Battle Of Emotions – ArjunDraupadi (Episode-1)

(Nature is rejoicing….. Dusk is appealing…..
By remembering today’s twists nd turns
Praising itself to witness de grand Swayamvar of de century which will be studded in de golden letters in de great epic
Unknown with the arrival of one of the most horrific night…..

Five mens along with a woman are travelling on foot.
Mens have unornamented clothes on them but their simplicity is not showing them poor by any means
They are divine born to rule types
And the lady is looking like the exact replica of Goddess Laxmi
They are the successor of non other than kuruvansh
The five princes of Hastinapur who better known as Pandavs with de princess of Panchal

Yudhistir de eldest and Bheem de strongest are proceeding further while Nakul de charmer and Shahdev de brighter are wandering behind the spiritual couple ArjunDraupadi.

Arjun the archer is connected with archery like an inseparable buddy. He is incomplete without Archery and Archery is incomplete without him. His face itself is showing what his name going to become in history
Draupadi the fireborn has de potential to turn over entire world in one moment. She is born to show the world what a woman can do. And her eyes itself is enough to show what she is going to be in future.

As per his nature, Bheem is cracking jokes in which Nakul is accompanying him.
Yudhister is quiet as usual while shahdev looks worried.
But there are two more people who just lost in each other’s fascinating eyes.
Their eyes are talking itself like they are aware from each other’s company from longgg before

Nakul noticed their eye lock and commented : Control bhrata control or else Rajkumari will be in your arms the very next moment.
Everyone looked at de direction shown by the speaker Bheem : Explain us some Loveguru I didn’t get it.
ArjunDraupadi composed themselves
Nakul : I mean if their eyes can go in other direction without their approval then might their foot too and Rajkumari may fall down and in respect of saving Bhrata Arjun will catch her in his protective arms.
Bheem and Shahdev laughed whole heartedly leaving Arjun and Draupadi embarrassed.
Yudhister : Nakul remark your words first before saying something. You should not say so.
Bheem : Jaisth Nakul is younger than Arjun. Arjun’s wife will be his bhabhi whom he can tease too.
Yudhister : Bheem Panchal princess is not yet married to Arjun.
Draupadi : It’s completely OKKKkk Rajkumar Yudhister I didn’t felt bad.
Shahdev : Bhrata I m feeling like something very bad is going to happen. As nearer we are proceeding towards our shelter I m feeling more and more wicked.
Bheem : Oooo ho Shahdev first Jaisth and now you !!
Let’s enjoy the current auspicious moment na why to bother for future
Yudhister : Bheem is right Shahdev. Don’t feel anything. Whatever the nature is decided for us will come to acknowledge at any cost.
Arjun : Till the Pandavs are together nothing will be bad and we are one soul with five bodies whatever happen will faced by all together.
Bheem : Exactly like how Nakul always come to save us whenever we struck in problems.
Shahdev giggled seeing Bheem teasing Nakul.
Arjun : Correction Bhrata Bheem. Like how Nakul always reach to help beautiful ladies whenever they struck in problems.
Nakul : Jaisth !!
Yudhister too laughed this time.
Draupadi feeling delighted by becoming part of this awesome family and became happy by seeing such a cute and strong bond between the brothers.

And after walking miles finally they reached near their destination.
Shahdev warned again but the others didn’t paid attention towards him while eager to meet their mother Kunti.
And from here their life taken a terrible turn.

Kunti was busy in her worship. The five Pandavs entered de hut.
Arjun : See Mata what I get in Dan.
Kunti without turning said de simple sentence which became de most horrible sentence for someone.
Kunti : Whatever you got divide into five parts and share with your brothers.
Everyone left dumbstruck.
Draupadi came from behind the Arjun and left shocked.

She slightly came back from the hut and started remembering her last talk with her elder sister Shikhandini by adjusting herself on a nearby rock.

They were about to leave the palace.
Shikhandini : Drau You don’t need to take tension if you say we’ll consult father
How can we let you go with a simple Brahman.
Draupadi : Simple ?? Jiji are you sure the Brahman who shown this kind of archery is simple ??
Shikhandini : I mean his lifestyle not his bravery.
Draupadi : Jiji we need not to worry whomever my faith decided my groom I’ll accept him.

Kunti’s words and then her own words started sounding in her ear.

She wasn’t in a state to have control on her tissues.
Flashback continued.

Shikhandini : Drau why are you not understanding
Shikhandini paused for a minute and observed Draupadi’s face
Why are you smirking ha ? Am I looking like a fool ?
Draupadi : Off course not my dear Jiji
Shikhandini : Then may I know the reason behind this smirk of my little sister.
Draupadi : What do you think ? The one who won me sometimes before is an ordinary man
Shikhandini : No No he is actually the great Archer Arjun. Anything Drau ??

raupadi stared at her.
Shikhandini : Why are you staring like this to me. I was kidding dear.
Draupadi had a good laugh.
Draupadi : That was not a joke Jiji it’s true.
Shikhandini : What !! Drau You lost your mind completely. I saw Arjun. There is no compair btw them.
Draupadi : Exactly Jiji because both are same.
As soon as he entered I got to know.
Shikhandini : But how can it comes possible.
Pandavs and their mother died in varnavat na
Draupadi : I don’t know about that much Jiji but Ya I know he is Arjun.
Shikhandini : How are you so sure ?
Draupadi : How can an ordinary person won the fireborn who was made for the world’s greatest archer ?? If I m fireborn then he is thunderstorm.
Shikhandini : Wow !! Pitashri’s wish is going to fulfil now he will get the greatest archer as his son-in-law and his dearest son-in-law will get the fireborn as her wife.
Draupadi blushed a little.
Shikhandini further added : Congratulations !! Finally that is going to happen which you always want to be…..
This is a new beginning for you Drau.
Draupadi : yeah !!


