Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
All are engaged in family banter, discussing how bani and rajji hid their relationship in front of the family, when they used to fight in the family. Rajji comes in disturbed. they all tell her that their beds are placed together, so that they can chat to their hearts’ content, after they go to their ownh new houses’ tomorrow morning.

As bani comes, she finds rajji moot and highly disturbed. Bani says that she still is disturbed, and again goes on to counsel to adjust to soham. rajji says that she isnt tensed for herself, but for soham. Bani says that this is with soham’s will, and that she shouldnt think that he still loves her. Rajji remmebsr soham’s confession, and asks her to change the topic. She asks bani about parmeet.

Bani says that they both are happy, and that he isnt egoist at all, despite being an NRI, and that he always places others need over his own. Rajji says that she’s happy that bani would get more time to spend with parmeet. Bani says that he has already gone. Rajji is surprised and asks when. Bani tells in the morning. Rajji asks why the haste. Bani says that it was helplessness, and even if he didnt want to go, he got 3 days holiday, and had to join. She asks bani if the family knows this, but bani nods in negative. Her brother and sister come in and says that they too would sleep with them. Bani agrees. The mothers too come in. While all are happy, tejo and rajji pass cold stares.

While bindal is tensed for rajji, tejo aks the matchmaker if soham would come. She assures tejo that they would come, as after all they have married rajji into thneir house, and hen ce soham would have to come. Tejo is very tensed. The nightfalls and still noone has come. Nirvel and others too are tensed. Bindal says that noone called also. Just then the phone rings. Parmeet’s mother, manpreet calls up and tejo asks if parmeet is coming. She says that she has sent the car, and is about to tell her about parmeet, but tejo hears the car horning, and puts down the phone, in anticipation of receiving parmeet. Bani is surprised that parmeet’s departure hasnt been told to tejo yet. As she hurriedly comes out, she is disappointed that its Randeep, parmeet’s brother. They ask about parmeet. He asks if bani didnt tell them. they ask what is to be told. He tells them that he isnt coming as parmeet went to canada yesterday only. they are shocked to hear this. Bani’s father is upset that noone bothered to tell them. Tejo too is surprised. They also say that even his mother didnt tell them. Bani takes the blame on herself, that parmeet’s mother had told her to tell her family, but it slipped out of her mind. she defends parmeet and his family’s descision. the matchmaker too agrees on this and takes bani’s side. Bani’s father says that he shoudl have informed atleast before going, so that they could have come to meet him, if he didnt have the time. They say that parmeet didnt have time at all, and went for the munh dikhayi ceremony. He tells them that parmeet has started formalities for bani’s visa and once it is done, then he would come and take bani with him too.

Soham too arrives on the bike, surprising tejo and rajji, and pleasuring the others. they welcome him inside. soham looks painfully at bani, a happily married girl now. granny asks them to take soham inside. Soham says that he has some urgent work, and its very late. Nirvel says that then they cant keep him, and also in this darkness, and says that next time no reason would work. he asks rajji to come along, as keerat would come with the stuff later. Bani tells rajji to be happy, as if that happens only then she will be able to keep others happy. Bindal too asks her to obey the elders and behave properly. Rajji starts walking unsure of herself.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s house
The next morning, simran calls soham and his brother for breakfast. She is told that he would leave for the city to get medicines. Soham comes in dejected, and simran asks him to eat fast, and then go to the fields. His brother says that he doesnt need to go there, as he has to go and get rajji. Simran asks why. He says that rajji is after all their daughter in law, and has to be brought back. SAimran says that they dont want to keep a relation, out of mistrust, and she doesnt accept rajji, and hence its not required to go there, nor talk, or get rajji back. He says that all this is in vain, and they cant deny that rajji is their member, and through happiness and sadness, they are helpless to do this. But she is adamant, that they may have betrayed her, but they cant be helplessly forced to accept her. Soham leaves from there. simran says that she isnt thinking about rajji, but soham who she doesnt want to go over there. as he argues, simran puts an end to the conversation. and walks by without having his breakfast. Soham comes out of his room

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s house
As she is walking towards soham, she remembers his harsh words, and collapses on the ground, saying that she doesnt want to go. this scares them, while soham is tensed. Rajji says that she isnt feeling well, and felt nauseous and has a dizzy spell. They offer to call the doctor, while she says that she would rest for some time, and then she would be alright. They agree and take her inside.

As bindal takes her inside, rajji says that she doesnt need to bother unnecessarily. Bindal says that she would feed her nicely and then she would get energy. She walks out, asking bani to come out too, as randeep is waiting. she says that she would just be out in two minutes. Bani asks if she is actually feeling very weak, Rajji asks why would she lie. Bani says that she doesnt want to leave her here like this. rajji says that she would manage, and people would take care of her and that bani should go, as her new house is waiting for her. Bani says that she should get well soon, as married girls look good, in their husband’s place only, and soham would come as soon as she recovers. as bani leaves, Rajji thinks that what bani doesnt know is that noone’s waiting for her at her in-laws place. The screen freezes on Rajji’s sad face.

Precap: rajji asks tejo to back off, and stop interfering in her life and showing fake concern for her, as if she had actually cared, then she wouldnt have ever gotten her married to soham. Tejo sits listening guiltily. :

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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