hi guys this is episode 2 if you like comment down and also you silent readers
the next morning
gauri is seen chatting with her friends .out of the blue ricks comes there with some friends and ae dil hai mushkil plays as ricks dances and sys to gauri i love you very much
gauri screams out that i like om not you!
om is shocked and says what !

gauri mummurs no
om drags her and says are you out of your mind
gauri says no i like you since high school i was scared to tell you because i thought you would reject me and thats why i used to act big sround you so you would like me
om says for the past ~~~~ years you like me and i thought that i liked you comee here
gauri says what and hugs him
om in his mind says just a act i will destroy you and no one like a middle class girl can like me i am omkara singh oberio the diamond you destroyed my reputation so here comes omi
ricky comes and holds her and says you said you like me
omkara says take your hands of my girl ok modi munda

gauri gets impressed and says yes modi getlost
ricks says i will not leave you you little b*t*h you insullted me and now see what i do
omkara goes to ricky and stops him and says bro come here
ricky is like go to your girl right
omkara says will u help me i dont like her she insulted me yesterday so i want revenge i do not like her a bit and no one can like modi and not espically that middle class girl atall please help me
ricky is like omg dude you want revenge even i want to maybe destinity bought us together for some big revenge against injustice
omkara says that does not make sense at all

ricks is like i know just making things up
omkara says whatever but what is the plan
ricky says you have to trap her in your love and dump her infront of all the colledge and she will be the laughing stock and will ………….
omkara says she is already trapped in my love
ricks says not love just she likes you not loves you have to make her believe that you love her go on dates and use her body then she will be trapped
they leave
gauri drops her book and omkara comes and helps her
tuhjhe dekha to plays

gauri says thanks
they enter class another boy sits next to gauri and omkara says move i want to sit here
guy says no what will you do
omkara says do you want a demostartion
guy says yes
om punches the boy and gauri comes in between and says stop they have an eyelock boy pushhes om and gauri they land on the floor and have an eyelock till the teacher says exuceuse me go back to your seat everybody look at them
gauri and omm are embarrased

rocky smiles at gauri and says your destrecution starts now !
ommkara smiles at ricky and ricky shows a thumbs up gauri sees them twio and thinks something is fishy leave it why should i bother i have omi by me
she holds heer hand and says i love you
omkara says first step accomplished

after colledge gauri comes to om and says how much do you love me prove it he holds her by the waist and kisses her for 5 mins and says this much
gauri gets shy and runs turning back and looking
omkara says careful gauri dont trip see you tomm and give your number before leaving and gauri says tommorow find out
bas teri liye plays

precap: gauri and omi have an argument and omi says why do i think that i like her stop om focus on your mission to get revengefrom this girl she was the one who nished and defamed you and your repuatation i have to get revenge from her

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  1. nice. but what revenge that Omkara is talking about. please give a flashback

    1. AMNA_star

      Find out in next episode tomorrow stay tuned

  2. Awesome episode.Keep writung dear.


    1. AMNA_star

      Thanx dear

  4. Jasminerahul

    gauri used to love omkara secretly and her confession was a surprise. om too accepting her was romantic. but shocking that he is only pretending to love her to take revenge.shocking that he joined hands with the revengeful Ricky to destroy gauri.hope om won’t use and throw gauri like Ricky advised him.rikara kiss and eye lock during the fight scene was romantic

    1. AMNA_star

      I have to see about that

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