Author’s note – That was not only the new beginning for Draupadi but for the Pandavs too esp. Arjun
It’s 21st century which made Arjun a villain more or else his counting comes in the most great warrior and probably on the top of the world’s greatest archer.

Let me introduce someone on this ff who herself a great writer my and only my MHD @VHM love u MHD nd thank u so much for helping me that much in the previous parts ( here thanks allowed ). The credit goes to you and my dear ARDI fans and ya how can i forget our PKJ.

Please continue showering your love like this people. A writer is nothing without their followers. Thank you all who gave their precious time to my ff.

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  1. Fenil

    Superb. Nakul Bheema lighten the moment with their lil sweet comments.conversation between Shikhandini and Panchali was superb.
    Good job sis.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Amayaa

      Fenil Bhaiya
      Thank u so so so much for ur views nd awesome comment here.
      I was thinking to send the links to you after publishing nd u found it before only.
      Thank you once again
      I m going to write the next chap very soon ???

  2. Hey dear…it was amazing…loved their sweet convo while walking nd nakul bheem’s jokes…. Nd drau-shikhndni convo was nyc…reliving the moments of this iconic stry is sumthng amazing…luved it
    Update the next part soon…bye tc

    1. Hey i m logged in…then why i m showing a unregistrd member here??

    2. Amayaa

      Thank you Aayushi
      Ur comments means a lot dr.
      Will upload the next as soon as I can dr
      Thank u once again ?????

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Well we both supports each other in every thing but in this case and on this topic we have several fight with more controversies..for me if you ask me what was the most lovable moment of Droupadi’s love for Arjun and vice versa…I will say the scene you described today… The way from Panchal to Pandav hut..this was completely blissful lovefull moment for both Arjun and Droupadi…totally in love.
    And special thank you for posting picture of Bheem for me..

    1. Amayaa

      I will love to have controversial chats regarding this topic.
      I will elaborate mine in the coming episodes and genuinely I am writing that with great difficulty as I have to show somone harsh which i can’t.
      I am not gonna accept your thank you ha
      Return my gift with special cup cakes on the top by sending me the rear pics of ArjunDraupadi and rear info too
      I am hoping it will not be in the against of my Arjun. Well !! Anything is allowed to you ???

  4. Medha

    Superb creation
    dear Amayaa
    Shikhandani and Draupadi conversation was awesome……I got remember all the scenes of MAHABHARAT………..

    1. Amayaa

      Thank you Medha
      Glad to have your comment dear.
      Yayy those scenes of MBH made me hooked to it now too.

  5. Wow
    It’s very beautiful ff

    How are you Amaaya?????????

    1. Amayaa

      Thank you AB ???
      I am doing good dear. What about you ???
      Well it’s a long time chatting with you.

  6. Superb one amu
    Bheem ,- nakul. Draupati-sikhandani
    Parts were soo good

    Can’t wait for next amu

    1. Amayaa

      Thank you meenu ???….
      I am glad you liked those parts. Me too liked those parts much.
      I will update the next soon dear…
      Again a very big thank u ?????

  7. it was superb ammu di???
    love draupdi shikandi convo and nakul’s comments too?
    And u know what at a time mahabhart was my fav seriali got renember the scenes?
    waiting 4 next epi?

    ur sisso shagun

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u thank u so much shaguuuuu……
      Hehe those scenes are truely good. What is wish for to change the history itself but I know I can’t
      Whatever I m pleased that u liked it.
      MBH is my favourite even now dr. Cheersssss.
      I know shaguu baby….. the comments with pink symbol is of u
      See how much I noticed. ??????

  8. Banita

    Ammu U write everything soo Good yr…
    Sisters convo was Superb….
    Nakul and Bheem it remind me MHB show…. Waiting 4 next…..

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u bunny ????
      Thank u for reading it bff….. love u
      The next part will be updated soon ???

  9. Anikaa

    sorry ammu friend thoda late ho gaya

    as i said before u r a amazing writer…i want to appreciate your innovative thinking.. …the truth is that i normally don’t read mytho stories…but when i started to read your article i found i couldn’t put it down..your article has been an inspiration to me…..i wish i could write like u…u r amazing with your words…this become its advantages ….i have fallen in love with your words and wants to continue reading them..i ‘ll be waiting for your next post it as soon as possible

    1. Amayaa

      You know what Ani I love u so so so much don’t take it wrong by assuming that I m saying such because u read my ff nd commented but truely yaar I love are just awesome baby. You know very well how to Give a sweet smile peck to me.
      I really can’t express how much happy I m right now.
      U r so different like the one whom no one want to see even.
      U r de one who know exactly other’s esp. Mine heart feelings…….

      I m all over flattered over to u. I can’t say even thanks as to the God for giving u to me as a friend…,.
      My article may be or may be not an inspiration for u but u r truely an inspiration for me baby…….
      Why can’t you ha ?? You can write better than me or anyone else. Just believe on yourself and your skills,,,,,,,
      I will update the next as soon as I can…… nd that just for you …….
      Much emotional we become.
      Let it put off and be back in our usual fighting mood.
      Love u my nd only my Ani ??????

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