Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th February 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with a random guy in a mask standing outside the party venue talking on the phone. He says that he is at the venue and now he just has to find him/her “usse” and finish their maqsad.
The guys is shown going around the people looking for someone.

Gagan and Randeep have arrived and Gagan is complementing her mask. Randeep says he didnt know it was a masquerade party. (some of the people are dressed like they should be at home lounging around in semi pjs). Yuvan and Parmeet are “cheers”ing each other and

Parmoo is super impressed with the awesome party.He asks Yuvaan the reason for this party and Yuvaan says it’s in celebration of his success and the theme is the masks. He asks Parmeet to put his mask on and monologues

that tonight this mask is important.
Randeep and Gagan come there and Gagan tells Yuvaan the party is amazing.Yuvaan says it’s amazing because someone special planned it all. He look towards Mukta who is standing with some guests. Mukta goes to him and he introduces her as Yuvaan enterprises’s pride. Mukta takes him to meet someone. Yuvaan realizes she wants to introduce him to Akash who is on the phone and doesnt see him(Mrunal, yum as always, also,dont see uttaran but apparently Akash can recognize Yuvaan which Yuvaan doesnt want). Yuvaan flashes back to how he sold the Bundela house to Akash back when Akash was on a revenge quest and Akash knows him as Yuvraaj Bundela who signed his share over to Akash.

Akash turns around but Yuvaan has put on his mask. Mukta introduces them and Akash doesnt recognize Yuvaan. Yuvaan tells Akash how he seems to have turned Bundela enterprises around and now its in the top 5 companies.(why is everyone a super bussinessman/woman in these show??). Akash says he didnt do anything it was all Meethi’s dad, Yuvan interrupts and says, Veer Singh Bundela. Akash asks him how knows VSB,Yuvan says he investigated all the top businessmen before inviting them to the party.
Mukta tells Gagan,Randeep and Parmeet that they have a special entertainment for tonight. She says that tonight the special thing is Maya.

Anu ji arrives with Maya/Bani and gives her a gold mask. Anu ji tells her to foget all the past, she is now only Maya. She is a star. She tells Bani she is entering kurukshetra and she has to win this fight at any cost.
Random guys is roaming around and he has a gun in his pocket. Mukta greets Anu ji and Maya and brings them in.

Yuvaan come to Mukta and asks her about the cake. She leaves to find out and Yuvaan thinks that the most special thing about this party is the cake and after that his purpose for keeping this party will be fulfilled and Mukta and Vishnu’s love story will be in trouble.
Mukta asks the manager and gets mad at him. The manager calls up his waiter, who has taken delivery of the cake, but the guy cant find transport. The manager scolds him and Mukta leaves from. there.

Meethi and Akash are flirting with each other pretending to be strangers and Meethi says her name is Maya. Mukta is smiling at the two of them. She remembers inviting Vishnu to the party and him refusing. She feels a bit sad while Meethi and Akash dance away.She tries calling Vishnu but he cuts her call.

Randeep (the paindoo) is super impressed with the party and tells Parmeet its good that they came. BaniMaya passes from there and Randy-eep starts ogling her. Gagan comes there and tells him off, Parmeet who is mesmerized by the beauty in red( I swear, I can recognize it’s Bani from the pinched look of her lips) and goes after her.
Bani sees him coming and is worried. As he gets closer she moves away and Parmeet starts looking for her.
He sees Meethi and approaches her, but she takes of her mask and he apologizes for disturbing her.
Anu ji tells BaniMaya hidden behind a pillar that Parmeet can only see her at the right time.

Gagan sees the guy with his gun and is scared. She goes and tells Randeep who brushes it off.

