Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s and soham’s residence
Gagan reprimands ranvir for praising bani, in the confines of their room. Ranvir tries to clarify that he was praising her owikr, but gagan is unaffected by this. ranvir tries to please gagan, and finally succeeds too, as she starts spewing venom against Bani, and he is relieved.

Buaji sensing that noone is around, calls up bani. After asking about her health, buaji says that she had wanted to talk to bani only, as only she can solve her problem. She says that rajji is needed and explains in detail as to how they need soham and rajji there. in her room, soham tries to get rajji for breakfast when she expresses her doubts on simran’s health, and how he should go to simran for her care. Bani comes in saying

that both of them will go, and reprimands her fro hiding this fact. rajji tries to convince bani, but bani says that she has to go there, as she can fight here alone. rajji finally agrees. bani takes both of them downstairs.

Reyman talks to her daughter and when the question comes for how long will they be here, she hands the phone to balbir. balbir makes an excuse that they shall come soon. reyman reprimands him that he is fooling his daughter. balbir is also angry with the facts that things arent turning out well for him. they are tensed with their financial problems. balbir asks her to stop talking so loudly, and that he shall definitely find a way out. soham comes down with bani and rajji. As manpreet calls everyone to dining table, bani says that she wants to tell them something first. all are tensed. Bani tells everyone that soham and rajji have taken a descision to return home, and also tells the reason. they are all shocked, while balbir and reyman are punched in the guts, wondering what will happen to their property now. Soham is tensed to see balbir’s reaction to this news. manpreet asks whats the matter, that they are needed so suddenly. Bani tells them and all are very happy. Balbir asks him to think, but bani explains the severity. Balbir asks him to think again. but soham says that bani is right, and that he wants to stay eher, but their duty beckons them there, as they have always been there for her and now they need him and they shall be present for them. balbir is angered.

While rajji and soham are packing, guggi says that he is happy, but wonders how would they handle business alone. Soham says that he wont take the property with him, when he leaves this house. He says that he would give the entire property to someone who’s rightful of this, and who’s elder in age and experience too. Meanwhile, gagan and ranvir are very happy that rajji are going both understanding that bani would be alone now. While gagan is angered at bani, ranvir has other intentions on mind. they are determined to have their revenge.

Balbir is angry that the property didnt come to them. reyman is sure that they need the property, and goes berserk thinking that they just might turn them in kuljit’s position, where they havge no respect and no money.

rajji tells buaji that they are coming tomorrow, and they are all overjoyed. But before she cancels the phone, manpreet comes in and asks them to stay one more day as she has to urgently leave somewhere, and would be bhack by tomorrow afternoon, and they can leave after that. rajji is tensed and is about to talk of this with buaji, who’s on line, but she is assured by buaji that she heard and has no problems with this arrangement too. rajji is overjoyed and tells the same to manpreet. She leaves, while soham and rajji get to pckaing.

later, Reyman and balbir plan to say their sob story to rajji and soham. She puts glycerione in here eyes, and sheds tears asking soham and rajji not to go. reyman cries in front of everyone, that they cant be alone without them, and they were happy with them after such a long time, and hugs her asking how would they live without them. balbir thinks that she’s really overacting, but has no choice but totag along. rajji tells her not to cry as she wont let their dreams shatter, and she has a plan. balbir asks what plan does she have then. rajji says that she would tell in front of everyone. Soham wonders what is she upto now, and whats she planning to do. Balbir and reyman are happy that maybe their plan finally worked. The screen freezes on rajji’s face.

Precap: Rajji comes down with soham, balbir and reyman. she tells everyone, about how deeply hurt balbir and reyman are on their going, and therefore she has decided that they too shall go with them to the mann house. balbir and reyman are shocked into sielnece and soham is tensed as to what she’s upto.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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