Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Bani comes to her room, sad, when parmeet’s mother calls her and tells her that the car is ready to take her home. she says that she knows that she is sad after parmeet is gone, and that its natural for any bride. she asks her not to worry, as Parmeet would return soon, and asks her to get ready as her parents are waiting, and also asks her to take the stuff that she wants to.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s house
All are waiting for the arrival of bani and rajji, and granny too is tensed. Bani’s father tells that tejo had called. When keerat is asked why he didnt go to pick rajji, nirvel says that they didnt get a chance to talk to their family. They are asked to talk, but are told by bindal that they didnt pick up the

phone. She says that soham can bring rajji over too, as its his house. too. Bani’s brother arrives with bani, seeing who all are very happy. nirvel asks her if he should call and find out from soham whats their status. he tries but when soham sees the call, he cancels it.

When granny asks what happened, he tells that soham cut the phone. They are tensed now that something is wrong for sure Bani’s father asks nirvel that they should go to their house and find out. Just then, bani sees rajji coming along with soham, but isnt able to see his anger. Tejo is scared and looks at soham with mixed emotions, while he is angrily approaching them. Soham lest go of rajji, seeing bani married. Bani hugs rajji, thanking that she came as they were getting worried. Rajji wipes her tears. Bani asks what happened that she’s crying. The matchmaker says that she’s just emotional to see her family after being married. Rajji is welcomed by the family, wjhile soham waits at the entrance only. As rajji faces tejo, she lowers her eyes. Bani’s father also asks to tend to the son in law. Nirvel says that they didnt know he was coming, and that now he deserves special care since he is their son in law. Granny says that he did right in coming here. Bindal too agrees that he isnt the son in law, but the son. She asks rajji why didnt she call, as they got tensed. Soham is speechless seeing such festivity. The ladies are asked to prepare some sweets, while they talk with soham. All the men leave to get snacks and sweets. The matchmaker sends keerat out too, on the pretext of getting medicine for the headache. She also asks bindal to take them inside, to meet the friends who have been waiting for them. Granny too is called inside, leaving tejo and matchmaker and soham alone. Tejo asks him to sit. He says that she knows why is she avoiding him. He asks her the reason for doing what she did. Simran and soham’s brother too reprimand tejo and start accusing her of taking in the trap, and them marrying him off to rajji, instead of bani. The matchmaker tries to defend for her, saying that she didnt know that what talk soham had with bindal, and that they should have expressed surprise when they saw parmeet’s family in the ceremony. She says that the misunderstanding has been created with everyone, then why only she is to be blamed. She asks if he can marry bani, then why not rajji, as she too is the daughter of this house, who isnt lacking in anything. simran says that the issue isnt the girl, but the betrayal, and that they are still trying to cover up, without admitting the mistake. Simran says that they might try all that they want, but the truth is that they did try to create a misunderstanding deliberately. Tejo says that this isnt intended, and they all thought after talking to bindal, maybe he has agreed to marry Rajji. Simran asks if that had been the case, then why did bindal get bani and she got rajji, as it was a clear indication that tejo did this to get them in her trap. The matchmaker says that it was her suggestion. Tejo says that if she feels its her fauly, then she apologises for her fault, and that they can punish her all they want, but not rajji, who’s completely innocent in this. Tejo asks simran to calm down, as after all rajji is their daughter in law. Simran retaliates saying that they dont agree to this marriage and not to rajji as their bahu. Tejo asks her not to say anything like this, as rajji isnt to be blamed. She apologises to soham too. But his brother says that what thye had to do, they did, and now the ball is in their court and they would not weigh what isnt their fault. Simran asks soham to come along too. But soham insists that he would come after talking to rajji first. His brother also agrees to his descision. They leave without soham.

The girls ask bani and rajji, about their wedding nights and their in laws’s place. while bani remembers talking to parmeet, rajji remembers soham’s confession for love to bani. They tease the girls about the last night, and the impact it has had on them. they first ask bani about her wedding night. bani says that its nothing like that, and that they just talked. The girls refuse to believe it, saying that rajji always used to exclaim how she would fall in love before getting married, but life turned upside down for her. They all ask when did she fall in love with soham. Rajji asks them to shut up, and says that she doesnt want to talk about this. The girls ask her why is she so tensed. Bani too asks her. Rajji mumbles that what happened was…but before she can complete, soham enters, and the girsl begin teasing her again. They ask rajji to go as he’s calling her. rajji leaves after him, while bani is tensed.

Outside the room, Soham tells rajji that he’s going and before going says that whatever it was, misunderstanding or betrayal, bani shouldnt know about this, or what he said last night, thinking her to be bani. He says that he’s stil;l angry and it would have been out too, had bani not been here. soham says that he cant see bani sad, or for that matter noone in the family should ever get to know about this, as bani loves her family, and he cant see her tensed, after he crates a drama in front of her family, so that bani never knows this. The screen freezes on rajji’s distraught face.

Precap: Tejo asks soham, that according to the ritual, would he come to take back rajji. But soham is speechless, and leaves. Tejo is very tensed. As she turns around, she is tense to find herself facing rajji.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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