Gagan wants to leave the party, but Yuvaan makes an announcement signaling the beginning of the night’s entertainment. He announces Maya’s name and the crowd erupts in chants of Maya(kareena kapoor hai kya?!! Honestly jaise party ke looser hosts waisa hi looser crowd… blech)

Bani is have stage fright but Anu ji gives her a pep talk and sends her out. BaniMaya walks out to the song Kamli (dhoom 3 wala.. katrina just fainted somewhere out there. This was the s*xiest song of the year..I have a feeling after this epi, I will never look at it the same way again.). Bani stands there in catwalk pose… and then slowly take her mask off. Parmeet is very conveniently looking the way talking on the phone. Bani is having an attack of stage fright at the sight of Parmeet and Mukta and Meethi look concerned.
Parmeet turns around but BaniMaya has put the mask back on and the dancers surround her. When the dancers move back Meethi is on the stage. She starts dancing.Then Mukta does some solo steps and then they dance together while Yuvaan and Akash look on pleased. Then there is an imaginary dance between Meethi and Akash and then Mukta imagine her and Vishnu dancing.
Then the girls finish the dance( as I suspected.. it was horrible).

Anu ji is taking away BaniMaya and some guy with a sniperscope is trying to shoot them, but Gagan come in between the her glass is shot.

Akash is complimenting both the girls and Yuvaan also comes there and thanks them for helping out. Mukta goes to find out what happened to Maya.
Gagan goes to Randeep and insists on leaving the party. He tries to convince her otherwise but she is adamant.

Anuji and BaniMaya have a talk where BaniMaya says she got scared and spoiled all the hard word of Anuji. Mukta comes there and asks her if she is ok. Anu ji makes the excuse of stage fright and reassures Mukta that Maya will perform.

As Mukta is moving through the party, Vishnu is carrying the cakes in. They miss seeing each other.
Vishnu is scolded by the caterer boss guy and he is apologetic.

Meethi goes to BaniMaya( two bad acting peas in a pod these two.. unlike the magnetic poles, these two dont repel each other law of magnetism works on these supernatural angel mahatmas).
Meethi gives BaniMaya a pep talk and tells her about her accident and paralysis and how she overcame that.She encourages BAniMaya and leaves.

Vishnu is erving drinks and just misses meeting up with Akash and Metthi. Rajji calls Bani and gives her words of encouragement. BaniMaya is feeling confident and buoyed by Meethi’s words and tells Anu ji that.

The manager tells Vishnu to forget the drinks and get the cake.

BaniMaya starts performing(ok she is dancing with mask held in one hand, so lots of shuffling of hands to switch the mask.. the dress is overlong so she has to pick it up everytime she tries to move from one place to another… wats up with this wardrobe department?!).The song is some version of ek haseena thi, I’v never heard before. BaniMaya keeps giving peekaboo looks of her face to the audience. Parmeet is getting a weird vibe from all this.
The song is very conveniantly about qatils and someone laughing while i was crying etc tec with bani having flashbacks of the boat scene where Parmeet waves goodbye to her.
Bani finally removes her mask and Parmeet looks at her in shock. BaniMaya moves away from there and Parmeet rushes after her, only to crash into poor Vishnu carrying the cake( he was carrying the cake through out the whole song..)

Everyone looks horrified and Parmeet insults Vishnu. Vishnu apologizes but says it wasn’t his fault( true that). Parmeet looses his temper and tries to slap him but Mukta stops his hand. She tells Parmeet to stay in his limits. Parmeet insults Mukta and Vishnu tells him to stop and that he doesn’t know how to talk to women. Parmeet creates a scene at the party and questions Vishnu on his involvement with Mukta. Before Vishnu or Mukta can answer Akash comes there and stops Parmeet by threatening him not to make a mistake. Mukta tells Parmeet that Vishnu is her husband.

Parmeet gets even more insolent and tells Vishnu that fate has already slapped him hard. Akash moves to hit Parmeet but Meethi stops him and Mukta takes Vishnu’s hand and tries to take him from there. Vishnu removes his hand from Mukta’s and leaves. Mukta goes after him in concern while Yuvaan is very happy with this development.

BaniMaya comes to the stage and introduces herself as Maya. Everyone claps and Parmeet goes to her. He looks her over and tells her she is Bani. BaniMaya says Bani who? Parmeet says my wife. Bani tells him he is mistaken. Parmeet grabs her arm and tells her she is Bani, but she says he is mistaken and she is meeting him for the first time. He tells her to stop her bakwas. She tells him she is Maya ,an actress. Parmeet again grabs her arm, but she slaps him nice and tight. Parmeet is shocked and BaniMaya walks off the stage in a huff.

There are two guys with guns standing in hidden corners of the room. A gun goes off and a woman screams.

The end.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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