Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s residence
All are shocked at balbir’s venomous spout against Kuljit and tries to impress everyone that dadaji had faith on him and hence left the entire empire on him rather than kuljit and advises him against to what kuljit advised. Guggi sorts his way out and leaves. all are tensed with balbir’s barbarous words. Kuljit and surjit dicuss how they are tired of people’s opinion about him. surjit says that he has to face these insults because of her, as she couldnt sire a child for him, or get the respect that he is worthy of, and had they had a child today, they would have earned respect, but he always tried to hide this fact that she is infertile and took all the blame. she says that he truly is a man, as anyone else would have ratted

her out, and then dadji would have forcibly gotten him to remarry to sire an heir. Kuljit asks her to stop saying things like this, as its in their fate, that they be treated like this, and their child also would have suffered, and hence god relieved them of this misery. Surjit says that when his family treats him like this, she cant see it. he tells her not to worry and leaves for his room. Surjit is dishearetened. Bani comes and composes her, and wipes her tears. Surjit expresses her sadness with bani, that just bacause they are always happy doesnt mean that they dont get hurt. She says that some people are born with a fate to live incomplete and so is theirs, and hence they arent treated with respect in the family. Kuljit runs away from there crying and in sobs. After she leaves, bani is determined that before the next morning, she would get Kuljit and her husband to have the rightful place and respect in the family. Surjit runs away from there crying and in sobs. After she leaves, bani is determined that before the next morning, she would get Surjit and her husband to have the rightful place and respect in the family, as with better thinking would this family change.

Bani vents out her frustration at balbir in front of rajji, and tells that she would make balbir apologise to kuljit and his wife. Soham hears this and is supportive of it too. Bani leaves. soham comes inside and tells rajji that he knows what happened behind them. rajji is super angry with balbir, and thinks that this would have to change. Guggi comes to soham and rajji, and asks him to come along. Soham gets a call from buaji, who’s tensed, and says that she didnt want to but had to. Buaji asks him to meet and talk very importantly. She asks him to come home along with rajji, so that they can discuss thinbgs. They all get tensed with this. Rajji wonders what could it be. He asks her to dress up soon.

parmeet is getting ready in his room, when bani comes in spewing anger at balbir for the incident that just happened. parmeet asks what happened, and bani retorts if he didnt see what happened downstairs. She tells that he should be concerned as its his family and not hers. She asks him to do something or else she would deal with it herself. parmeet asks her not to meddle herself in these internal family matters, and remember that this isnt her family in real. Bani says that her family cant even be like this, as all her people treat each other with respect. She says that if this incident is repeated then she would have to think over the fact that she would stay here for a month or not, as she can keep her mouth shut but not her eyes closed. parmeet is tensed to see her stance.

Later, Balbir and randip are coming down discussing business. All gather down in the drawing area. All males begihn to go, while bani signals parmeet to do as she had told. parmeet asks kuljit also to come along, surprising him and everyone else too. balbir asks parmeet why is he required as he has never done work, and what would he do there. kuljit too embarassedly says that he isnt required to go. parmeet says how can he say that, as he too is family, and how can they forget him. Balbir says that dadaji never called him, and he actually isnt worth of anything. Parmeet says that he maynot be wqorking but he has seen life and his experience can help them in their own situations, by giving good advise, and whether they know or not, but he gives muych importance to him in his life, and asks them all to treat himk with respect as he is elderly and their own. the females are happy while balbir is shocked, when parmeet invites kuljit to come along to the office everyday. all are happy, while reyman, balbir and ranvir are angry. kuljit is surprised but goes along with parmeet. balbir too follows angrily with ranvir. the ladies are happy excepting reyman.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Buaji and others excitedly wait for soham and rajji to come. When they arrive, they are greeted with much cheer. Soham and rajji anxiously ask whats the matter and why were they called so suddenly. Kuki is about to blurt but buaji asks her to go and make tea. rajji and simran offer to help, but buaji says that today angad and soham will do the work in the house. they agree happily, and head for the kitchen leaving the ladies alone. Finally after tea, kuki is about to blurt again, when bua says that only she would tell this. She tells them that simran is expexcting. this sends everyopne into throes of happiness and there is lots of congratulations for simran. rajji excitedly says that they are all very happy for her. simran hugs them all. buaji thanks the Lord for giving them this favour. She hugs both simran and rajji, both of whom are expecting, and there cant be better happiness. She asks angad and soham to join too in the group hug. Kuki tags along too.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
later in the evening, balbir lashes back saying that kuljit was wrong to be taken in business, and he actually turned out to good for nothing. Surjit asks him to stop talking like this. balbir says that kuljit gave the wrong advise and they suffered huge losses. Guggi tries to speak but balbir shuts him up tooParmeet tells balbir in front of kuljit and others, that every person’s life is his personal life, and it isnt good for him to comment on. balbir lashes back saying that a person who doesnt have a life, doesnt have anything to hide. Balbir says that he is a liability to this house and now he has also lost the right to live in this house, and if he has any shame, then he would leave the house himself, screaming at him to get out. kuljit and surjit are shocked and hurt to hear this. bani too is shocked. the screen freezes on Bani’s hurt face.

Precap: parmeet tells balbir in front of everyone, that today he would have to apologise to kuljit, for his stinging remarks. balbir defiantly says that he has never apologised to anyone. soham says that he would have to. Balbir is cornered and surprised, while the ladies are happy with the way things are turning out, except for reyman. Bani is relieved too, while Balbir is shocked and speechless.

Update Credit to: Sophisays

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