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Kunj’ s POV
” Give me a vodka? ” said a man ordering it for himself “Our job … trust me it’s not an easy job You see people happy some sad some in their senses some not some dancing some falling here and there what else can you see in a bar ” I said preparing a glass for the not so gentle man “Girls” my friend Naman said “God, Naman none of them here are worth being watched” I said looking in the direction he was staring “Kunj yar then which types of girls are made for you ?” He asked “Thank you sir anything else ” I said looking at the customer who had already left I turned and looked at Naman who was waiting for my reply ” Naman not now later ”

I said teying to avoid this topic as always “No Kunj it’s high time you answer my question ” he said like a small child who has asked his parents about how do babies come “Listen Naman I can’t…” I was stopped by his words inbetween “No I can’t and won’t Kunj I need the answer ” he demanded “Okay fine listen ” I said to which he left all his job and came to my counter we were discussing all this while preparing peoples drink being the most crowded pub in Vages all of us had to work hard “Bro see U I want ‘a’ girl in my life and not girls so there is only 1 and only 1 girl made by God of my type ” I said and he nooded his head in disbelief

I still continued ” I want a girl who not only has beautiful looks but a beautiful heart too ,Rich or poor ..I don’t care she should never run behind money,fame and power …she should know how difficult is life without parents .She should be the one who keeps others happiness infring of her owns… ” “Bus bus You won’t find such a girl ” He said and left for his counter “Arre Naman I forgot to mention 1 thing After I see her my heart beats should increase…

the chord of my heart should be struck so well that it never needs someone else’s vibrations ” I said shouting “Impossible ” he shouted back ” That we shall see” I said may be I am sure God has already made her for me ” I thought while the winds blowed a girl dressed in a red a-line short 1 peice walked in an Angel my Angel I was staring at her when Naman patted my back and said “Don’t even think of her she is the YUVRAJ LUTHRAS gf ” YUVRAJ LUTHRA a spoilt brat his father is one of the leading business man in Vages spending the hard earn money by his father is all what he does and my Angel is his girlfriend oh babaji why so maybe she is not what she looks from outside but her eyes show that they are true

The entire time my eyes kept looking at her and her so called boyfriend he was forcing her to drink to dance to do everything he wished to do chi if he is rich it does not mean he can do all what he likes but whom am I to interfere in their matters I mean it’s their personal problem but my heart does not let me ignore it “Bye Kunj” said Naman leaving my shift was over and I had changed my clothes “Bye ” I said hugging Naman and then I left for my house it’s a 5 …”If you can’t bear 5 shots you aren’t fit to be called Uv’ s girlfriend here take me this bottle and now stop how much will you vomit how much I had planned for the night Mom and Dad are away on a tour and the house is empty we could have enjoyed Guys let’s leave she can go home alone ” I heard the YUVRJ LUTHRA speak and driving away in his car leaving my Angel in such a bad condition I moved towards her and patted her back so that She feels better and she did feel so I made her drink water and then she felt better she then looked around and saw me she just ignored me and started finding something I guess her car or something

“May I drop you somewhere? ” I asked she was not in a condition to reply but she still did “Who are you to drop me I can go home my self I have just forgotten my purse and phone in UV’s car that is it and if you are afraid you can come along with me “she said moving ahead So cute “Arre wait ” I said running after her she could not walk properly may be due to her drink condition or her heels I thought “Why don’t you remove your heels ?” I asked her “No I love my heels UV loves them I love them you know what he says I look hot and s*xy in them ” she said while she was just about to fall but before that I held her in my arms she looked at me with her big big eyes I was lost in her innocence but our eyelock was broken by the car horn ” Romeo Julliet go and do your romance in some other place ” I heard an old man say while his wife said something which made me smile sleeplishly ” Let them enjoy you forgot our days ”
My Angel was in her own world she left the place and I had to run behind her to catch her she reached a big bungalow “Now will you follow me in also I am telling you I know how to punch bad boys “she said being scared “Nope I am leaving good night sweet dreams “I said “best night Sweetest dreams “she said replying and it was as if we were playing a game I smiled at her childishness and I waited for her to move in once she was in I left for my house .”

Next day …….
I again saw her now she looked even more beautiful than yesterday she walked towards me but then that UV he placed his hand on in her waist ” 2 shots please he said ” I looked at her ..her face showed me that she does not want to drink but it was my job I prepared 2 shots and placed it on the deck they drank it my Angel looked at me and smiled she then went on the dance floor along with that UV he ordered for 2 more shots and I brought it for him” 14 shots” I told UV’s friend who was paying his bill while he was vomiting he could not handle it ? “Twinkle we are leaving we will drop UV home you too can go home ” saying this they left I too turned to go ” Excuse me ” she said and I turned around to see her calling out for me ” Thank you for dropping Me home yesterday ” ” Mention not ” I said and turned to leave ”

