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The episode starts with gauri humming o jaana and slips from the stairs however om comes there and holds her . They glare in each other’s eyes.Dadi comes there and coughs , om and gauri says dadi
Dadi says did I disturb you , om mummers I think so , Dadi says did you say something , om says nothing Dadi
The door opens Ricky is shown in ripped denim and shirtless with blazer on and riana with a mini skirt and lace up shirts with her hair wavy and converse with says why did you come here ,how gave you the right to come here. Ricky says chill man and hi babe , gauri says shut up ok or else.Riana says what what will you do beat us come on do it . Gauri says don’t test my patience or ata matak satak le and har Kuthe ka din ataha hain,today is yours.Rick says you better stop talking about my sister you blo*dy says stay in your limits or. Ricky says you can not do anything your maa Jhansi has called us.they are in shock. Jahnvi comes there and says I have called them and they will be staying here and I have decided that Ricky will marry your sister Sita . Om says no , he is a womaniser and a bad ash and how can you even think about that . Jahnvi says I am her mother I have the right on her she says Sita
Sita is shown in a western outfit wearing a dungarees and hair in a pony on her phone . She says yes mom
Ricky has fallen in love at love sight . Tujhe dekha plays
Jahnvi sys you are marrying him next month
Sita says no way he is not my type he is a lunatic I want a sweet loving husband not like him
Ricky’s try me , om says shut up and Sita is right she will not marry you , Sita says if he want to marry me he needs stop womanising and leave alchahol and tobacco then I will see but may decide my decision
Ricky says accepted and thinks I have fallen in love with her I have to marry her but womanising leave it Ricky she is better and is your love
Om says we will see and leaves . Sita says he is not that bad he is hot and s*xy but leave it she gets a messages and leaves
Meanwhile gauri and om are in their bedroom
Gauri says he is up to something
Om says I know but what if he is in love with Sita
Gauri says Sita does not love him she is just trying him she likes a other boy his name is karan, om says did she tell you , gauri says know but I read a SMS , om says I have to get his deatails .gauri says you are such a good brother and a beat dad
Om says I know mrs Oberoi , gauri says I want to study and we have not completed Coll so we should join . Om Kara says we should tomorrow now give me a goodnight kiss she kisses him.
It is night and gauri kicks him off the bed again and om is like mot again baba on the cold floor .in the morning gauri wakes up and sees om on the floor and says why on the floor,he says you lived again
Gauri says sorry and says get up today we have to go to college
Om says I I have changed my mind we will join next week because we have got married and need personal time
She Pins him to the wall and says ok says I know
He caresses her hair and says you are beautiful and gives her a love bite and she gives him.a lip lock things were getting steamy om was kissing her neck and arms she was kissing his chest , somebody knocks the door, om says they had to come now
Dad says come own for breakfast
Om and gauri leave with her
Ricky and Riana are sitting there and tell om to pass the bread . Om says don’t you have hands . Riana says no . Gauri takes the bread and throws it on her face .riana says don’t you dare you b*t*h don’t fly in the sky
Om says watch your language this is my wife and you are guests for olny a period of time then whoosh
Ricky says sita where is she
Om says don’t take my sisters name on your dirty mouth you dog
Sita comes there in a crop top and chino trousers and says mom what is for breakfast . Jahnvi says your favourite
Sita say bhabi pass the bread
Gauri passes the bread ,
Sita goes to the coffee shop to meet karan
Ricky follows her and sees her with a boy
Ricky says Sita who is this , Sita says my boyfriend
Karan says who is this , Sita says he wants to marry me
Karan I will take care of him he gets into a fight with Ricky.
Sita cheers karan, Ricky says why is she not she is not stopping us
Ricky get injured , Sita says don t mess with me and karan and kisses karan and leaves with him. Ricky says this girl is hard but I have to
Gauri and om are shopping gauri says I love you and drags him to the toilet s and kisses him he says stop and continues shopping
They get into a argument

Precap:Ricky goes to tell gauri the truth om shouts stop

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  1. Awesome

  2. Jasminerahul

    om holding gauri from falling…eye lock and toilet scenes were romantic. surprising that sita is om’s sister and jhanvi fixed their marriage. nice to see Ricky falling for her at first sight.but is he really willing to change himself for her or is he pretending?shocking that sita has a bf named karan and said yes for alliance with Ricky to satisfy jhanvi.Sita is confusing.Ricky karan fight.omg.

    try to publish this ff on sns forum too.Ricky Sita fans will enjoy it

    1. I will try to to but change the ending at the name

  3. NICE SUPERB??????

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