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting suspense full…

  9. Twinj

    Bhootni..yeh tune kya likhdiya…twinj ko cousin banadiya…pyaar toh suru honese phele he khatam….kese karsakti hae tu…aab tune bigara hae toh tu he setting milayegi bhi….kunj ko aap kehker bulata….sounds odd par respect na…jo bhi ho a new story with aN amazing n fab plot….loved it….fingers crosse…kunj confess kar paye aur twinkle accept karle par itni jalsi toh I guess twinkle accept nai karegi agar kunj ne propose kiya toh…todha bau toh khana parega na hehe…ok aab jaldi post kariyo….jaldi…post asap plzzzzzzz…..can’t wait to read more….

  10. Presha

    hey butter cup….
    just loved it..
    too good…
    post soon…
    love u

  11. SidMin23

    Nice twinj cousin ??? hate mahi and Leela hope kunj will able to confess his feelings for twinkle ✨ do post soon.

  12. Awesome

  13. Awesome epi purvi…. Luvd it…. Just amazing…. U make it more interesting then real serial…. Really u r fab writer….. My elder sis also read ur this ff intro and this epi…. Bcz she liked it and she is sooooo happy and excited to read more…. She never read any ff but she is reading ur and fatima story only…. Plzzzz make twinkle call kunj bhai like in real serial it will irritates him and it will be interesting…. Luv u and plzzz post ur devil wala ff also plzzzz …..

  14. Hey purvi awesome epi u nailed it…. U r fab writer…. U write it more amingly then real serial… My elder sis also read ur this ff…. She never read any ff but she is reading fatiam api’s story and ur this ff she is sooooo happy and wanna read more…. She is really excited to read ur ff….. Plzzzzz give nxt asap…. And make twinkle call kunj bhai like in serial….. It will irritate him and it will be more interesting….. Plzzzzzz post soon my sis is also saying plzzzzzzzzzz??? …… Luv u and give ur other devil wala ff soon….. Plzzzz reply must krna cmnt ka….

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks a ton dearest..!! It’s so sweet of you ND your sis. I m glad that she is reading ND liking it..!!
      Yeah yeah.. I’ve planned that.. she will call him Bhai..!!
      ND devil Wala FF episode is posted ucn read.
      Love you

  15. Ramya

    Awesome purvi amazing
    Superb dialogues r so lovely
    But ek request hai uss leela ko goli maardo
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  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awesome! Amazingly written! Beautiful epi! Kunj is just so cute! aww I really loved it!

    With Love,
    Urs Shona

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