Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 3


Tashu : Leave me Purab
Purab :Thats fine, we don’t need to fight with some stranger
Dasi : Abhi, dinner is ready
Abhi : Ah, what an aroma, I ate this food after so many years
Dasi ; So what is the plan for few days
Abhi : I am thinking to go to the village nearby
Dasi : Why?
Abhi : I heard there is are good places there, that temple I used to visit in childhood
Dasi : Okay
Nili tells everything to Pragya regarding the issues
Pragya : What do you know?
Nili : Sandya’s fiance is a jerk, he attempted to molest her, his father is the head of this village,
Pragya :What? does Sandhya’s father knows that
Nili : You know this is not a city, girls are treated like animals here, people here are weak that nobody tried to stop this injustice
Pragya : I will not let Sandhya get in the hands of that beast
Nili : It futile because nobody is successful
Pragya : I will be

Next day everybody is preparing for Sandhya’s marriage. Pragya and Nili are thinking ways to stop the marriage
Bulbul is at her work when Aliya comes to meet her.
Aliya : Hey Ms Perfectionist
Bulbul : Stop taunting, and tell me how is everything
Aliya : Great, how is your preparation for the fashion show
Bulbul : Its too much work, if we get successful then we will sign the contract with Paris
Aliya : Thats fabulous, I am sure it will great
Bulbul : You know, I will be happy when I will open my boutique and sell the clothes I deign
Aliya : I am sure you will fulfill your dream
Sufi : Yeah don’t worry come on in, hey Bulbul
Bulbul : Yes Sufi
Sufi : I want you to mer someone
Bulbul : Yes
Tashu comes in making Bulbul angry.
Aliya : Hey Tashu
Sufi ; Tashu, she is the best fashion designer you will ever meet
Tashu : Really? I can see that
Bulbul : The clothes I design are always fashionable Ms Tashu
Sufi : Bulbul, get her the best show stopper dress for the fashion show
Bulbul : Sure Sufi, everybody will be stunned to look at Bulbul Arora’s work this time
Sufi : Tashu you come with me
Aliya : Do you know her?
Bulbul tells her about the meeting.

Pragya stops Sandhya’s marriage revealing the truth of her fianc.
Shubh (Sandhya’s dad) : What nonsense is this?
Pragya ; how can you do this to your daughter?
Shubh : I know what I am doing, don’t teach me
Sandhya : Enough dad, I won’t do this marriage at any cost
Shubh : what did you say? (tries to slap her)
Pragya : No uncle, what kind of parent are you both ? sending your own daughter into fire, I did not know there are still people in this world who discriminate between girls and boys
Shubh : Because girls are always meant to be of other house
Pragya : You are forgetting that girls bring fortune to their house and family, and only they give heritance to their family but still animals like these people treat girls like doormats, you want to ruin your daughter for the sake of this societies, shameful on the name of parents
Shubh gets emotional after hearing it.
Sarpanch : Hey girl, how are you talk like that? this is not city, it is our area and nobody can change rules here, I will see how you stop this marriage,
Sandhya comes and slaps him making everybody shocked.
Pragya : Never ever dare to do this to any woman
Sarpanch : Vikrant, cut this girl’s tongue right now and give her the punishment she will never forger
Vikrant send the goons after Pragya who keeps running for long time. Abhi goes to the nearest temple where Pragya is hiding after she gets tired,
Goon : Find her, there she is
Abhi sees the goon running behind a girl not knowing it is Pragya. Abhi follows them knowing something fishy, Pragya finally reaches a hill where she falls from hill to river. Abhi jumps into water to save her. He brings her out from water and takes her to a shore. The goon goes to the other way to find her.
Abhi : Hey, wake up
Pragya slowly wakes up.

Abhi : Are you okay? if you cannot swim why did you jump into river
Pragya : You? what are you doing here? who told you to save me
Abhi : How ungrateful, instead of being thankful you are being arrogant
Pragya : I did not mean that
Abhi : By the way what good job you did that goons were running after you
Pragya tells him everything.
Abhi : Great, you like to put nose in other’s matter and you got this reward
Pragya : My work is not finished yet
Abhi : You like to be sacrificed
Pragya : Right, I am not sad about it but I will only leave after my work is done
Abhi : I risked my life and it went in vain because you will be killed again
Pragya : So selfish, you cannot see the pain of a girl, disgusting (leaves)
Abhi :Hello Ms, where are you going
Pragya : What do you mean? we are in vadhavpur
Abhi : Seems like you lost your memory, you jumped like parachute in river and crossed the village
Pragya : What? couldn’t you say it straightly
Abhi : I thought you don’t understand straight language, thats why you are stuck here, even I am here because of you
Pragya : Who told you to become hero and save me
Abhi : I am not that heartless to leave a girl dying
Pragya : Don’t tell me you are kind enough to save people
Late at night Abhi and Pragya sees a cottage and decides to go there.
Pragya : I am so tired
Abhi : Girls like you never get tired and pretend like that
Pragya : Oh god, I don’t know how will the girl who you get married to you will tolerate you
Abhi ; You don’t have to worry about that because my future wife will be very sweet and simple
Pragya : Poor girl, she might not know that what kind of person are you
Both reaches the nearby house which is open.
Pragya : By the way were you following me that you saved me
Abhi : I don’t have any interest in following you, I was in the temple, glad that he gave me wisdom to run after you
Pragya : Oh I did not know people like you believe in god too
Abhi : Why you don’t
Pragya : No way,

