Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Rajji is adamant that she wont go, and keeps saying the same. nirvel loses his temper, shocking others too. He then calms down and asks rajji again, to tell him if there’s anything or else quietly get ready to go to her inlaws’ place. rajji is about to say something, when granny takes her aside. She tells rajji that a daughter isnt a burden on her parents, but the girl has to go to the inlaws’ place, or else the parents are humiliated and the society doesnt let them live. She remidns her that soham saved their respect that day, and the same respect is in her hands, and she shoudlnt be scared and if there’s any problem, she should tell it to nirvel. Rajji remembers soham’s warning, and continues to be adamant. Nirvel loses his

temper and slas her, shocking everyone. He drags her from there, to take her to soham’s place. bani’s father repirmands him for raising hands on his young daughter and treating her like this. he asks him to let go of her, and remain calm, as such matters should be dealt with care and not anger.

After they go, tejo is wondering if everything is alright. the matchmaker asks her not to be tensed. Tejo says that its rajji’s life at stake, and on top of that, both of them arent ready to accept each other., Bindal, who is coming in, is surprised to hear this. but the matchmaker salvages the situation saying that they might have been angry that rajji didnt return yesterday. bindal assures them that nothing like that would happen. the gents would talk it out. The matchmaker too agrees on that. bindal asks tejo not to bother unnecessarily.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Simran and her husband are discussing if rajji really is ill, and if her parents took her words to their heart, and dont want to send rajji now, out of humiliation. She is happy that rajji isnt coming as they didnt want it at all themselves, and soham would also have difficulty in accepting rajji as his wife. A knock makes them open the door. Nirvel and bani’s father comes to soham’s place and his family greets them. They apologize for coming in unannounced, and say that since rajji was sick, she couldnt come with soham yesterday, and hence they themselves got her back. As they give way, soham’s family finds rajji, standing there, with a stoical face. Soham and his family are surprised to see her. They tell them about rajji’s ill health, and they thought that they woluld be angry that she didnt come. Soham’s brother asks him not to talk like that, as they are family now, and she’s their daughter in law after all, and she shouldnt stay outside for long. Rajji steps inside the house, and walks past him and simran, and goes straight for his room, and closes it. Nirvel and his brother too take leave and go from there in haste.

Simran is told by him, that rajji is not at fault in this and why should she suffer. Simran asks why should soham face this then, as he’s the victim in this, and asks him why is he feeling for rajji and not soham. Her husband tries to instill practicality saying that he does feel for soham too, but right now they have to decide from the brain and not the heart. He makes her realise that the truth is that rajji is a member of their family now. simran says that he might forgive and forget but after what they did with soham, she wont forgive them nor accept Rajji.

Angad asks simran where’s rajji and if she’s in theroom. when simran doesnt respond, he asks if she’s doing the right thing, and she’s forgetting her duties to perform the rituals with the new bride, which demands that she introduce rajji into the kitchen and ask her to make a sweet dish for them. Simran asks what ritual when she didnt accept her as a new bride into the family. angad says that she isnt right. Simran says that they havent done right too. Angad says that its a misunderstanding. Simarn confronts him how is this possible that exchange of gralands happened with one, and marrying the other, and she doesnt accept this marriage, and that she would never give rajji the status of her sister in law ever. angad is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place.
Granny is gazing at their photo, when nirvel and bani’s father return. They all ask how it went. Nirvel says that the fear is for rajji, who showed her ego and arrogance on the face, and hope that she doesnt do anything wrong. greanny hopes that she behaves maturely. Bani’s father assures that she would, and she only needs some time to cope with her new life, and when she does everything would be alright. they all console each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Parmeet’s house
Parmeet’s mother shows bani the kitchen. She calls bani’s sister in law, to assist bani in making Halwa. Bani is scared and nervous. After she leaves, bani is assisted by her sister in law completely, who privides her with all the ingredients. She begins to progress bani through the procedure. Bani thinks that she doesnt know how to operate the microwave. she fiddles with it, and is about to put plastic in it, when she is instructed by her of the correct working of the oven. as she fiddles with the microwave, bani’s sister in law is shocked that she never saw this before. She asks bani how would she cope in canada where everything is automatic, and laughs that parmeet would go mad at making her learn all these things. bani is embarassed at being made fun of. But she hels bani nevertheless, and shows her the juicer and mixer grinder and toaster, and explains their functions. Bani says that she just needs a stove for the halwa. She gives bani one and asks her to get ready. Bani begins to make it. The sister in law takes her leave, while bani gets to work anxiously. She comes back with parmeet’s phone, and asks bani to talk to him. She begins talking but isnt able to hear anything, and her concentration is distracted from the halwa too. she juggles between the two, but not able to hear anything, she cancels the phone. She gets back to the halwa. Dadaji asks manpreet how much longer would they have to wait. just then, the fragrance of bani’s halwa fills the room, and soon bani follows too. Bani serves the halwa to the family, and anxiously waits for their reactions and they try it. The screen freezes on Bani’s tensed face.

Precap: soham gets a courier, and shows it to rajji that finally he got Canada’s visa, saying that tejo wanted this only but the person who he wanted this for is now gone, and that bani belongs to someone else, then why does he need it now. he angrily throws it on the ground, saying that if he doesnt need it, then he doesnt need to keep it, as he doesnt want to go to Canada. The visa falls on bani’s feet, who has just entered and is puzzled hearing this. :

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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