Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
Rajji and soham excuse themselves, asking simran to take care. bujai is aboutn to say something to rajji, but simran stops her. Angad says that they cant talk. Buaji asks why cant they help them now, when they have helped soham and rajji all their life. Outside soham and rajji too feel that they are trying to say something else too but arent.

Buaji says that the doctor has said that its a very critical pregnancy, and hence she needs to be taken care of. Buaji cant stay, angad has work, and there’s noone to take care of, and by not calling them, they are being careless, and god forbid if something wrong happens….but she suddenly stops when she finds soham and rajji standing at the door. Buaji tells that its good that she

was heard by them and decide for herself, if they should be here with simran or not, after the sacrifices that they made for soham. Buaji says that now its time for them to repay back the debt of their favours. But simran and angad refuse them to come here, as it isnt needed and not unnecessarily bother themselves.

In the evening, angad asks simran to take care of herself, while he is out of town for business emergency. But simran is more concerned with his care. she goes dizzy and angad notices this and asks her to relax. Buaji passes by sees this and tells that this is what she was fearing. but simran says that bani has just returned too, and that rajji should have been there, instead of her. Hearing bani’s name, she is struck with an idea.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
While surjit is crying, kuljit takes all the blame on himself. but surjit asks him not to do so, as everyone knows that he’s atying with his family and not himslef. He says that he remembers that he stayed back for Dadji, as after balbir left, he would have been desolate but dadaji didnt even realise as balbir was everything for him, and when dadaji behaved likle that, he didnt have any hope for anyone else changing their opinion about him.

Guggi says that she’s been trying to clarify something, after balbir goes on an incessant rant as to how kuljit caused huge business losses. Guggi says that he did what balbir told him to do, and suffered huge losses. they are all shocked while balbir himself is stunned. Guggi says that he wiszhes he had listened to kuljit’s advise. there’s visible tension in the house. Bani signals parmeet to talk to Balbir. Balbir asks to move on, as things like this happen and they shouldnt be distracted. But parmeet tells balbir in front of everyone, that today he would have to apologise to kuljit, for his stinging remarks, that made him feel so isnulted. balbir defiantly says that he has never apologised to anyone. soham says that he would have to. Soham says that he made the mistake, had to face losses, and insulted kuljit in front of evertone and hence would have to apologise in front of everyone right now. he asks bani to go and call kuljit and surjit. bani complies. Balbir is cornered and surprised, while the ladies are happy with the way things are turning out, except for reyman. Bani is relieved too, while Balbir is shocked and speechless.

Parmeet tells kuljit that balbir has something to say to him. Balbir says sorry feebly, after mustering huge courage. soham asks him to repeat as they didnt quite hear. He again says in a low voice. bani asks him to repeat yet again. balbir screams out in frustration that he is sorry, as he shouldnt have said what he did and realises that he did wrong. he folds his hands in front of kuljit and asks if they all are happy now. balbir leaves for his room, with reyman in tow. manpreet comes to surjit and calms them down. Later, surjit tries to give kuljit hope, but he is sure that things wont ever change, and they should leave now, as everything is over here. surjit is shocked to hear him say this.

later, Rajji complains to soham that there’s swelling in her foot, and soham says that its normal and offers to massage. she says that she would do it herself, and he shouldnt touch her legs. But he insists that he can also do what she does it to him. They discuiss how bani has changed the house and its norms, and the discussion shitfs to how simran needs them now. they are discussing, when bani comes in with milk for her and tells that they should focus on their family now, as she’s completely fine.

The next morning, ranvir catches bani in solitude. ranvir says that she has changed interstingly. ranvir tells bani that this personality of hers is better than ever before, and that now she is nomore afraid, she is all the more attractive and appealing to him. Bani is shocked to hear such comments. He says that its good the way she is handling parmeet and making him go the good path. bani composes herself and calls out to gagan, saying that she wants to tell her, how much her husband likes her, and that gagan would have to take special care as he is interested in other girls too now. gagan is shocked, as ranvir gets into clarification glaring at bani in anger who seems to be enjoying his tension. the screen freezes on Bani’s determined face.

Precap: As manpreet calls everyone to dining table, bani says that she wants to tell them something first. all are tensed. Bani tells everyone that soham and rajji have taken a descision to return home. they are all shocked, while balbir and reyman are punched in the guts. Soham is tensed to see balbir’s reaction to this news.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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