Battle of good and evil (intro)

Theme : The story is about fighting with evil in the society and bring a light . It is also the story of revenge.

Summary : Pragya who is journalist brings out all the issues happening around the country and tries solve it but has to face many problems and destiny brings her across a person who will eventually become her soulmate and help her to accomplish the mission and amdist make her believe in love While the other couple is about Bulbul who is also completely perfectionist in her work come across who also challenges her as he is perfect for everything too. He makes her believe in love. A deep mystery is hidden which everybody is unaware of.

Arora family : Richest family of Mumbai
Pragya :Elder daughter of Arora family, an arrogant and self respected girl. A famous journalist who has only one motive to bring a change in society. Loves her family a lot. Protect her family like a son. Does not believe in love

Bulbul : A vicious and stylish fashion designer. An hot tempered girl who is a perfectionist in her work. Does not believe in love .

Sarla : A loving mother who raised her two daughter with lot of affection. Supports her daughters for everything.

Purab : A charming and handsome hunk who has a dream to reach to toppest businessman in world. Falls for a girl who is completely opposite to him. Best friend of abhi.

Abhi : A famous celebrity whose live revolve around his friend and his sister and his dadi. Craving for love since childhood.

Aliya : A smart and suave girl who loves her family a lot. Best friend to Bulbul and works with her. Strong pillar to Abhi.
Sameer Diwan : An honest cop who is very dedicated towards his duty. Friend of Pragya from childhood.

Tashu : A supermodel and Purab’s fianc who loves fame and money. Max’s sister who is similar to him. Will be rival to Bulbul and create problem for her.
Max : Another evil guy who sets his eyes on Pragya, enemy of Purab and Abhi from college
Rajveer : A corrupt politician who will create problems in Arora family and Mehra family.


  1. Rose

    Nice but I have already read this story in India forum are u r one who wrote that but I really want to say this that this story was awesome but r and a somewhat sad yaar I really worried for Pragya for two days……I happy to have this inTU all r best……go ahead nd rock it……

  2. Maya

    |Registered Member

    I have read this in india forums too! It was so interesting and awesome! But the ending was very heart touching 😢😢

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