Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Guest House
Soham is angry with reyman’s behaviour with hsi relatives. Balbir shuts her up, as he sees soham getting angry. he reprimands her for behaving like this and asks her to apologise. reyman is shocked. All are tensed. Angad asks to let be, as it isnt such a big deal. Gugi tells rajji that he needs ot talk to her urgently. rajji takes him in her room. ZAs they enter inside, she asks him to sit. Gugi tells that the room is decorated beautifully, but one thing’s amiss. He shows her a pic of a baby, and begins to talk like simran, saying that she sent this, saying that if its a boy, then it would be like soham and if its a girl, then she would be like rajji. rajji teases him that she would complain to simran. gugi gets serious and says

that he seriously feels that she isnt caring for her health. rajji tries to deny, while gugi excitedly gives her adcvise to take care of her health. rajji is teary eyed seeing such concern. He tells her that simran and angad remember them profusely. He says that he forgot to give her one thing and gives her a box of laddoos, for her good health.

ranvir gets parmeet’s call asking if they are coming for the party too. ranvir says that they would definitely come. Parmeet asks them to tell before they leave, so that he can make arrangements for them. ranvir asks him to hold the fort there, while he doesn the same here. Ranvir asks her to pack up soon excited for his vacation in Mumbai. gagan is excited to look the most beautiful there. rajji overhears this, and is tensed that they too are going for the same party.

later, gagan is packing up, and reyman is frustrated with it. She goes to balbir and almopst collides into him. She asks him if he wants to go back to canada at all, and says that gagan is going to mumbai for partying. Balbir asks her to chill. Reyman again gets angered saying that he isnt trying hard enough. as she walks out in a rage,

Scene 2:
Location: In mumbai
a lady walks in anu’s room and gives her the invitation for the same party and tells her that all arrangements for maya’s performance have been made. She excuses herself and anu sees her out. She gets rajji’s call, who is tensed. rajji tells anu about ranvir and gagan, and anu asks her not to be bothered. She takes the invitation and goes inside.

As bani is sitting on the window sil, anu asks her to step down as she might fall down. bani tells anu that she has finally learnt to get up after falling. Anu likes her champion spirit. Anu tells bani that she has got an invitation for the party, where parmeet is going too. She tells bani that they would go there and meet parmeet, in her new avatar. She tells bani that finally the time has come for her to win and that parmeet to lose. bani complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s residence
Soham tells sarab, along with rajji, that the police have nabbed the person who aided parmeet. he hasnt complies yet but he would soo buckle under pressure. rajji says that she hopes that this time he speaks the truth, and doesnt turn back like last time. Soham asks her to have hope, and rajji complies, that this time its god’s sign that he has been caught again. and this time the guilty shall be punished. Desho offers to get her some beverage, but rajji insists that she would do it herself. But she gets groggy, and soham hold sher. All get tensed, as she says that she might be tired. They ask rajji to lie down and rest. Desho is guilty that she isnt able to take care of rajji. rajji asks her not to think like that. Desho again gives her some maternal advise, that rajji is responsible for two people now, and desho has to take care as bindal and nirvel arent here. Desho gets sad, and rajji is tensed to see her like this. desho says that she still cant imagine that bani isnt with them, and that her NRI dream killed her. rajji asks her to stop blaming herself. Desho talks about the high hopes that she had with their maternal lives. Rajji tells her that bani hasnt gone anywhere. As desho is shocked, rajji composes herself, by sayingthat she’s here to fulfill her dreams. desho is happy that soham takes care of her, and is happy that she didnt get married to an NRI. She blesses rajji to be happy, and rest for a while. Desho leaves to get some drink for her. rajji calls her back and is about to spill out the secret, when she composes herself and asks desho not to get tensed, as everything would be alright once again. Desho stands tensed. Rajji remembers anu’s warning not to tell about bani to anyone.

Scene 4:
Location: In the barn
Soham explains the recent turmoil in his life, and what all is happening when gugi asks him to be with rajji, right now, as she needs him the most, when she is coping with so much in her life. soham asks how can he get her to love him and be hppy with him. gugi says that he has to do this. soham is confident and determined that he would keep rajji happy and love her a lot.

Scene 5:
Location: In Mumbai
Bani expresses her concern to anu whether she would look beautiful or not. Anu tells her that she is already beautiful, and is just now transforming herself to get her revenge. Anu gets her to dress up for the party. Anu tells bani that today she would wear the same red colour that she had worn for her marriage, and that she had high hopes then of her new life, but now she would wear this colour, for a new life again, and maybe there arent any high hopes and dreams, but she has the inner strength. the screen freezes on anu’s face.

Precap: The lady announces that today’s party is in Maya’s name. This intrigues Parmeet. as maya aka bani steps out of the car, she takes disguising masks, to not reveal herself to parmeet. as she dances with parmeet, the lady sees her and wonders that vishnu was here too today. However she is in oblivion that vishnu is actually there, serving drinks to people.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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