hi guys this a new ff about gauri and om and the third person mr ramakant modi .this is a modern story about teens and how they overcome obstacles to love and life after marridge i hope you enjoy
gauri and omkara are seen in colledge .

they are both enemies
gauri goes to class she is on the stairs and out of nowhere she slips but ricky holds her .they have an eyelock
gauri says how dare u mr modi dont come near me or you will regret it
she goes , ricky mummurs to herself and says i dont like you i just like your face and your money he goes laughing but he does not know that om is behind him
om goes your finished gauri it will be so fun but wait what if she becomes the lauhing stock of the colledge that will be more fun then ever
he leaves to class laughing

next day
gauri and ricky have a eyelock again and gauri starts i told you not to come near me and leave me ok or
ricks says i want to look at you for the whole of my life
please can we go for cofee i beg you
gauri says ok but just once because u are begging or i dont even give dogs a chance , she smiles to herself
om collides with gauri and says watcjh it gau
gauri says now you first him now you when will this drama stop
om says chill
they leave
geura plays they look at each other while walking om falls down and his friends say oo la la
om is like never
they say yes ,om says she does not even have a chance
they laugh

next day
ricky and gauri are at the cafe they talk and have cofee
rick says i love the food dont you
gauri says whatever bro
ricks says who do u like
gauri says none of your bussiness and who aev you to ask me that are you my dad or what
ricky says i like you for the past 3 years please give me a chance
gauri says i am going here you go some money so u can pay the bill
ricks rushes to her and kissses her
she pushes him and says what the hell
she slaps him dont you dare speak let me speak

who do you think you are are you some king
no youre the prime minister right to kiss me
go to helll
in college the next day
everyone is talking about gauri and ricky
they spread rumours about a third guy
gauri gets fed up and goes to om and says you startrd the rumours right
om says i did not ricks did so chil
gauri says get lost i dont want to see your face
om says you came to me so you get out
gauri says fine
om says too much attitude

i have to fix her now

precap:ricky comes to gauri and says i loveu with a teddy bear
gauri shouts and says i like om not you
om says what
gauri is like no

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  1. Awesome episode.Keep writing dear.
    Loved this college life.?????Precap seems to be very interesting that Gauri likes Om.

    1. AMNA_star

      Thanks sanyukta

  2. Shraddha-DBO

    Nice yaar, college life of rikara.
    Waiting for next ??

  3. Nice chappy. Waiting for next


    1. AMNA_star

      Means the world to me

  5. Jasminerahul

    wow college stpry with rikara n ramakant.I like ricky too.rikara enemies.even om wants gauri’s destruction.oh.guess ricky is after gauri seeing her dare he kiss her?good that gauri slapped him when he kissed her.i think its ricky who is spreading rumours abt gauri.but gauri is doubting om.oh.plz show mpre rikara scenes.plz don’t discontinue this ff after a few parts

  6. AMNA_star

    And thanks btw

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