Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s and soham’s residence
Rajji comes down with soham, balbir and reyman. she tells everyone, about how deeply hurt balbir and reyman are on their going, and goes on a rant as to how much they were looking forward to taking care of her in her pregnancy, and they say so too and therefore she has decided that they wont go. balbir and reyman are happy. They thank her, and she continues that they too shall go with them to the mann house. balbir and reyman are shocked into sielnece and soham is tensed as to what she’s upto. all are amused at balbir’s dilemma. reyman begins to salvage as to how this is their house, and they cant leave this house. Balbir too supports her, while all are amused at their double standards. rajji says that they should

just take care of her, and not bother about angad and simran, and they shall be happy that they left their big house for a smaller one. reyman and balbir are silenced. bani too supports rajji to increase their torment, and that noone would be bothered by their absence. rajji asks them if they would come along now. They extract a yes from them and they have no option but to play along. rajji is happy that their plan was a success. when alone, soham asks whats her plan, and why is she doing this despite knowing the truth about them and why didnt she ask him. He says that they wont discuss this. rajji is sad seeing soham angry. she faces him and composes him asking him to be calm, and says that they both dont like them, and that she just wants to teach them a lesson and its good that they stay away from bani, as if they go, they would torture bani along with gagan and ranvir and that would be problematic for bani. She asks him to understand. soham calms down.

In their room, balbir reprimands reyman for having overacted, and she too reprimands him back. they blame each other. reyman says that still nothing is wrong and it would alright. reyman says that they would say that they cant go. balbir saYs that would worsen the situation and that they would never get the property. They are disgusted. He says that they would have to be very careful with each step now.

manpreet and surjit go out along with kuljit, who surjit asks to tag along, so that his mood gets better. manpreet says that they would come soon.The entire family waves them goodb ye as they leave. as all begin to disperse, gagn stops bani. gagan tells bani, in front of the young people, that since rajji and soham are leaving tomorrow hence they should try to make this memorable. rajji asks what does she mean. gagn says that they should make this last night of theirs a really good one, by a farewell party. They are tensed to hear this. parmeet tries to hint something to bani but she doesn tsee. ranvir too supports gagan. Soham is skeptical about the preparations. But agagn says that bani would be able to manage just like last time. Bani recounts the horror of the last party, while parmeet asks her not to take this challenge. but bani composes herself and says that she would do it.

In her room, bani says that she knows how to attend the party, not arrange one. parmeet is frustrated when she refuses to do so. He asks who shall do it then. Bani says that she has an idea, that he would make all the arrangements for her. He says that he doesnt know it. She says that he would just have to copy bani. He says what if someone asks why’s he doing this. Bani asks him to go figure out himself. She says that its time for her to rest now and asks him to start the preps.

In their room, gagan is happy that now bani would be embarassed in front of everyone including rajji, as she cant handle the pressure of the big partiesv and would make the same mistakes again. ranvir thinks that he too wants to see how would bani feel when she is insulted in front of everyone. gagan says that she too wants to see her confidence breaking finally.

parmeet is frustrated with the work load to start the party, and get all the arrangements, as he gets every problem being addressed. bani comes down, and finds the whole thing in a mess and expresses her shock at this. They all stop working, but parmeet asks them to continue. bani points out the mistakes in colour combinations, and tries to give it a soft and classy touch. parmeet says that its impossible now. Bani says that she wont come down then. parmeet asks her to understand, but bani threatens that she wont come down. bani leaves in pretentious anger, as parmeet gets on with the work. bani rememb ers how the tables have turned, since the last time. Gagan finds parmeet doing the decor and other arrangements, and bani standing idly. she asks how’s the prep going on. bani says that they would finish in time and classily. Gagn turns around and finds parmeet finalising the menu. gagan asks parmeet why’s he doing this, as this was all to be done by bani. bani coaxes him to answer. parmeet says that he’s doing this, so that he can find out if he can do it or not, and learn something out of it. Parmeet says that he loves bani very much, and hence since she did it the last time, he would do it this time, so that bani can just enjoy the party. Gagan is shocked to hear this. Parmeet asks for her help, but she refuses citing that she has to go to the parlour. parmeet gets to doing work again. gagan wonders how did she change parmeet so much. the screen freezes on bani’s smiling face.

Precap: gagan thinks that this time also, bani would be embarassed just like she was at the last party, and thats what she is banking on. bani says to rajji that she knows whats Gagan’s plan but says that gagan doesnt know that bani too has a plan this time.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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