Battle Of Emotions – ArjunDraupadi (Episode-2)


Draupadi was in her own turmoil of thought which is vexing her to the core. She was not in a state to understand anything.
Her body was shaking with fear. Who will say she is a fireborn by checking her body temperature which turned cold. Her beautiful face turned into a paled one.

Kunti, Yudhister, Bheem and the twins came to her.
But her eyes was searching someone else who was not in the pictures.
Kunti : Pardon me Draupadi

I said so unknowingly. I am taking my words back.
Please don’t take it seriously.
Bheem : But mata how can the words be back.
Arjun’s arrows and mata’s words can’t be back off.
Bheem said that much words but Draupadi’s ear heard only one name.
( Author’s note : I think no need to mention that particular name. My readers and his admirers are much smart. )
Shahdev : Every questions have some hidden answer in it. And every queries have some solutions. This will too have one. We should consult with the Vedic gurus.
Shahdev : By the way where is bhrata Arjun ??
Draupadi was eager to know the answer from long
But her poor luck No one knew the answer.

Yudhister after thinking a little bit replied : Now there is only one solution.
Draupadi was not intrested in hearing any solution. Her mind and heart both were working for a single person’s look and his ways.
But still she heared.
Nakul : What is that jyesth ??

We’ll do whatever needed for overcome this problem.
Yudhister : We the four pandavs excluding Arjun will take Sanyash.
Then only Rajkumari Draupadi will able to marry Arjun without letting mata’s words go in vain.
Kunti : What ??
Draupadi looked at Yudhister slowly and then nodded in negativity.
Bheem : Yesss Mata this is the last option and we should do it.

Kunti : But how can it possible No this can’t be happen I’ll not approve this.
How can I let my four sons to go for Sanyash for the sake of one.
Draupadi’s heart pinched for a second.
Nakul : Except bhrata Bheem too as he is already married to Bhabhi Hidimbi.

Shahdev heard some sound and said : Maata Sounds like someone is coming near us.
Nakul : May be bhrata Arjun.
Draupadi didn’t paid attention this time by hearing his name as she is getting anger on him more and more for being went from there leaving her alone with his family in such situation.
Nakul by seeing the person : Maata he is none other than Guru Ved Vyash.
Kunti : Truth !! We needed him right now and he came.
Let us go and consult with him.
He himself came there.
Pandavs welcome him and his disciples.

Kunti : Guru Vyash see what had I said
Ved Vyash : Kunti no-one can say anything without the God’s wish.
Every moves of us is as per his wish.
Yudhister : Solve our problem Acharya. We lost.
Ved Vyash laughed and continued : Putr Yudhister Pandavs are taken birth for win then how can  you guysss loose.
Bheem is getting irritation by his round words so said directly : Acharya Please clear our confusion
Don’t put us in any other matter. We are not able to solve one.

Ved Vyash by looking towards Draupadi : This has only one way putro
All were waiting eagerly for getting the answer.
Draupadi the most.
Nakul : What is that way Acharya ??
Ved Vyash : Draupadi has to marry you five.

All left dumbstruck
Tears started rolling from Draupadi’s eyes.
Krishna came there and stop the tears from falling down.
Draupadi said only one word : Madhav !!
Krishna : Yesss Sakhi I am here for you.

Everyone turned towards Krishna.
Krishna greeted Ved Vyash and Kunti.
Kunti : Krishna !! I am sorry putra.
Krishna : No bua no need of this.
As guru Ved Vyash already mentioned this is written in their faith so this should have to come into the acknowledge by any means.
Don’t blame yourself.

Draupadi started moving towards the direction with what she herself was unknown.
Krishna : Stop Sakhi.
First let’s hear Guru Ved Vyash’s words.
Draupadi without turning : No need Madhav.
Like how Mata is given her words which can’t be back off me too gave my words to Jiji
Whomever my Faith decided my groom I’ll accept him.
Krishna : Sakhi !!
Draupadi turned towards him and sat on the adjacent rock.
Krishna : Acharya please elaborate the reasons behind this.
Ved Vyash : What to elaborate to you Gopal ?? What’s on this earth by which you are unaware ??
Bheem : We are eager Acharya.

