Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Bani is wished a tearful departure by her family, as they send her off with Manpreet, as its getting late. Bani hugs everyone. All go sad as bani croses soham, and sits in the car. Nirvel apologises to soham, for rajji’s sudden ill health, and as soon as she is okay, he would call him to take her home. soham leaves.

Tejo comes to rajji’s room, and tells her that she has sent keerat for her meds, and tries to comfort her. rajji says that she’s absolutely fine and that she didnt faint, anmd it was all a farce. tejo is surprised. Rajji says that she did it because she didnt want to go with soham. As tejo tries to calm her down, Rajji asks tejo to back off, and stop interfering in her life and showing fake concern for her, as if

she had actually cared, then she wouldnt have ever gotten her married to soham. Tejo sits listening guiltily. rajji says that they both know what she did, and this lie wont help her, as what she wanted, bani’s marriage to an NRI, happened and now what is she bothered if anyone survies or dies. tejo runs out hearing such harsh things.

Tejo comes and looks at the airplane buried in hay, and tells the matchmaker about the aeroplane’s story and her dreams associated with it. Tejo says that its flight costed them dearly, particularly with Rajji and soham, who she did vastly wrong, by keeping silent to rajji’s and Soham’s injustice, for the mere aim of Bani’s marriage nicely. The matchmaker shows a different side, that rajji’s life was saved by this, and they might have problems but they would sort it out, and with time everything would be okay. Tejo is unsure that such wounds are there which time cant heal. She hopes that soham and rajji turn out happy with each opther. But tejo is crying incoherently.

Bindal tells rajji that nirvel would call soham and get him to take her back to his house. She asks her to assure herself that soham is a very nice guy and he would keep her very happy. Rajji says that she wont go there, and also tells that she was enacting to be sick, so that she doesnt have to go with soham. Bindal reprimands her for being so immature, and tells how she acted, as she didnt want to go there. bindal asks her whats the problem. But rajji is adamant that she wont go there. Nirvel comes and asks why she doesnt want to go there. He is angry at rajji, while bani’s father calms him down, and tries to get to the bottom of this, as to why he doesnt want to go there. He says that they would talk in the morning, so that rajji also has time to think. He takes nirvel outside. After they go, Rajji says that she wont change her descision, and wont go there surprising bindal and tejo.

Tejo finds bindal tensed in the living room. bindal says that she cant understand what to do with this girl, as soham did such a huge favour for her, and she’s repaying back like this, when she’s so fortunate to have soham, and she doesnt care for him at all. She asks tejo if she would agree finally, and everything would be alright. As she cries in tejo’s arms, tejo herself is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Soham, in the way, finds bani in the car, that seems to have broken down, and manpreet and the driver trying to fix it. soham offers to look at it. He says that the alternator belt has broken, and the mechanic would have to be called. Manpreet says that bani needs to be home as its getting very late. He asks soham to drop bani off till home, as he has seen the house too. soham is pained at this ironical situation but agrees nerevtheless. He calls up Jasbeer, a mechanic to look at the car. Manpreet thanks him and goes to tell bani about going with soham. Bani too awkwardly agrees for this. Manpreet asks bani to tell manjeet, their mother to tell them about the car breaking down. Bani hesitatingly sits in the backseat of soham, and he drives off with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s house
Soham, dropping her off, asks why didnt parmeet come. she tells him everything, about his canada return, and defends his actions. Bani says that she hopes that rajji and he may stay happy, and thanks him for getting bani safely home. Soham says that it isnt like that, and whatever happened that day, and then he realises that he cant bother bani, he composes and says that he didnt do any favour on them. Bani says that after some time, rajji would be fine and would improve, and he can get her back then. She says that she’s very happy that rajji got married to him, and that she’s a very good girl and she would keep him very happy. Soham is very tensed to hear this. Manjeet sees bani, and comes out, and thnka the lord that she came back alright, as he got manpreet’s call about the car breaking down. She thanks soham too for this favour. She asks him to come inside and have something to eat. But soham says that its very late ane he would come some other time. She asks him to go cautiously, and with care. As he kickstarts the bike, he sees bani going inside with her mother in law. He thinks that he’s happy that bani got her destination and what she wanted, and that now he would have to make his heart understand that she isnt his anymore, and belongs to parmeet now. He drives off from there.

Bani and manjeet discuss about parmeet and how there was a confusion when bani’s parents didnt know about parmeet’s departure to Canada. She tells bani that parmeet has returned safely to Canada and has been dying to talk to her. She places a call to parmeet so that bani can talk to him. But he doesnt pick up. she says that he must be busy in work, and asks bani to go and rest. She thinks that since parmeet had gone, they havent talked since. They discuss as to how they have come close in such a short time of span. she prays that bani’s visa should be made soon, and parmeet can come and take her.

Scene 4:
Location: Bani’s place.
The next morning, Nirvel asks why doesnt he want to go. When she doesnt say anything, he says that if she doesnt have a reason to tell them why she doesnt want to leave, then they dont have a reason to keep her here. Rajji without giving a reason is just adamant that she wont go. He says that he has heard it enough times, and now she needs to hear him, and his descision, which is, that he would have to go right now to soham’s place. Tejo is tensed to see such arguements and tension in the house. The screen freezes on Rajji’s stern face.

Precap: Nirvel and bani’s father comes to soham’s place and his family greets them. They apologize for coming in unannounced, and say that since rajji was sick, she couldnt come with soham yesterday, and hence they themselves got her back. As they give way, soham’s family finds rajji, standing there, with a stoical face. Soham and his family are surprised to see her :

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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