Can I join you? ” she said ” Your wish ” I said even though I wanted to say a big yes to her ” I am the first girl in whole of Vages who drank 7 glasses of water ” she laughed saying it I smiled ” You are smart you charged UV double while you just have us half the shots ” she said smirking ” Well ma’am who said I served you only 7 shots I just made 2 shots in 1 glass each time I was asked to make a shot ” I said smiling ” It means Uv drank 14 shots ” she said making a big O with her mouth and placing her hand on it I smiled at her cute antics ” oh see na I am such a big jhalli we are walking since long and i haven’t even introduced nyself ..Hi… myself Twinkle Taneja ” she said forwarding her hand ahead ” Hi myself Kunj Sarna ” I said while shaking her hand ” we were still walking this walk seemed to be lasting for ever I wanted time to stop “Urgh these heels ” she said removing them “i feel so good without them ” she continued ” ” I wish we could go to pubs in our pajamas ” she said ” Its your choice you can wear whatever you wnat to ” I said ” Nope I cant UV always wants me to be ready good looking with short dresses and heels ” she said ” Twinkle he isn’t the right man for you ” i said ” I know” she said” but i cant help.. he propsded me when i wss in college and I said yes and Now I can’t leave him ” she continued we were about to take a turn Twinkle stopped to sit in front of the fire lit by a begger and his wife they were feeling cold without giving it a thought she removed her jacket and placed it around that old lady and left the place she was moving behind me but form the corner of the eye I could see her shivering I removed mine and placed it on her ” What was the need to give your jacket?

” I asked putting my hands in my pocket “They were feeling cold and by the way I would be getting a chance to buy a new jacket and its when my MOM will realise she has a daughter ” she replied calmly ” ” Thank you” she said returning the jacket it was then I realised we reached her home” But Twinkle think about Uv for once ” I said ” My mom hates him and that is why I am with him … Bye good night ” she said ” Good night I replied I left for my house One the way I kept thinking about Twinkle and her forced relationship
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle ‘s POV
The next day in the pub If was waiting for me I was wearing a black shelter dress I smiled seeing Kunj and so did he but UV wasn’t happy he pulled me aside and asked me to stay away from Kunj today again Kunj was doing what he did yesterday I walked up to him ” Aaj ek tho asli pela de mujhe ” I said to which he smiled and have gave me a drink ” Thank you ” I replied I drank the shot and went on the dance floor with UV he took me aside and started coming close to me I tried pushing him but it did not help he was about to kiss me when someone pushed him away from me ” Kunj ” I exclaimed seeing him ” Oh so madam knows his name also ” UV said dusting his dress ” UV ..” I called out but he ignored me ” Do you know Mr. Whose gf are you trying to snatch… YUVRAJ LUTHRA.. get it I can buy 100 such pubs and 1000 guys like you so I am warning you stay away from Twinkle get that If I ever see you talking to Twinkle again I will break your bones ”

UV said to Kunj and pulled me out with him I have a helpless look to Kunj Whole While he ran behind us calling out My name before he could reach to us one of UV’s body guard punched Kunj so hard that he fell down he was badly beaten up by them that is what UV’s friends were talking about he left me mid way asking me to go home alone I started walking back home when I saw Naman Kunj’s friend I asked about Kunj he told me Kunj was badly beaten and Now Naman had himself dropped Kunj home I took his address and rushed to Kunj’s house I knocked at the door after around 2 minutes Kunj opened the door he was badly beaten dried blood stains could be seen his nose bleeding He was doing his first aid I rushed to him I took the cotton from his hand and did his dressing ” Ah..” he hissed

” Kunj you should have not come in between ” I said while blowing his wounds “So what should I do Twinkle I can’t see him hurting you I don’t know how and when I have fallen for you.. I love you.. I can’t see you with UV and when he was forcing you I could not take it anymore ” he said in one go Tears started dropping from my eyes “Kunj but UV is my bf ” I said trying to remain strong he held my shoulders tightly “Twinkle he is your bf such a bc… who left you alone when you were drunk… does not call you to ask your safety..” My phone started ringing ” Hello UV ” I said picking up the phone ” Listen Twinkle tomorrow my dad is throwing a party for me so come well dressed and don’t come early come late stars enter the party late and even those who are with the stars that is you ” he said and hanged the call ” did he ask you that have you reached home ?” Kunj asked I nodded my head for a no ” Twinkle he is not perfect for you ” Kunj said holding my shoulders ” Kunj try to understand I can’t..” he tightened his grip on me” He is not right for you ” he said pressing my shoulders ” Kunj …..kunj it’s paining ” I said and pushed him I left the house crying ” Stay away from me Kunj ” I shouted back without turning U want him to be safe because unknowingly even I have fallen for him

The next day when I was about to enter the party with UV I saw Kunj there he walked straight up to Uv ” I need to talk to Twinkle ” he said holding my hand ” I have told you to stay away from Twinkle ” UV said “just for a minute ” said Kunj ” Okay fine you want to talk to Twinkle right you have to fight with me if you win you can talk to Twinkle and if you loose you will stay away from her forever and ever ” UV placed the condition Kunj looked at me I nodded my head in no but still Kunj said ” Okay fine but if you loose you will also stay away from Twinkle ” ” Okay fine tonight 12 on the small bridge ” UV said moving in .

I could not enjoy the party at all I was waiting for the clock to strike 12 at 11: 30 Uv pulled me out of the part along with his friends we reached the spot Kunj was already there waiting for us UV stepped out of the car and went to Kunj he punched Kunj hard not once but twice Kunj started bleeding ” UV stop stop please stop” I said trying to come inbetween but UV pushed me and I fell on the car and hurt myself ” ouch ” I said Kunj on seeing me got up and punched UV so hard that he fell down unconscious I smiled through my tears Uv’s friends all joint the fight and My Kunj fought with all of them and like a hero made all the villains fall down uncinisous I hugged him as soon as he punched the last man ” Kunj I love ” I said “I love you too ” he replied finally

thank you reading such a long Os I wanted to write it short but it got extended I am sorry and sorry for the boring dialogues and POV
Love you all❤
Take care ?

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