Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Deshu hearing Manpreet telling that they like Bani. Everyone is happy. She tells that before making any failsala they have to discuss with my family. Then Deshu tells that if they want to discuss anything you can decide between us. Other wise you can sit alone we will give you some privacy. Daddaji agrees with her. Manpreet is very uncomfortable. They leave then with some privacy and leave.

Binder and Nirveil will be wondering why Deshu is behaving like this. Nirveil tells that thye can do anything what they want.

Sarabhjeet will be angry as to what Deshu did and tells they said they will tell the answer in the morning but why are you behaving like this.

They will be sitting inside. Then Maamaji get a phone and he goes out to answer a call.

Simran comes in and tells Deshu that they had come for asking Bani’s hand. She tells she knows but she will never agree for Soham’s ristha. It does not mean that she does not like Soham but it means Soham will bit fulfill he dreams that she had for Bani. She will tell that they are so rich and the boy is a successful NRI while Soham will never compete with Soham. Angad will tell Deshu that you are speaking as if the ristha is already fixed. Then Manpreet daughter in law will come and tell them to come outside.

They will all go out side and Manpreet will tell that the Ristha is fixed. Then everyone will be happy. Then Maamaji will ask them as to how come Parmeet did not even see Bani. Then they will inform that Parmeet has already seen the photo and has left the decision to them,

Then Deshu will tell the Ristha is fixed. Daddaji will tell the Ristha is not fixed till Bani agrees. Deshu will tell that Bani has already agreed. Daddaji will tell unless the Bani tells it from her mouth that she agrees then only will the ristha be fixed. Deshu will tell that she will bring Bani.

Rajji will be watching from up and is very worried. Deshu will bring Bani and Manpreet will tell that Daiji is asking if you agree for the wedding. Bani will be hesitating. Manpreet tells this is a question of your life so think and give an answer. Then she sees Simran and Angad and is feeling very bad for them.

She remembers Sararbhjeet’s word s and will be thinking. At last she will remember the adamancy of Deshu and her bhook Hartal. Then she also remembers how Deshu fainted. Dadiji (Daddaji) will ask erh for a answer.

Rajji will be praying that Bani will refuse.

Manpreet will ask if she agrees and Bani will agree ad they will be all very happy that the Rishta is fixed. Rajji will be in tears and Deshu will be serving sweets to everyone.

Poor Simran and aAngad had to stand and watch all theis and Deshu will offer sweets and Simran and Angad wll take it just for formality. Deshu will tell that her relatives live the other side and she will call them. Then Happy goes and calls Nirveil and Binder to come to the other side for Bani’s Rishta is fixed.

Angad is very angry and tells he wont go to that side. Nirveil and Binder will be shocked and will be wondering what to do. Rajji is very angry.

Deshu will be thinking if Nirveil and family do not come what will she do and what will the boy’s side think.

PRECAP: Bani wil be convincing Rajji that she took the right decision and this is the best one. Rajji will ask her about Soham and his feelings and tell Bani she will never forgive her for this mistake.

Update Credit to: anurao

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