Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Balbir and reyman are very tensed at soham’s descision. reyman asks and reprimands balbir for this. balbir says that he doesnt know why soham changed his mind. reyman goes onto taunt that he is his son after all, and would manipulate relations for money. balbir says that he wont let soham do this, as he is a better player than him, and now he would have to do evil to get things done, as they wont be with a sweet tongue. reyman is tensed.

Soham explains this to rajji and bani, that he doesnt want his legit father to get the property illegitimately, and maybe this is a sign by god, to do something in Rano’s name, and explains his desire to start an NGO, for all those helpless women, who are ditched by their NRI husbands,

and then they arent adopted either by the inlaws or by their own family. they are pleased with the idea. soham says that now woman in this village would be stranded. As he begins to walk out, soham finds the red scarf lying, that rajji had given him. Rajji turns away, while he keeps it back in his bag. After he leaves, bani says that this is the best way to use dadaji’s money. Rajjji is lost. bani says that she would make something special for her. rajji says that she would say when she wants anything. As bani leaves, rajji smiles that soham has her scarf in his bag. She takes it out and adores it lovingly, remembering how she had given it to him, with much love. Soham comes back to find her with the scarf. an awkward encounter ensues, as they stare at each other. She keeps the scarf and leaves, while soham has a smile on his face, that rajji is finally melting even if a little.

In the night, the entire family sits down to eat, while balbir is concoting some plan. He says that he wants to say something to everyone. he says that much has been happening the pst days, but they have been united like a family should. He says that by daadji, naming the entire property after his grandkids, has further ensured it. He decides to have a party for this, as it shall be Lohri too, and they can have a picnic at a faraway lake, and celebrate Lohri in the night. Surjit’s husband says that if all go, then it shall be fun. Soham agrees and parmeet too. they all happily sit down to think about prepartions. balbir and reyman and parmeet are concocting their own plans.

Later, bani keeps the cutlery in the kitchen. She finds the cellphone ringing. She avoids it and is about to leave, then decides to call parmeet, but before she can, the phone ends. parmeet is having a bath and isnt able to hear anything in the shower. She finally leaves. parmeet comes out and is surprised to check his phone and is shocked at what he sees. just then the lights go off. Rajji hurts herself in the dark, and bani comes to see. she leaves to get a candle for her. Some stranger is shown to stealthily make an entry inside the bhullar mansion, and while the lights are off, bani and rajji, walking around with a candle in the dark, are shocked to see who it is, and scream in horror. They are shocked to find reyman, in black tar covered on her face. She tells them that its a facepack. When all come , reyman explains it to them too. Soham comes to find out about rajji and she sternly says that she’s fine. They all retire for the night.

Later, in her room, rajji goes to change. bani comes with milk for her. She asks bani to place it on the bedstand. Rajji is shocked to see something. Rajji sees someone in the mirror, eyeing bani. she gets very scared. as rajji tries to alert bani, that person is gone by then. they gather everyone together. They are shocked to find her disturbed. rajji explains what she saw. parmeet is stunned and tensed to hear this. they ask who can come so late in the night. reyman says that it must have been a thief. They decide to check around the buildings. parmeet leaves. he grabs hold of that person and runs out. parmeet asks why did he cvome when parmeet didnt ask him to. He says that he called but never responded by parmeet. Parmeet says that they have to hurry. He is told by the other person, that 13 has been finalised. parmeet is happy and asks him to go and not to return before he calls him to. That person leaves. Parmeet says that 13 is a very unlucky number for many, but for her, it shall be the luckiest as that would ensure Bani’s end.

the next morning, all appreciate the view and the location for the picnic, as they choose their spot, parmeet looks around for that shady person he had a talk with last night. they all sit down to eat. Surjit comments that manpreet too should have been here todasy. her husband too is emotional to hear that. The males get down to playing. parmeet thinks that bani maybe happy for all she wishes, as its her last day today, and then he shall be free. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: parmeet overhears the picnic instructor telling another couple, that boating has been prohibited in the lake, as due to unweatherly conditions, there are whirlpools formed in some areas of the waters, and hence its dangerous to people. Parmeet hears this and gets an idea and goes onto eye bani.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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