Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s residence
Soham is shocked to see bani’s modelling pics, and thinks that this cant be bani. he begins to dial a number and calls up someone. He calls parmeet, who’s with his family in the car. He asks parmeet to get everyone home right this minute. Parmeet asks why. Soham doesnt say but asks them to come over. They all get tensed, while he turns around. Soham throws the clothes on the floor, saying that now they shall know what evil game parmeet has played, to save himself, due to which their emotions were ransacked. All are confused and disappointed at the plan’s failure. they all reach home tensedly to face soham, who’s standing in the drawing room. Thry rush upto him, and ask whats wrong. Parmeet asks whats the matter. He

says that rajji has to tell everyone something and hence told them to come back. Rajji comes there. manpreet asks what happened. rajji says that finally she has accepted the truth, which she was denying so far, that this girl is noone other than bani. parmeet and everyone is surprised. rajji says that she was deeply hurt by bani’s loss as she couldnt come to terms with her death, and that caused her to doubt parmeet, for killing bani and then on bani, for not being herself. But when she saw bani’s parents hugging and crying with bani, then she realsied that one can deceive the other, but not the one who have given birth and if they accepted her, then who’s she to doubt. parmeet smiles victoriouslly. rajji breaks into self guilt, while all are happy for rajji, finally normalising. rajji says that she just couldnt muster the courage to accept her mistake. She eyes soham, who is tensed and confused too. She goes to bani, and apologises for having taken so mmuch time to recognise her, and asks her if she wont forgive and hug her. Bani hugs rajji, while all watch, some in happiness, and other sin frustrayion, as soham stands shocked.

In the confines of their room, bani asks whats the real reason for them having been called here by soham. Rajji tells how she got soham’s call, and rushed home. she takes all the clothes, and tells soham to just take cue, and not say a word, but just let her explain. Bani is tensed, but rajji is relieved that she saved soham from spilling the truth. Later, soham questions rajji about her peculiar behaviour downstairs. rajji tells them the entire story, as to how and what was their plan, when soham is assured that this wasnt bani, but her lookalike, who parmeet has got here, to confirm her otherwise. rajji says that she cant forgive parmeet ever. She tells about the entire plan that she, bani and anuradha had concocted together, but rajji always raised doubts on bani being herself, was also a part of their plan.

In their room, parmeet tells bani that he still cant believe that rajji accepts her as bani. bani pretends to bbe matya, saying that she indeed acts so convincingly. parmeet says that they did deceive rajji, while sneezing all the while. He says that he’s very releived that their plan is working. Bani says that she too is happy.

Soham tells rajji that she knew everything but didnt tell anything, and that she wronged him. He says that he wont spare parmeet now, and tortured everyone so much, and went away scot free, and is thinking that he would get away free again, but this time he wont let that happen and would hand him over to the police. He is about to leave, despite her trying to stop him, when he faces bani, standing in the door. rajji asks him to control himself, as his anger is justified, but the day isnt today, and that only bani shall punish him, after making him confess him crime in frotn of everyone. She tells him that this is bani’s fight and she shall fight it, and they would just help. She says that bani fighting for herself only, but for all the women tortured by their husbands, and that day would come when bani punishes parmeet for his crimes. Soham says that parmeet’s crimes is unforgivable and says that he too is with them in this fight now. They all smile happily.

Later, in the night, as Bani prepares to sleep, parmeet tries to sleep in snekaing on the sofa, she asks him to get lost, as she has to sleep. parmeet says that its very cold outside, and he has caught a cold too, and that he cant stay outside, for fear of mosquitoes. She gives him a cough syrup in frustration, and asks him to sleep on the sofa. he is super happy and relieved and overjoyed.

The next morning, bani has a good laugh with rajji, and getting soft, while rajji reminds her how he had tortured her earlier. bani too remembers. They start smiling. Soham comes in expressing his happiness that they both are happy. He too expresses the same concern that rajji has for bani going soft on parmeet. soham takes rajji for the doctor’s appointment. later, guggi comes searching for soham, to want his advise on business, and is told by bani that soham isnt there, and that he can consult anyone here. He goes over to kuljit, and starts discussing business issues with him. Angad thanks kuljit for his advise. Balbir is furious at this. Balbir tells and retorts that kuljit isnt the right person and instead he should ask balbir, as dadaji never professed his faith in Kuljit and therefore never involved him in business, as a person who cant sire a son, how would he handle the entire business empire of this family. all are shocked at such a statement. The screen freezes on bani’s hurt face.

Precap: Kuljit expresses her sadness with bani, that just bacause they are always happy doesnt mean that they dont get hurt. She says that some people are born with a fate to live incomplete and so is theirs, and hence they arent treated with respect in the family. Kuljit runs away from there crying and in sobs. After she leaves, bani is determined that before the next morning, she would get Kuljit and her husband to have the rightful place and respect in the family.

Update Credit to: Sophisays

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