Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Deshu and Sarabhjeet shocked at seeing Angad and Simran outside the door. They pay their respects to Deshu and Sarabhjeet. Happy will be very happy and ask for Soham. Angad will tell he will come later. Beeji will ask them to come inside. Simran and Angad come n and they sit down. Beeji wonders why Deshu was looking like that.

Nirveil and Rajji are preoccupied. Then Binder who was showing all the clothes to Rajji finds her daydreaming and she shouts at her. Binder will wonder why the other side is silent. Then they think the boy’s side comes. Then Kartar comes and tells his Soham’s Bhaiyya or Bhabi. Then Nirveil will be shocked and thinks weather they have come for asking for Bani’s Ristha and gets concerned.

On the other side Beeji asks them

why they have come and with a sweet box id it some special occasion. Them Simran tells that they have come to talk to Deshu and Sarabhjeet.

Deshu will immediately tell they can always talk and asks them to eat something She will go to get tea on the signal of Sarabhjeet.

Soham is very nervous as to what is happening their and his friend will be irritating him by singing more songs.

Bani come to know from Happy that Soham brother and sister in law have come and she is shocked and worried.

Simran will be ask Deshu to sit and will start to talk when the boy’s family arrives in cars.

Deshu, Sarabhjeet, Maamaji and Maamiji will go an greet them.

Bani looking through the window are feeling very bad. Nirveil seeing the visitors arrive at the same time is also very concerned.

The guests are invited in. Simran will tell we should have come found out and come to Angad.

Nirmal Ben will introduce the Boy’s side from Parmeet Daddaji to all the family. Bani’s side will also be introduced. They will ask who Simran and Angad are and Deshu will tell they are neighbors. Beeji puts in that they are more like family.

Happy will tell that I may be small but I do lot of work and everyone will laugh.

Parmeet’s Dadaji will tell Happy that they have come with the whole family to ask for the hand of Bani for his Pota Parmeet. He asks are you willing to accept it and Happy says yes. Then Dadaji is very happy.

Simran, Angad are shocked on seeing this. Rajji is standing on the terrace and seeing the proceedings sadly. Bani is sitting inside and devastated.

Binder is worried and asks Nirveil who is outside if the boy’s side has come and he is very silent.

Happy will salute Dadaji and Manpreet will tell that where you learnt all this. Then Happy tells from Soham Veerji. Deshu will try to remove him from there and Manpreet stops her.

Maamiji will ask where Parmeet is settled in Canada and tells that she is also an NRI. Manpreet will ask her whether she was the friend of the person who was a friend.

They will be discussing about the Ristha and Simran and Angad are very uncomfortable.

Rajji from the terrace and Bani from inside the house are really upset.

PRECAP: Deshu will announce openly that she is happy with Parmeet’s Ristha to the shock of Sarabhjeet.
Soham is unaware of what is happening and is being entertained by his friend.
Simran and Angad are really uncomfortable seeing Bani serve the visitors.

Update Credit to: anurao

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