Basics of love? OS

Everything has its basics and why can’t he understand? As a professor I am looking everything from the starting point. But as a rockstar he is just looking at the present of any issue.

Abhi: What does she mean that I don’t know the basics of love? Is this some studies that I need to know the basics! This is a feeling and is not the education that she is teaching!

He have to understand that for any relation that there is a need to know the basics. What i mean is that we have to talk to each other more often and most importantly have faith on each other that we are made for each other! These are my definition for basics of love.

Abhi: If she wants me to know the basics of love. Then why is she not explaining it to me and instead she is expecting me to find out!

He should know all that….What I consider as basics of love are just simple things and not complicated enough to understand.

Abhi: How to find that out? If she is not telling me? Hmm…I think I should make her tell! I am not that smart enough to find out myself!

Will he make her tell?

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  1. Honey

    Nice..but is it complete one or there is next part also???

    1. Maya

      May be there can be second part! Glad that u find it nice Honey!

  2. Nice…

    1. Maya

      Thanks durga!

  3. ahm ????? awesome!

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome!

  4. haha u knw wat before cing the name nly I admitted tht its uuu bcoz in ur evry magic it may b ff , os, ss u always wants the individual to figure out their issues firstly u keep on questioning by urself (through chaacters)but the most amazing thing is the answer is within tht soooo nly ur a magic bcoz magic is wat u hv within uuu but u nvr see tht lol srry if I confused uuu with my blabbering but seriously basics of love is awesome for the rocking future ahead haha my sweetheart comparing it with education is vrry funny nd yaa true tht he is nt smart nly in diz issue lol but still I lv him u just rocked it keep rocking IB I vil b waiting

    1. Riyashri

      Maahi Di !! U better start writing Di !! I hav never missed any of your comments that u give in all the writings !! Everyone would read the updates and guess wat I am a bit different and crazy as I would read the update along with your comments !!
      U R Whole-Heartedly Commenting each and every writing and I love u for this !!
      U R the “Best-Commenter” That I hav seen !!But I am very sure U would be the First and Last Person too !! Love u Maahi Di !!
      And as your sis I hav a request Start Writing FF !! And I am sure u would be The Best in that too !!

      1. Maya

        She have an idea of writing ff too but I don know when will she start!! So Riya we all have to keep on encourage her to do so!

      2. Riyashri

        Maya Di ,If u hav contact with her then Please do tell this sis’s request ……. even tell her that I would support and encourage her for her efforts !!

      3. Maya

        Sure will tell her! Point noted!?

  5. Very nice but even i have the same doubt do we need to know basics? Is this studies to know the basics? ????? anywyzz keep rocking…

    1. Maya

      Haha its just for fun…in the point of Pragya who is a prof. Since my prof always say u all should know the basics then I came up with this idea!

      1. Very very funny bt its nice and one question which branch in

      2. Maya

        Oh I am B.eng student not! U are asking me what course am I in? If that is so I am a Pharmaceutical eng student

  6. Riyashri

    Basics of Love!!! Maya Di u r An Angel !! As I told u r UU -Unexpectedly unexpected ………………..But did not know U would be more than that !! That’s y I am thinking whether u landed straight to the earth from heaven !! I am really Blessed to know so many things from your thoughts from your writings !! Each and every thing that u convey is just Sooooooooooooooooooo Best to the core and its Absolutely True !!!! I am really very lucky to get such an AA-ZZ Di !!!

    1. Maya

      Angel? This is too much dr…I am glad that u know a lot from my writings haha may be I am old enough to come up with this kind of random thoughts….

      1. Nop Riya! Maya is mankind’s angel ? ???? No sorry

      2. Maya

        Lol Somiya! That sounds so funny! ?????

  7. Awesome mayadevi??☺☺superb dii loved it and love u???

    1. Maya

      Mayadevi? Etho manthiravathi peyaru mathiri iruku! Haha ??? glad that u loved it Saranya!

  8. nice…………………………………..but incomplete

    1. Maya

      ok nannu will try to complete it soon!?

  9. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thanks Reshma?

  10. U r killing everyone’s heart luvd a lot maya it is ????????

    1. Maya

      Thanks Sonika but don’t say that I am killing hearts! Its too much yr…???

  11. Vaishali

    awesome maya dii u write short only but it makes me so happy like u r writing for five bug pages lovely superb dii waiting fr ur more os and ffs dii love u loadzzz

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u Vaishu! Haha I have no time to write that long…but its so nice of u to think my short OS to be tat long…??

  12. Riyuuuu (can I call u lyk dizz bcoz I lyk diz name a lott) yaar firstly a biggggg thnqqqq uuuu fr lyking my cmmnt nd yaar LV UUUUUU TOOOOO SISSY nd yaa ur really crazy but not in dizz issue but in finding short forms along with Somu both of uuu r really crazy nd I got to know tht the mastermind who started dizzz is our IB naa she is more crazier than us naa nd yaaar u told me as best cmmnter no yaar many of uuu cmmnt more lovely than me but I am seriously addicted to her magic naa soo nly I use to blabber my excitement lyk dizzzz but I am really verrrrrrrrrry happy tht u notice my cmmnts nd I am on cloudnine now lv uuuu sissy nd yaar u askd me to write ff haa honey I am nt sooo gud in writing dr soooo I am srry dr but pakka I vil give one OS but I am really flng bad fr nt fulfilling my sweet sissy’s request srry naa dr nd yaar IB U too joined her haa u knw naa I am nt soo gud at writing dr but I lv uuuuuu all fr noticing my blabberings but THANX A LOTTTTT FR MY SWEETUUUU(IB) ND HONEY ( RIYUUUU) KEEP ROCKING DEARS LV UUUU ALL MUAAHHHHHH HUMBLED ALWAYS

    1. Maya

      Yipee! So u r coming with OS! U have said it and I am eagerly waiting for it! Don’t forget that! Actually no prob I will remind u often! ??

      1. Riyashri

        Maya Di what is the full form of IB ??

      2. Maya

        IB ah? Omg its very awkward for me to tell the full form myself! I personal msg u! U see this Maahi bhi na push me into such a situation ???

    2. Riyashri

      U can call me like however u want Di ..But I love Riyuuuuuu sooooo much !!U don’t know how I am now I am on cloud nine!!! Thanq Maya di for telling her my request !
      Maahi Di ……..Love u toooooo…….Waiting for your Writing !! That’s ok If u r not writing a FF but I am Super happy that U would give a Os ……………..And I know once you start Writing then u would automatically Continue to write seeing your this sis’s support !! Thanq sooooooooooooooooo much for your reply that means a lot to me !!! And U don’t need to thank me as I wanted u to know that I was your Secret Fan till now !!
      I would call My Maahi Di as Bescomoto!! (Best Commentor -BesComoto)Di u can see many lovely comments but for me MY BESCOMOTO is the Best !!!! Thanq sooooooooo much for replying !!Love u Loads !!

  13. It was awesome

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Monesha!

  14. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee maya di is der any other part bcoz its nice pls continue maya di

    1. Maya

      Will try to come up with nxt part if any idea comes up! Haha this idea popped out due to my prof’s keep on uttering of the word basics! So all credits goes to him! Thank u prof HK! Haha cant tell his full name in social media platforms! Its safer not to tell! Btw glad that u find it awesome Riya! And sorry for my blabbering!

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