Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Rajji excited about Karvachauth and tells Soham happily that Buaji will accept her as a bahu of the house right after Soham breaks her fast and then there will be no more problem(Rajji in her lala land). Soham reluctantly says that she should not observe the fast as he would be unable to make it in time to break her fast. Rajji is saddened. She asks him why he cannot come when he told her that he would come the day before. Soham tells her that he has decided to drop Bani in Delhi.. the bus leaves at 5pm.. so cannot make it time for breaking Rajji’s past. Infact he would be only coming back the next day. Rajji says that she understands his commitment towards Bani but it is also important that he stays home with her. Rajji tries to convince him

that may be he could break her fast and then go with Bani to Delhi. Soham is irritated and says that there will not be buses at that time and that she should not argue with him anymore. He turns away from Rajji and tells her to not fast for him and not worry too much about buaji.

Rajji feels sad that Soham decided to go with Bani even after knowing that him not coming to break her fast only means that she has to leave the house for good.

Bani, Desho, BG, and Binder getting ready to eat Sargi early in the morning. Jas jocking says that may be Parmeet jiju is also fasting for Bani this time in Canada. Bani starts crying as soon as she hears this. Everyone think she is crying because she would be leaving that day and console her. Bani hugs her mother and asks her to feed her sargi with her hands as she doesn’t know when she would get the opportunity again. Desho hugs Bani emotionally.

Buaji speaks to her ‘husband’ on the phone and informs him that she is also fasting for him and that she would break the fast with his photo my her side. She requests him to call her at the time the moon is out.

Simran, Rajji and buaji are ready to eat the sargi.. Angad comes and informs them that he too would be eating sargi as he was fasting for Simran. They all want Soham also to wake up and eat sargi before the sun rises and fast for Rajji. Rajji feels embarrassed as Soham is fast asleep and has no intention of doing such a thing. Buaji is eyeing Rajji with a mocking attitude.

Rajji brings in coffee for Soham while the fellow is still sleeping. She puts it by the bed side and goes to take out clothes for Soham from the cupboard(why is she doing all this for him??). Soham wakes up and Rajji tells him that she has decided to fast. Soham is furious that his ‘wife’ did something against his wish and asks Rajji why she cannot directly tell buaji that he would not be home that day.(why doesn’t Soham say anything to Buaji??) Rajji says she is fasting because she herself wants to do it and not because of buaji. Soham gets irritated and tells her to do whatever she likes and to not tell him all that. He looks guilty as he walks away.

Next morning, Angad and Simran inform buaji that they were going to a movie. Just then Soham and Rajji come out of the room and buaji asks where they were off to. Soham is about to say something and Rajji interrupts saying that they were going to see off Bani who was leaving to Canada. Buaji makes a snide remark about how Rajji always thinks about her mayka. All four leave the house.

At Desho’s place, Nirvail tells Soham that he would take Bani to Delhi to which Soham over-reacts and says he would be going to Delhi anyway.. so, wouldn’t mind dropping off Bani at the airport. Nirvail says that it was Rajji’s first Karvachauth and it would be nice if Soham was there with her to break her fast. Rajji suddenly says that they don’t need to worry as she was also going to Delhi with Soham and Bani. So, she will break the fast with Soham on the way itself. All are happy hearing this and think all is well if Rajji was going with them.(Still cannot believe they are letting Soham of all people to go with Bani!) Soham makes an excuse of bringing the taxi and signals Rajji to meet him outside. Rajji follows him.

Soham is furious as to why Rajji said she was going to Delhi with them. He tells her that she would not be going with them and that he and Bani alone would be going to Delhi. Rajji asks what the problem was if she went along with them.. Soham puts his foot down and says Rajji is not going with them that is final and she better tell everyone she is not going. He leaves to get the taxi. Rajji is heart-broken!

Bani comes out and sits beside Rajji. She asks why Rajji was sad and Rajji says she cannot believe time went so fast.. They were so carefree and happy when they played in the fields and dreamed about where each one would be going.. Italy, Canada, Australia.. They recollect the days when they rode bicycles and spent so much time together planning their future!(I loved this scene personally.. the fact that Neha was the one talking and not Sheffali was the best thing!) She emotionally says that all those days are gone and now when the time has come for Bani to leave, everything is so different. Each day has become a fight. She says that nothing they imagined had happened and what has happened they never imagined. Both Bani and Rajji are in tears. She tells Bani that while Bani was going closer to her husband,, she herself was being separated from hers. She asks if Bani would do her a favour.. Please don’t take my husband with you! Bani seems shocked to hear this from Rajji!

Precap: Rajji begging Bani to give her Suhag back!

Update Credit to: Hima

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  1. rajji u ar the reason why i love watching bani ishq da kalma u really ar such a darling luv u a lot

  2. keep it up neha luv u a lot

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