Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Happy coming and telling that they have informed them. Then Nirveil Binder and Rajji comes there and everyone are happy to see them

Daai sa gets up and then Deshu introduces them to everyone and then Deshu gives the sweets and tells that to Muuah Meeti ka lo. Then Sarabhjeet will invite them in. Simran and Angad will be taking their leave and Beeji will tells them to stay and go and Angad will tell that they have some work.

Then Maamiji will ask them to come definitely come. They are shocked and Bani feels very bad.

They go outside and Simran will drop the sweet box and hugs Angad and starts crying telling that we promised d Soham that we will fix the marriage. But now we saw another alliance being fixed and how will we tell him.


Simran tells that Soham was telling that Deshu will not agree and I did not listen to him and then now we have to disappoint him. Angad will be telling her that they had raised his hopes so much and now how o break the news to him.

Soham is waiting for his brother and sister in-law. Then His friend will tell him that they would have fixed the wedding and giving sweets to each other. They will be imagining the scenes and Soham will be very happy.

Rajji will be fighting with Bani asking her if you are happy now that you have destroyed Soham’s life. Bani tells that she is very happy now as she has seen all the peace and happiness in her mother’s eyes which she was waiting for such a long time. Rajji tells that she will never forgive Bani for what she did.

Bani tell that she is happy that the two houses will join. Rajji tells her that wish of her will never be fulfilled as the two families are spilt. Rajji tells her she has spoilt the life of a good person whose only aim in life was to get married to Bani.

Then Rajji will get very angry and tells her that she is very angry at Bani and will never forgive her.

The elders will be talking. Daai Sa will tell that let us talk about the marriage arrangements. They inform Deshu and the family that Parmeet is coming in 12 days and that he will be here for a very short time and so they will do the engagement and then conduct the marriage after one year.

Deshu is very agitated and the matchmaker will tell that the time gap of one full year is too much for a girl to stay in her mother’s house. She tells that Rajji is getting married in 12 days and so we will have the wedding on that day and we will have two wedding on that day.

Manpreet will tell how can this happen as Parmeet is coming only on that day. Then She tells how can we have the marriage on the same day.

Daai Sa will tell that a girl is never a burden to a father. He tells them that since the time is short will they be able to prepare for the wedding. Deshu will tell yes and then she will ask Sarabhjeet his opinion. Sarabhjeet will have no other option and will agree to her

Daai sa will tell that the day after tomorrow is Daaka and the marriage is on the 12th day. Then Beeji asks if they can have the Daaka in their Pind’s Gurudwara and then they agree. Then he tells that we will make a move.

Deshu tells that Rab ke dil mein Daer hai Ander nahi, Then they are shocked and Nirveil and his family leave.

Then near the gate Nirveil will tell his brother what he did was wrong. He had promised Soham and he did not keep his promise. Then he did not stop his sister in law. Sarabhjeet then tells him that he knows what he did was wrong. But he was helpless for he had given a promise to Bani and she made him take her kasam to agree to whatever Deshu tells. Nirveil is worried and tells that you have to give an answer to Soham. Then Sarabhjeet will tell I have to give him a reply.

PRECAP: Rajji will be shouting her parents for all the time talking about Bani, Deshu and the wedding. She tells them when they are not bothered to even listen to us why should we be bothered about them.

Update Credit to: anurao

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