the next day
: om and gauri are at the shop and gauri says can i say something .om says say what you wanted to tell me for ages gauri says i did not recoginise you , i had slapped you once because i was given a says you and leaves..

om thinks she remembers and wanted to apoloogise she is not bad at all i should not take revenge from her i love her in this period of time i need to talk to rick and cancel this plan and ask him not to telll the truth to beloved gauri …
ricky says what bro no way , om says please ,ricky says i willl tell the truth now,omkara says what is your price , rickys says 10 lakhs,om says ok ,ricky says fine give me,om says in your account tommorow…
after a month…
it is raining and om and gauri are on a drive the car stops ,om goes to check it,gauri comes out and says come on in , they have an eyelock gauri hugs him om carasses her hair they kiss he takes her in her arm in the back of ther car and places her there he kisses her body she kisses him he removes her dress and she unbuttons her dress . he kisses her all over body..
guari:this feels so nice .
om:should i stop does it hurt.
gauri:no caeey on it is great..
omkara;as you say.

affter an hour gauri says that was fun and omkara says that was when we made love ..
gauri vomits and faints , om takes her to hospital..
doctor:she is preganant.
omkara:are u sure…
doctor;anway who are you…
doctor leaves , omi goes to gauri ad gauri wakes up and says what am i doing here .
om says there is sone bad news you are preganant…
gauri says what my life is ruined..
omkara says come with me .
saajna plays …

he takes her to the temple and says to the priest we want to get married.priests says sit down…
gauri:are u sure we could get it aborted…
omkara:no this our baby.
gauri says are u sure.
omkara says yes …
the priest starts the rituals.bhagvan vishnu plays gauri is crying.omkara and gauri take the pehras,he applies the sindoor,gauri gets emotional .he lifts her and takes her home.
he knocks the door , jahnvi opens the door , she is shocked.
omkara;she is your daughter in law..
jhanvi:what are you mad why di you get married is this what my upbrining taught you you betrsyed me what was your reason…
omkara;she is the mother of my child.
jhannvi:what and slaps him did you not have any shame what will happen to rains..
omkara;i will explain to riana and gauri is not at fault i told her to get physical with me.
raina says omi who is this,omi says my wife she is the mother to be of my child..
riana says but we were to marry.
om says destiny bought rikara together so ..
riana goes and slaps gauri and says what magic have you done on her..
om shouts shut off riana and leave this house at once.
riana says i wilcome back for revenge . you dumped me fr thos middle class girl …
omkara takes gauri to his room , om says this our room..
gauri says will they accept us .
om says they have to or else i will leave them . gauri says no..
he says i love you and they have a french kiss…
om says you need to start using a better mouth wash it smells ..
she says really and kisses him back and is on top off him..
he says we will name our child rikara ok or if it is a boy rickar…e
gauri says that is the combination of our name …

they doze off , in night gauri kicks omm and he falls off the bed and wakes up gauri , gauro does not wake up and he sleeps on the the morning gauri wakes up om and says why are you sleeping coukd have woken me says i did but you did not wake up.gauri says could have tried says you would have woken up and your sleep woul have been disturbed,,gauri says thanks and says it would have not because it was for you..
om says i hope my family accepts us and our child but lets go tobreakfast
dadi says welcome and go and make breakfast as it is your first rasoi
gauri says ok and makes typical breakfast
dadi tastes the food and says this is yummy , gauri eat more so the baby is healthy
gauri says can i call yoou dadi
dadi saays yes , gauri says ok
om says where is maa, dadi says she is coming
jhanvi comes there and sees gauri and turns says maa please do not go think about it what would happeend to my child if we had nt married..
jahnvi says i dont carre as itwould have been a disgrace to the family
om says but..
jahnvi says i do not want to talk anymre
jhanvi says me or gauri
om says gauri
jhsnvi says i do not have any realationship anymore with you
om says fine and leaces
gauri says maa
jhanvi says who gave you the right to csll me maa i did not did you get a legal doucoment
she leaves
riana and ricky arre at the shop and she says borther this girl got married to omi
ricky says who
riana says gauri ,
rocky says what i know everthing but this is what we will do

they discuss
riana says thank u bhai
ricky says you are my sister this what i can do for you
riana leaves
ria comes there and says hi ricky you never called me after that night
ricky says come here baby and kises her and takes her to his room
ria:thank u
ricksss:mention not
ria:says i love you baby



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  2. Awwsome.

  3. Very cool and nice

  4. Jasminerahul

    om realized that gauri is not bad and regretted cheating sweet.but this horrible ricky is blackmailing om. rikara rain scene and consummation were damn romantic. shocking that gauri got pregnant. but om is so sweet to marry her.sad that jhanvi is not accepting riana om’s gf or riana has only one sided love for om? Ricky riana plotting against rikara.oh.hope gauri doesn’t mu om when she gets to know that om was with Ricky to cheat her.
    will ricky change?if so please bring Sita.
    rikara room scene.kiss and choosing names for their kid was sweet.but how did gauri become pregnant immediately after consummation?

    1. AMNA_star

      Supposed to say 90 hours

    2. AMNA_star

      I AM still thinking about Ricky love so that will be shown till I have planned the story
      Om was engaged to Diana due to family pressure and business only Riana loves him she is a obsessive lover but Ricky does not love her,

      1. Jasminerahul

        you mean om doesn’t love riana. right?
        are you from UK?

      2. AMNA_star

        Yes om does not love Riana and I am from the uk

  5. AMNA_star

    Stay tuned for episode on Sunday or Monday
    Timing may differ where you are based but his is upluded in the U.K. So it will differ from your state but you may find it in like 5 hours BST

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