Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th October 2013 Written Update

Rajji begs Bani with folded hands not to take Sohum and tells her the truth that she is still having so much trouble at her in-laws place and the karwa chauth challenge. As she recounts everything, flashback scenes of the challenges that she had to do are shown. Tubelight finally lights up and says so Rajji, that means you are not happy **Duh..what was this girl saying for the last 10 minutes** Bani thinks so both sisters are in the same unhappy position and just acting in front of others. Rajji asks Bani to give her husband back by telling him not to go to Delhi with her. **why oh why can’t Bani confide in her and take her with them to Delhi. Both problems will be solved**

Everyone comes out **people stayed away so conveniently till now** to see off Bani and she

leaves in taxi with Sohum. After they leave everyone realises that Rajji has not gone **what do I say about this family** and she makes excuse that as she is fasting she would have found the journey tiring. Rajji leaves saying it is time for prayer.

At Sohum’s house, Simran and Buaji have all preparations for pooja and are sitting dressed. When Rajji enters Buaji starts taunting her as usual and asks where Sohum is. Says she does not understand what is there in Rajji’s maika that every time they go in pair and she comes back alone **Buaji said the right thing** Before she can make Rajji reply, neighbours some for the puja and ask why Rajji is not ready. Simran says Rajji is very stubborn and did all the work and so got late. She takes Rajji inside.

Sohum and Bani at the bus stop. Bani tells Sohum she is going alone. He asks why but she says there is no reason. Sohum says that he does not know why they keep arguing about the same thing and Bani says that she wants to go alone. She says she didn’t say this earlier as she didn’t want her family to know that she is going alone. They argue and Bani says it is more important that he be with Rajji on her karwa chauth. He disagrees but she starts to walk away and so Sohum says she can go but first tell her family the whole truth **usual shock on Bani’s face as if she is hearing this ghisa pita dialogue for the first time**. Sohum takes her bag.

Pooja over in Sohum’s house. Buaji gives gyan about Karwa Chauth. Someone asks whether her husband is coming and she says he has gone to Dubai and she will have to make do with his photo. .She wishes that no married woman is apart from her husband on the day and Rajji looks upset.

After all the women leave, Buaji comes out with Rajji’s baggage. Simran, Rajji and Kukki get upset. Buaji says it doesn’t look like Sohum wants to come to break her fast and so she has got her stuff ready. Says there are just few hours left and

Precap: Buaji and Simran doing the practice of looking at moon through the sieve before breaking fast

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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