Basics of love? OS… solved


Abhi was waiting for her to enter the room to start his action. Pragya entered the room and saw Abhi reading some magazine

P: So tiring! It’s such a long day!
A: Basically, tiredness is due to a lot of work and I think you basically need to rest now!
P: Yes I have to rest now and I also know that!
A: Really? I thought you are not aware of that as u don’t know the basics of resting!
P: What? Basics of resting?
A: Ya! To u resting is either gg to kitchen to cook or doing some household chores! And that’s what I have seen all this while and it is not the basics of resting!
P: What happened to u? Are u feeling sick or what? Why are u keep on emphasizing on the word basics and basically?

A: Basically I want to know something about basics from u! So that’s y I am telling like that…
P: Can u stop this! I am already tired and you are keep on blabbering something that I can’t understand!
A: Think carefully Fuggy! You will know what I am refering to….
P: Let me think later and I want to rest now!
A: No! I need a answer and u have to think now!
P: Oh my god! Why are u torturing me like this??? Wait! Are you….refering to what i asked that day…..
A: Yes! Yes! That day u asked me na….U remembered?
P: Oh basics of love….
A: Fuggy!! Yes u are absolutely correct!
P: If u want to know u could have asked me directly and why do u have to talk to me until like this?
A: Only if i irritate u then u will answer my question! From my experience I have learned this Fuggy!
P: Oh like that ah?
A: Yes!

P: So u want to know that?
A: Faster tell na! I have been already cracking my head!
P: Hmm….Sit down first!
A: So u are standing and I am sitting down like a student of yours!
P: Yes! This is a very short lecture!
A: Ok fine!
P: That’s like a good and obedient student!
A: I don’t want your compliment! Just tell me what I want to know!
P: Ok first of all what do we do when we miss each other?
A: I will talk to u a lot when I miss you! Like through calls or messages!
P: Ok! Next part is what do u think that we share in common?
A: Actually nothing! Both of us are so different!

P: So u think there is nothing in common btw us?
A: Wait let me think! Ah I know!!!! we love each other madly and feel that we are made for each other!
P: So that’s it my student! These two are the things are the basics of love!
A: What? Talking to each other and feel that we are made for each other?
P: Small correction…have the faith on each other that we are made for each other!
A: Like seriously? I thought it will be some complicated stuff that u would say basics of love!! And these two are so simple to understand!
P: I know right? That’s y want u to find out!
A: Oh lecturer or professor whatever it is…Enough of ur questions and pls don’t ask me anymore of it! When we already practising the basics of love!!

P: Ya i know but i felt that i should be informed of this!
A: Pragyaji! Pls I am now tired of this lecture and I am leaving now!
P: U can leave now! But I will be always giving my lecture to u! It’s unstoppable!

That’s how Abhi got to know the basics of love….sorry if there is any mistakes…I typed this in a rush…

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  1. Riyashri

    “Basics of Writing ” Please Do Contact the Amazing Author of this OS !!
    Seriously I would be the first student to join !!
    Basics of Resting…. I think I should learn it as u know the reason !! “Awesomeness Overloaded”!!AS usual u hav some mistakes…….. The Last Line Is the Biggest Mistake u do always !! So I request u to Correct it !! Hope u do so………..

    1. arey yaar honey ur also stubborn lyk IB nvr agrees to me nd yaar u gv me a name thts sooooo sweet of uuuuuu call me howevr u want but I loved tht name tooooo but the doubt is do I really deserve tht haa dr but still u stole my heart honey thnx alotttttttt lv uuuuuuuuuuuu muaaaaaahhhhhhhh but ur so sweetest person nd evn crazyyyyyyyy tooooo

      1. Bescomoto….I am Crazy only becox of this Author Di…. So now if u r telling whether u deserve or not!! Then I am Sooo sorry I wouldn’t call u by any names!!
        And u r telling me stubborn but more than me someone here is the”stubborn queen”..Guess Wat the Sq is tge one and only Maahi….
        I am giving u this name too…. And now u decide whether u accept this sister or not…..I know I am EB….(emotionally blackmailing)!!’

      2. Riyashri

        “Stubbeen” don’t get confused I forgot to login…. I am the one who replied u!! So if u accept u r My Stubbeen then call me Riyu or honey or else…. Don’t speak to me….. I am angry on both of u!!

      3. Maya

        Riya! Okok i wont tell like that again! I will try not to tell….haha now u sound more like my mum!????

    2. Ur comment is really cute riya dear???

      1. Riyashri

        Omg saranya Di!! Thanq soo much! That’s only Becoz of Maya Di’s Talent…. MTMP see u r the only person who is always complaining………U r tooooooooooo bad!!

    3. Maya

      There is mistakes dr but u never agree! Its ok and ya i will correct the last line of my mistake too! Author of basics of writing? Too much dr! Haha but u can learn basics of resting from me! I am great at that!??

