Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th February 2014 Written Update

Today starts off with Bani getting ready and the bell rings. Anuji tells Bani to be ready as it could be Parmeet. The servant opens the door and a lady walks in. She greets Anuji warmly and Anuji tells her that she would be acting as Maya’s mausi(aunt). The lady first humorously objects that she is not that old to play a mausi. But then says that since Anuji had helped her deal with her abusive husband and made her an actress, she is able to stand on her feet now. She admits that it would be a pleasure to be of help to Anuji and also to Maya. She agrees to play the mausi in front of Parmeet. Anuji tells both of them to get acquainted with each other as mausi and bhanji before Parmeet arrives.

After a looong time and I missed it sooo much.. Angad’s house!!

Soham and Rajji are decorating the place in the event of Angad’s birthday. They want to surprise him and ask Guggi to keep Angad out of the house for a few hours. Soham and Rajji blow balloons and decorate the place. They have fun while doing it and also share some caring and romantic moments during the process. Soham looked so happy to be back in his home and so did Rajji. Guggi and Angad come home with a few bags of shopping. Angad complains to Guggi that he is tired of doing all the work ever since Simran left town and on top of that he has to cook and also eat all by himself. He then sees the decorations and wonders whose birthday it is! Soham and Rajji come out and wish him on his birthday. Angad is beside himself with joy at seeing them. They bring out the cake and Angad blows out the candles. All of them look so blissful celebrating the birthday. Wish Simran was there as well (this is the place and home of Soham and Rajji! That Bhullar house makes them so uncomfortable.. and all the people there are creepy! I hope they stay here itself from now on!)

Finally, Parmeet arrives at Maya’s place. Mausi first meets him and asks him if he has Maya’s appointment. Parmeet says that he doesn’t but he just wants to talk to Maya for a few minutes. Mausi tells him that Maya is a very busy girl, that her parents are abroad and her time is very limited. (Build up like she is not Maya but an international super star) While Parmeet is pleading with the mausi, Maya comes and says ‘you!’. She asks if the slap at the party wasn’t enough that he came all the way searching for her. Parmeet says that he wants to ask for her forgiveness. She calls the security to have him thrown out. But Parmeet pleads with her to let him explain. She gives him 10 minutes to talk to her while she does her makeup for her photo shoot.

Anuji calls Rajji at Angad’s place and informs Rajji that Parmeet has come to meet Maya and that their plan is a success. Rajji is thrilled at hearing this news and says she wants to see Parmeet’s face at that time. But then realizes where she is and hangs up the phone.

Parmeet notices Maya’s dress, her stilettos, the way she walks and the way she sits and tells to himself that she can fool everyone but not him. Maya opens her make-up kit and starts powdering her face and putting on lipstick all the while Parmeet is staring at her. She says he should start talking and Parmeet addresses her as Bani and requests her to go back to him. He says that he hurt her and for that he is sorry. Maya asks coolly what he had done to his wife that he is asking for forgiveness. He says that he saw her drown and did nothing to save her. He asks Bani for forgiveness and says that he loves her a lot. He says that his Bani’s face resembles Maya’s face a lot. Maya arrogantly says that their faces may resemble but their destinies don’t. After listening to everything she closes her makeup box and tells Parmeet to leave as his 10 minutes are up.

Just then Pameet gets a call. He answers it and the call gets disconnected. Suddenly he gets an idea and starts talking on the phone so that Maya could hear him. He asks on the phone if Bani’s dad had a heart-attack. Maya freezes on hearing this news. Parmeet is looking at her from behind and observing her reactions to his statement. Maya is on the verge of tears hearing that her father had another heart-attack.

Precap: Maya in the washroom. Parmeet is banging on the door of the washroom requesting her to come out. Just when Maya decides to go out, she realizes that one of her contact lens is missing. She is scrambling for the lens when Parmeet enters the wash room.

Update Credit to: Hima

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