Ved Vyash told everyone about Draupadi’s past life in which she wasn’t able to marry and hence worshiped to God Shiv for granting her wish of marraige with the person with five qualities.
1. Dharm follower
2. Strong
3. Greatest Archer
4. Handsome
5. Bright

She repeated her wish five times. God Shiva granted her wish but as she asked for the person with that much quality which can’t be in a single person and She repeated her wish five times so she will get five husbands with each having one quality in her next birth.

Draupadi almost got fainted but composed herself with great difficulty.
Krishna : Bua don’t take my sakhi wrong. This is natural for any woman.
Kunti : I know Krishna. I myself not able to take it easy. How can I blame any other ??
Shahdev : No this is not possible we have to think some other way to get rid off it…..
Ved Vyash : Why can’t it be possible ??
Nakul : Acharya how can a woman be shared between five men ??
Ved Vyash told another story of a angelic lady who had five husbands.

Drupad : This will never happen.
Nakul : Maharaj Drupad !!
Drupad : Yesss Drupad here king of Panchal.
By putting his Palm on Draupadi’s head : Don’t be afraid putri your father is alive.
Vasudev , Acharya Vyash I don’t acknowledge anything. My daughter will go back with her father to her own kingdom.
Dhristdumn : Let’s go Drau.

Draupadi sat still.
And hardly said the next sentence : I accept my Faith I accept the Pandavs I accept.

Pandavs, Kunti, King Drupad and Dhristdumn left shocked.
Drupad : Drau !!
Draupadi : I accept I accept.
Kunti hugged her.
Kunti : Thank you putri Thank you.

Draupadi reciprocated the hug. She imagined Arjun there staring at her. Her eyes meet with her imagination’s king eyes. She felt mixture of emotions surrounding her.
Hate, Sacrifice, Concern, Separation, Love.
And her heart wanted to ask : Where is he ??


Author’s note –
Me eager to have tons of feedbacks  and yeah all the healthy criticisms are most welcome…..
Thanking all the readers of mine and admirers of them…..
@Anika this part dedicated to you and your love for me babess…

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    Hii Amaya dear… Well written and lovely and expressive update… Love you dear… Happy Diwali…

    1. Amayaa

      Hllo Niki di ??… thank you so much for liking I…. your comment means a lot…
      Love uu toooo. ….. happy happy wali Diwali ????

  2. Fenil

    Well written.the very first line Fireborn and cold body superb.Yagnseni searching for Arjun and her emotions is increasing with passing each pal. Yeh kaisi duvidha yeh kaisi vipda…. Mahabharat…bg yaad aaya gayi. Ved Vyas elaborate Panchali’s past story that’s really sad. Keep writing I m loving it hit the like button.

    1. Amayaa

      Thank uu FB…. The below written lines are for you….

      Kumari chaapi panchali vedimadhya samosthita
      Subhagaa darshiniaangi vedimadya manaoramaa

      Tyago se naata hai
      Neeti ke gyata hai
      Satya hi inke pran hai
      Man ki sahkti hai
      Sachhi yeh bhakti hai
      Dharm ki yahi pehchhan hai

      Jeevan ke is path pe
      Janmo ke bandhan se
      Mukti mein chhipa kalyan hai
      Paana kya khona hai
      Honi ko hona hai
      Jeevan hi inka balidan hai

      Mahabharat mahabharat………
      Mahabharat mahabharat……………….

      Glad that you liked Ooo sorry I mean loved it……. Keep hitting on the next

      1. Fenil

        Show kindness San bg tunes gain mere pass.

    2. Amayaa

      I don’t understand :- show kindness San bg tunes gain mere pass .
      What does it mean FB ??

