Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of from yesterday. Simran and Angad are feeling very bad and are sitting down. Rajji who was seeing all this is very upset and is wondering if Bani knows that there are two families have come for Ristha for Bani.

Bani is very sad and is in tears. She will be wondering what Simran and Angad will be thinking. Then she will be wondering what to do.

Nirveil will be very worried and pacing up and down. Then Binder will wonder what is worrying him. He will tell that Simran and Angad had come with Soham’s ristha. Binder is very shocked at the news.

In the next house they will be serving food and Maamiji will be telling to eat all the goodies, which Bani made. Then Beeji will ask Simran to eat.

Binder will ask why are they not getting him married

to Soham who is such a good boy. Then Nirveil tells that it is because Deshu fears that he may come back as I have had done. Then they will tell that it was very sad for Bani. Then Nirveil tells that he never felt so bad before in his life for coming back as he has done so now.

He tells Binder her will go and see what is happening that side of the wall. He encounters Rajji there and she gives an excuse for what she was doing there. Then He gives a excuse that he has come for a towel . he is shocked to se e Simran and Angad and asks they are still here. Then Rajji tells Deshu had introduced then as neighbors and so they had to stay back. Nirveil is shocked. Then Rajji tells they came for Soham ristha and how they would be feeling. Nirveil asks her how did she know. She will tell that she just guessed.

Manpreet gives the photo of Parmeet and passes it on to everyone. Maamiji seeing the photo and ask if the car in it is his, Manpreet says that everything he has been earned by Parmeet alone. He has a huge house. Then Daddaji will tell that they have the riches and can afford it but Parmeet wanted to earn by himself.

Then Manpreet will tell Deshu to ask if she has any doubts to be cleared they are free to ask. She tells they are form a Pind nearby and they have many lands and their eldest son looks them after. Listening to the riches Deshu suddenly tells she likes Parmeet. Everyone is shocked and Manpreet is so very surprised. Daddaji will tell that the boy will come and then let them meet and decide.

Then she agrees to bring Bani to meet them. She goes to Bani and tells her not to feel afraid and first she ahs to wish Sat Sri Akal and then serve tea. Bani tell her that she is not scared and she is ready to meet them. Maamiji will come there and asks them to hurry up.

Soham will be sitting on the steps of his house daydreaming and then his friend will be enacting how Bani would be feeling shy and serving tea for Simran and Angad. They will show Bani serving tea to the other family and Simran and Angad will be feeling very uncomfortable.

Then his friend will tell that they will take the cup and her they show Manpreet will tell Bani is more beautiful than they imagined. They the friend will tell that the time will come when they say they like Bani. Manpreet tells Deshu that all of them like Bani. Deshu is shown to be very happy. Poor Soham will be dreaming all what his friend was telling

PRECAP: Simran will be telling they are sorry for coming without informing but they had some for Soham’s ristha. Then Deshu will tell that she will never get Bani married to Soham. Then Angad will tell that you should have told us earlier.

Update Credit to: anurao

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