Abhi ; why would you, your heart is full of arrogance
Pragya : I don’t care if people call my self respect arrogant
Abhi : how strange, we don’t know each other’s name, I am Abhi Mehra
Pragya : I know you, big celebrity
Abhi : Really, who does not know me
Pragya : I am Pragya Arora,
Abhi : If I am not wrong, you were the journalist who with the help of a cops exposed that corrupt manager of showroom and photographer
Pragya : yes
Abhi ; how can I forget that name
Pragya : this house seems to be locked from many years
Abhi : So who is in your family
Pragya : Don’t you think you are getting too familiar
Abhi : Because I am not a boring person who can sit whole night seeing a girl’s face
Pragya : I live with my mom and sister
Abhi : oh, I only have my dadi and sister,
Pragya : your parents?
Abhi : they died in a car accident when we were 5
Pragya : Oh sorry
Abhi : Thats okay, so where will you go tomorrow
Pragya : I will go back to vadhavpur to finish my work
Abhi : have you gone crazy ? they will kill you
Pragya : I don’t care, I will give justice to that girl
Abhi : do you even realize what dangerous game are you playing
Pragya : what is the fun if there is no thrill in it
Abhi : have this coffee
Pragya : thanks
Abhi : Fine but I cannot let you go alone as a humanity
Pragya : I don’t need anybody’s help
Abhi : But I will feel guilty if I leave you alone
Pragya :You don’t have to come with me
Abhi : Okay then fine, best of luck
Abhi still decides to follow Pragya as he senses some danger
Pragya : when will this rain stop
Abhi : I am not a weather predictor
Pragya : who asked you? I was asking myself
Abhi : It is said that sun after rain looks beautiful
Pragya : how do you believe in this fantasies
Abhi : It is not a fantasy, tell me don’t you believe in love
Pragya : No way,
Abhi : well I wonder how this arrogance side can ever love anybody
Pragya : I don’t care about it, I only know I have some dreams which I will make come true

Next day Abhi wakes up before Pragya. He calls her but she does not wake up
Abhi : Hello, Ms Journalist,
Abhi shouts loudly in her ears making her wake suddenly
Pragya : what happened
Abhi : you got scared (laughs)
Pragya : don’t you know how to wake up people
Abhi : Actually I saw you sleeping so peacefully so i got jealous
Pragya : I think we should get going now, I will go and freshen up
Abhi and Pragya reaches Vadhapur in few hours
Pragya : thank you
Abhi : So you know how to say thanks
Pragya : you can never say something straightly, fine bye
Pragya goes back to the village while Abhi follows her secretly.
Sandhya : what are you doing here? why did you come back
Pragya : I came to save you
Sandhya : Go back, they are looking for, goons will kill you if they see you here
Pragya : I will not leave you here alone, its your life and only you have right to live it
Sandhya : But how will we leave from here
Late at night Sandhya gets ready to elope according to the plan of Pragya.
Pragya : Sandhya lets go
When both starts to leave Shubh catches them. He calls the villagers to insult Pragya.
Shubh : So this was your plan, you want to spoil our reputation
Pragya : I am trying to save your daughter, you are concerned more about your reputation than Sandhya
Shubh : Yes I am, because you cannot live if you lose your dignity
Pragya : What about your child , I ask you all villagers that why do you born girls if you think they are unlucky
The villagers gets confused hearing it
Pragya : you all should be ashamed of doing this to your own daughters, you marry them off and think you are done with the responsibility, but do not think that how your daughters will be in their husband’s house
The villagers feels ashamed after hearing the speech. Abhi claps for Pragya.
Abhi : wow what a speech, you should be a politician instead of a journalist
Pragya : what you doing here? are you following me?
Sarpanch and his goons grab Pragya.
Vikrant : take her away, and burn her alive so that everybody gets to know the result of messing with Vikrant
Abhi : You are right, she should get punishment for giving long speech right Gao walo,
Pragya : what are you saying?
Abhi : why? did I say something wrong, you are a jhansi ki rani so people will always remember you, hey villagers why are you all quiet, will you not punish this girl for standing up
The villagers and the women’s take their sandals out and starts beating up the goons. Pragya hits goons with the rod but mistakenly hits Abhi
Abhi : what is this for
Pragya : For your stupid joke, idiot
Abhi : You called me idiot? I was trying to save you
Pragya : I saw how greatly you saved me
The village’s collector arrests Vikrant and Sarpanch for attempt of murder. Everybody apolozise Pragya
Shubh : I don’t have words to tell you
Pragya : If you all want to do something then make sure you never consider woman as your doormat

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