      1. “Queen of Stubborn Queens”
        This would be exactly suitable for u!! U know I am your ” IBG “!! So your mistakes in your writings are also Invisible to me….. So u shouldn’t scold me na.!!!;-) Whatever u tell I would never ever accept that u do make mistakes in your writing! Not in my dream too!!
        And MTMP U r now doing tooooooooooo much!! I am very very angry on u!!

      2. Maya

        Riya! Whatever u are facing from my side is all manufacturing defects frm birth! So kind of difficult to change but will try to change for sweet ppl like u all???

    4. ohhh noooo…my baby got angry haaaa nooo honey yaar kkk I nvr say lyk tht again nd call me wat evr u want I am really happy fr watevr u calls meeee but plzzzz mafh kardhona naaa yaar kkk I swear I vil nvr tell lyk tht again but diz new name is also soooo sweeet lyk uuuuuu nd yaaa I understood tht it is ur cmnt nly ani nd yaar sooo queen of stubbens suits a lotttttttt to IB lv uuuuu sissy dont get angry honey keep smiling keep loving keep rocking xoxo muaaaaahhhhh

  2. Superb I don’t have words to praise you but seriously u r thoughts and ideas is super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super hats of ?????

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u Sonika! ???? loved ur lovely comment!??????????????????????????

  3. Hey suga u r unbelievable…
    Love u so much for this os…
    Wat a explanation abt love…. lovely….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it lakshmi!??????

  4. omg omg omg sia dizzz is the cutest of all lectures given by uuuuuu ohhh so fr today gt our magic in form of lecture but the lecture is soooo chim in regards to love seriously till nw I nvr knew tht dizzz r the basics of love aniiiiii ur beyond our imagination yaar lol c naa today I am buddhu saying tht ur beyond imagination ani while ur already UNIMAGINABLE nd yaar prags way of resting is mine too lol but all together loved dixz basics of resting nd loving nd yaar tht crrction of prags fr abhi answer is sooooo sweet nd lovely nd till nw u hv been CRAZYY FR ME BUT FRM NW UR EVN SMARTYYYYYY TOOO FRM UR DIZZZZ Thought OF ANSWERING HIS QUESTION YAR U JUST NAILED IT KEEP ROCKING SOC lv uuuuuuuu muaahhhhhh nd haa I hv faith uuu tht u r made frm magic nd v r made fr njoying ur magic I lvd ittt yaar haha nw I am really intrstd in all dizz basics wanna learn more soooo professor vil u teach me plzzzzzz

    1. Maya

      Hehe u used the word chim! ??? Glad that u loved it! And Omg u think I am a professor lol! If i am one I am the first one to run out of the classroom instead of teaching i rather run away somewhere else…

  5. Superb OS yaar

    1. Maya

      Thanks durga!

  6. Awesome as usual akka hw u alone think like tis loved it and love u???

    1. Maya

      Not a big issue dr! Hehe Love u too for ur lovely comment!??

  7. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Monesha??

  8. There are grammatical mistakes! ???

  9. Vaishali

    awesome maya dii lovely os yaar superb and pragyas way of explaining the basics of love basically i didnt know the basics of love but u started from the base about the basics of love so i also got to know abt the basics of love which s basically first learnt by abhi from pragya to know the basic things of love which we hv to follow basically in love awesome one loved it dii love u too

    1. Maya

      Haha its just my random imagination again! And all credits goes to my prof who is always repeating the word basics

  10. You know i have got 3 short forms with UU! Okay 1st one is unexpectedly unexpected! second is uniquely unique and 3rd one is Unbelievablely Unbelievable…. Seriously i loved this one so much and finally basics! The Faith! okay that was something like i loved so much….. okay you are always like beyond imagination! So much you are perfect and story was also perfect like you! Yeah Maahi is always right you are budhu as well and yeah IB also ? buddhu because at end of your each os or ff you are always saying sorry and that doesn’t suits! So i think i shouldn’t find that again…. lol scolding you like i m your prof ????

    1. areyyyyyy yaar somu ( can I call u lyk dizzzz) thnx fr agreeing with me nd yaaaaa she is always buddhu in self analyzing naaaa sooo got a new name fr her again its CB hope u vil get its meaning by urself bcoz if I say tht here IB vil dfntly kill me lol sooo C refers to her nature nd B refers to the theme with wat v r discussing just nw but uuu r really crazyyyyy tooo in finding short forms hope successfully ur mission shld cmplt

    2. Maya

      Glad that u two have teamed up to agree about my nature of chracter but again nickname ah? Omg i cant stop u all! So happy nicknaming and happy short forming! But I prefer IB compared to CB….???? positivity in IB wins! And ya Riya’s nickname to MTMP too! And SOC hehe that is strictly restricted to certain situations lol…I cant be the first letter that is refered to in SOC!??

  11. Awesome

    1. Maya

      Thanks Abhigya!?

  12. Trisha


    1. Maya

      Thanks Trisha!??

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