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Whom to get angry most here Droupadi’s wish and long prayer for a good husband with five qualities or Kunti and her so called never returning words or her so called Matrubhakt Sons!!??
    KRISHNA- the grand entry of both Krishna Dwepayana and Krishna Basudev to solve dharma sankat but all crushed the simple desire of a girl to have a husband like other normal women,to win a long distance smelling war..of Dhamra Yuddha and then Droupadi became a thread to bind the five Pandavas together…
    Who can understand her plight remained silent or absent, perhaps for reason unknown to love…Abhimaani lover inside of Arjun, Sabyasachi, Falguni, Swetbaahan, Vushnukireeti, Vijaya, Dhananjaya…So difficult to remember all his names and more difficult to understand his unsaid words…his feelings, his love..Arjun.

    1. Amayaa

      According to this FF’s Writer opinion, it was pre-destined. It had to acknowledge by any means. But according to Amayaa’s point of view there was fault. Fault of Draupadi to wish so. Fault of Kunti to say so. Fault of Pandavs to oblige so.
      And esp. fault of the man who get ready to share her soon to be bride with his brothers just for the sake of his mother’s mistakenly said words.

      I didn’t understood how can a woman be the thread to bind five men. Today in movies and in real life too two men kill each other for the sake of a single men. Wasn’t the situation same at tha time ??

      Hahahaha I understand he himself was not less than any complex chakravyuh
      But as much as it was tough for a her that much for him too.
      It’s clearly mentioned in vishnupuran that Arjun’s madhav and krishna’s parth are the two who respected women the most in dwapar yug. That’s the reason why they are favourite of everyone esp. The women.
      In the case of krishna’s parth,
      Bhishma, Dronacharya,Drupad,Kunti,Madri,Gandhari,Dushla,Gurumata…………..
      The never ending line it is……..

      He was asked for share his love….. what was his turmoil then we can’t imagine too…..

      Sorry for being such late…. I wanted to leave a longg reply with fully free which i wasn’t due to Diwali celebration. Rockstar eager to know your reply on my reply…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ammu in that case I admire Mahabharata and the great poetic idea of marriage which hit Vyasadev hard..Five men married to a single girl!! from which hell this idea his mind!! Look at real society….if two mens are engaged with a single woman..they are called enemies and if two girls are engaged with a single man..they are called soutan!!!is not it unfair too…
        Why can Arjun then Marry Subhadra, and bring her home..There was love in between them but poet suppressed that for some bigger war and win mission. as we were also discussing on this topic after reading your this story…Hiw the hell Mahabharata can be titled as THE MAHABHARATA when there is only story of Aryan and no place of Dravidian people in the great holy book-” THE MAHABHARATA!!!”…
        May be the poet doesn’t have idea about we Dravidian people living south to Vindhya Hills or he ignored us. See Valmiki Ramayan has major part of story in south India…And Srilanka too…means Valmiki had idea about South people which Vyasadev lacked!!!
        My point is the title Mahabharata is how far justified for this book when they described story of north India only in the book…leaving south or ignoring it, the complete India in the story!!?? Well any way we are not going to get any answer as Vyasadev is neither our Dadaji nor Alive..warna usko main RTI mangti pakka…kyun aisa kiya bata Byasu Buddha!!
        Its completely my point of view and no offence on this please…I am taking a dare step by writing such stuff on a public forum but truth is truthful… and still truth is always not right!!

    2. Amayaa

      Off course it is !! Our society get much developed on the name of equality btw men and women but these are some substitutes which remained untouched.
      Our governments gave us equal rights but when the society will do same ??

      Yes Ved Vyash never gave much attention to personal life which results most of our questions and predictions in dilemma.
      Subhadhra’s entry in Indraprasth was as per Balram’s wish which Arjun had to oblige.
      He was not at all in love with krishna’s sweet sister Krishna’s bhadra as said by most of the 21st century people who like ArjunSubhadra more but he left with no option ahead. She was not only his madhav’s sister but also his cousion too whom he can’t able to see getting marry with his cousin without her approval.
      I already mentioned he respected women to the core of his heart.
      The second reason was to expand the friendship territory of indraprasth to the maximum.
      He can’t permit his madhav to have relation with his cousins his enemies.

