Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Guest House
Andy walks in as anu asks about him and they exchange greetings. Andy says that its his previlege to work for her and asks who has she called him here for. Anu calls bani and rajji and they come out. She makes them meet andy. She tells andy that bani’s makeover is needed. He observes bani all around and then hollers for his team to assemvble and they comply. rajji and bani are tensed to see them. Andy gives them instructions to give bani such a makeover that neither her nor anyone else can recognise her. Bani stands tensed. Andy’s team begins the makeover with Andy’s instructions, and finally the new bani is revealed, after having gotten rid of the old shy and nervous bani. Rajji and anu are shocked, as they find bani,

in a different avatar altogether, and thank andy profusely , while he says that bani is beautiful inside and outside, and hence it wasnt such a difficult task. he takes their leave. Anu and rajji are happy with the result. however bani isnt revealed to the audience.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and Bani’s residence
bani’s father talks to soham to take care of rajji, as they have lost faith in parmeet. soham says that if they find any evidence against parmeet, they would definitely get him punished. gagan overhears this and thinks that maybe soham can give some evidence to parmeet being guilty. she asks soham that he looks tensed. Soham says that he’s alright. gagan says that being a family, he can share it with her, as they all are there for her. He says that he isnt part of this family and doesnt want to talk to anyone. He leaves. Gagan is tensed.

Meanwhile, sarab is sure that he would get to the bottom of bani’s death, and implicate parmeet if he is guilty. Desho asks how would they find bani’s murderer, as the hired murderer had said that rajji paid him off. he says that they are all mixed, and they would prove that parmeet is guilty of bani’s murder.

Later, Ranvir is angry to see bani’s father at the door with police. Bani’s father says that they have come here to prove rajji’s accusation against parmeet. the police says that they have come here to interrogate parmeet and tell him, that sarab has filed a complaint, that he is the murderer of bani. parmeet says that he has already given his statement, and what dioes he want to know now. The police says that its a routine interrogation, and demands to know the truth. parmeet is asked about where he was at the time bani was drowning, as if he was with his family, then why did he not go looking for bani like soham did for rajji. He asks parmeet why didnt he go after bani, when he saw her drowning, as he knew swimming, just like sohamn did for rajji. parmeet starts panting and getting nervous. parmeet stands defiant. The police thanks him for his cooperation while ranvir asks if he is satisfied now. The police says that for now he is, but there are lots of angles to bani’s death that is yet to unravel, and they would get to the bottom of this. They both leave. ranvir asks him not to worry, and go over to his friend’s house in mumbai, to be away from all this and clear his mind, while he handles everything here. Parmeet agrees.

manpreet and gagan pack up parmeet’s stuff for him to leave for Mumbai. When rajji returns later in the night, parmeet eyes her tensedly, while gagan and manpreet are there to see him off. As rajji goes to her room, she overhears manpreet asking parmeet to take care of himself in mumbai, and parmeet being excited that he would meet his friend after such a long time. Rajji is tensed to find parmeet going to mumbai. Soham welcomes rajji to the room and goes to get food ready for parmeet. reajji wonders what to do now. She calls up anu about parmeet’s visit to mumbai, to meet Vivan. anu is happy at this news confusing rajji. she clarifies saying that this is the perfect platform to launch the new bani, as he would least expect bani to be there. rajji too is happy at this and thanks the lord for this oppurtunity. anu decides to go to mumbai along with bani.

gagan is tensed and frustrated that ranvir cancelled their trip to Mumbai, and sent parmeet instead. gagan gopes berserk at losing this oppurtunity. ranvir comes in asking why is she so angry. gagan tells him about the plans that she had made for Mumbai, and this was the perfect time to get pressure on parmeet, with the police’s investigation. ranvir tries to get her to cheer up, saying that they both shall go too, and leaves to make arrangements. He asks her to stop talking of the properties for some time.

The next morning, angad and guggi is warmly received by soham and balbir. rajji is called downstairs too, and she happily greets angad. She asks about simran. angad says that she was out for some work. Balbir asks about angad home and work. He says that everything is alright. Angad says that rajji looks weak. Rajji says its nothing like that. reyman goes onto say how well she is being taken care of. Angad says of course here she would be better looked after, but was just concerned. reyman says that villagers think like that, and she has come from Canada, where she had the best of education and facilities and hence knows how to take care of Rajji, much better. angad and guggi are tensed at her stance. Manpreet is tensed too. rajjia nd soham are in a rage for her talking like that. the screen freezes on soham’s angry face.

Precap: As bani is sitting on the window sil, anu asks her to step down as she might fall down. bani tells anu that she has finally learnt to get up after falling. Anu likes her champion spirit. Anu tells bani that she has got an invitation for the party, where parmeet is going too. She tells bani that they would go there and meet parmeet, in her new avatar. She tells bani that finally the time has come for her to win and that parmeet to lose.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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