Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SoJi and Rajji says she is trying to be Sohum’s wife as it is Buaji’s last challenge that he will break her fast but she knows that will not happen as they are just friends and Sohum anyway will not be there. Rajji tells she had to toil a lot to prove herself as a good bahu but she could not be his wife and so if she fails in this last challenge she will really fail. She asks Sohum to come as a friend at least. Sohum agrees to come whatever happens and Rajji is happy

Buaji is about to go buy sargi and Simran reminds her to buy for Rajji as well. Buaji says even if Simran had not told her she would have gotas who knows whether she will ever have to buy again for her

Simran and Rajji talk and Simran tells about her worry about the challenge

and Rajji tells Simran not to worry as Sohum will definitely break her fast

Sohum and Rajji talking on phone. Bani again implores Sohum not to come with her as it is Karwa Chauth. He tells her not to argue as she has no idea on how to get things done for visa. Bani tells him to think of Rajji as well and Sohum says in that case he will tell her family and then she knows they will come to know the truth ad not let her go. Bani says that if he is so desperate to go with her, then to come but she will feel bad that he was not there for Rajji

Desho as usual worried about Bani and says her in-laws have not sent sargi. She tells Bani to call and tell that everything is fine with Parmeet but Bani says she promised Parmeet. Beeji and Binder agree. The women start dreaming of Parmeet coming to India for visit and staying with them

Mummyji has got sargi for Bani as well. Mami tells her to send like she sent Bani’s dress. Gagan says to give her the one she got for Bani as well so that it does not go waste. Mummyji says she does not want to send sargi to Bani as she does not want Bani to keep fast for a guy like Parmeet. They hear shouts from the hall and go to find Balbir shouting to know the details of the properties. Randeep and Mamaji are arguing that they won’t tell. Balbir says he has as much right as the other two. Mummyji tells Daarji will take decision on property. Balbir says he is not asking for right but just details and the other two men oppose .

Balbir pretends to back off and while leaving thinks that he won’t ask but they will willingly come to him with the details

Buaji comes back and Simran is looking out for Angad like a new bride**cute scene** Buaji gives Simran her sargi. Rajji waits but Buaji ignores her. She is about to leave when Buaji stops her and tells her to take her sargi as well. Rajji’s face breaks into a smile.. Buaji of course can’t see that and tells her to be careful that this does not turn out to be her last sargi.. And tells Rajji this is the best opportunity for her to win. Rajji confidently says that Sohum will definitely break her fast but Simran looks worried

Sohum checking bus timing. Realises availability is only for 5pm. Rajji happily runs and tells him that Buaji has got her sargi.

It is night and Desho is harried with all the preparations. She is both happy and upset at her leaving. Bani tells the women that bus is at 5pm. Beeji asks when Sohum will be able to return in that case. Bani says she will go by herself but Beeji says she will not be able to manage with the luggage. Sohum enters and says he will go. Beeji asks him how he will return to break Rajji’s fast if he leaves only at 5pm. He says Rajji will have to break the fast without him. He thinks in his mind that he knows he has to be there for Rajji but he can’t let Bani go alone either.

Precap: Sohum tells Rajji not to keep the fast. Rajji asks why not. Sohum says there is no point as he can’t come the next day to break her fast

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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