the next day in college
the same guy comes upto om and punches him but without no delay om punches him back but the boy overpowers him .They fight gauri comes and stops them she goes to om why do you always fight with people on everyday what coukd have happened to you can you imagagine.Om looks at her and gauri speaks on and bas teri liye plays ,the music stops he thinks do i like her no way om just focus on your mission to get revenge from this girl she was the one who tarnished and ruined your repuatation i have to get revenge from her.

gauri and om are teenagers ,gauri is given a dare to go and slap a boy ,she sees om and goes to him and gives him a big slap , om says what did you think was that ,gauri shrugs her shoulders and leaves,all of the people around laugh at om and say things about him,he vows to take revenge!

gauri clicks her fingers and om comes back to life and gauri says where were you says no where ,gauri is about to leave but he takes her to the store room and holds her by the waist and gauri tells him to leave her but when om says i Love You and they have an eyelock,he kisses her she respones by holding the kiss,he moves his hand around her body she frees herself and runs says this is just a act i have to do for my motive but where is ricky munda
ricky is flirting with riana a hot girl,he says you are so s*xy i hope we meet again and have a night , he kisses her,om comes and says nice choice dude.ricky says thank you and how are you and how is the plan going on,om says good,ricky mummurs you are just a pawn i will destroy you and gauri because you insulted me so this is the the way i get my revenge and even gauri will leave you,000he walks away in his useful style.
om says fine even you go ,he goes home to his bedroom and lies down and says what a tiring day ,first gauri but kissing her is fun she has so juicy lips and soft skin
he thinks of their moments together and says but she is a pataaka he says om shut up and goes to sleep
the next day

om is shown wearing denim trousers and a white top with white converse wheras gauri is shown waring denim shorts and a white crop top with some lace up heels and her hair staraightened
they meet she says copycat and he says you ,gauri stumbles but he holds her they have a moment he says she is so hot . Ricky comes and breaks the so called moment & says youre looking hot babe . Om says watch your language or shall i say it in a simple way say sorry and get lost gauri does not want to observe your face,ricky says one day this attitude will break into pieces one day om thinks it is part of the plan but he does not know that it is for him for real.
gauri says thank you for taking a stand for me,shall i telll you somethimg i never imaganied you making me your girlfriend but leave that can you meeet me at the superb cafe i need to tell you something,om says fine
some time back

Gauri is told by her friends that this was the boy who she slappd for no reason and should go and say sorry to him!gauri is shocked and says are you sure it is…………………
gauri says he is so ncie and thoughtfull he never toldl me so i would not feel
guilllty.god you have given the right man for my life i hope we exchange garlands one day and lead a happy life
om goes to ricky and says next move
ricky says you have to go one like 5 dates or so and then propose to her and on that night get intimate and the next day you can dump her in front of the whole school in assembly time like gauri i dump u………………………….
she will feel so sad and will regeret leaving me for you
om leaves and says it will be fun for me she is so s*xy
gauri and om walk together and gauri says i love you so much i hope we can exchange rings one says what does your dad do ,gauri says he has 2 hotels
om says wow and says i love you

precap: om and gauri are at the shop and gauri says can i say something .om says say what you wanted to tell me for ages gauri speaks stammering

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