    3. Amayaa

      Yesss I consent MAHABHARATA is more about northies or we can use MOST here too. But saying that Vyash did not have any idea about the DRAVIDIANS will be wrong. I am presenting few points showing so below :-

      1. Sahadeva reached the Dravida country during his southern military campaign.
      2. Dravidas are mentioned along with other tribes who attended Pandava king Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya sacrifice.
      3. Pandavas visited Dravida land during their pilgrimage
      4. Arjuna converted the people of the Dravida land to be a portion of his own army.
      5. Arjuna in his military campaign after the Kurukshetra War, visited Dravida country.

      According to all that, it’s clear that he had a clear idea about DRAVIDIANS too but he IGNORED it which he should not.

      Then there were no cars,trains,plains then it may count in a reason but what about today .
      You know what this is not changed in today’s times too.
      We the northies have no clue about southies whereabouts apart from our course books.
      Indian government looks more of northies only. We never heard our society talking about kerela,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh….etc.
      Literally speaking I didn’t have any idea about southies before 08 April 2017. I am very much obliged to GK,HARNEET,ISHQBAAZ nd TU for presenting me not only friends but sisters too.
      Or earlier, I had knowledge about south only on the Indian map.
      This is not a story of only mine but around every northies.
      The southies who live in my society are treated as some foreigners.

      Who exactly is responsible for all this ??

      Let me come out of this serious zone for a while. Haha haha Ved Vyash as our dadaji…..
      Mahanubhav to kab ka aag laga ke nilal pare.

      Byasu buddha ???…….
      Are you gone crazy while writing ha ?? How can you even imagine so ha ?? Amayaa will go against Aastha ?? It will not happen in our most horrible dream too. Understand !!

      Don’t take my replies as negativity or opposition of your views. As I already mentioned earlier I am the exceptionally fond of epics in my home after my papa so have much intrests In debating it. Usually me and papa do so in our free time which is not possible now a days because of our respective busy schedules.

      I’ll suggest you to make your account on an app ( as usual ) but the name of the app will be a newer one. WATTPAD The best app for reading and writing. There you will able to publish your written FF’s of TU. It will get votes and reads in 1000 no. It’s a global platform actually. Having much books on different generes. National as well as International.
      Even ishqbaaz genre has much books by different people.
      Please think once about this before rejecting it without giving attention.
      Eager to have your opinion on the above discussion.
      Love you my and only my Rockstar ????

  4. Zaveesha

    Very well written dear…keep going…

    1. Amayaa

      Thank uu Zaveesha…. means a lot

  5. Aayushi_kul

    As i alrdy mentiond in the previous parts…u r an amazing writer..ur way of describing emotions is sumthng i cant explain…this journey of Mahabharat again is going to be wonderful fr us

    1. Amayaa

      Awwwww thank you so much aayu baby…. I am literally enjoying your comments more and more. Your appreciations helps me a lot….. keep it up plzzz. …..

  6. Banita

    Superb Ammu…..
    U write every emotions soooo well…..
    Whenever I read this ff it remind me of MHB…. and main chali jati hun MHB dekhne in Hotstar….

    1. Amayaa

      Thank you bunny ……
      It’s my pleasure that my writings able to attract you…..
      Good me too watch MBH in hotstar whenever I find myself missing them…..
      ?????? for you

  7. Wow. ……… You have written it beautifully ….. Keep going

    1. Amayaa

      Thank you kiki ???…

  8. Anikaa

    Hey ammu …look I am here…I am sorry for the delayed response I didn’t have time
    No words darling…really don’t know what to say… amazing , wonderful ,stupendous, extradinary …..etc….
    I admire your excellence and manner in all the crafted words. you and your impressive intellectual mind has gifted upon the planet..but I want you to know that no matter what I may say or write about your article…your writings doesn’t matter to me I always and really appreciate when it is you…I really appreciate you and how you are making an effort…. I love u unconditionally….i love u more…..i love you so much….i love u with my actions not just words….thank you for being u….. I love u always

    I want to re-read your article again and again…looking forward to read more from u….

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