Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st October 2013 Written Update

Jiya asks Parmeet whether the matter is serious. Anuradha coaxes him to speak up. Parmeet says he cannot marry Jiya. Both the women are stunned. Parmeet says he has to go Canada due to his professional commitments. Jiya asks him about their future. Parmeet asks whether they can prepone the wedding. Anuradha says its not possible a lot of things have to be done like booking the hall, informing the people, etc. Anuradha asks him why he wants to go to Canada when he can easily stay back. All her property belongs to them only. Parmeet says this is not only about his career. But if he doesn’t go there, many people’s lives may be affected due to him.

Sohum is drinking, Rajji comes to him & confronts him saying that she was scared in the house while he is

sitting and drinking. Sohum taunts her saying that if she is scared now, then how did she manage to walk out late night for Delhi. Rajji says she did that for Bani, now she has come all the way for him. Inspite of being sick she still came drenched only for him. Sohum tells her to go home or else she will fall more sick. Rajji says he shouldn’t be worried if she falls ill. Sohum says obviously he has to worry as he only will be bringing her back home. Rajji tells him she doesn’t want his favour anymore, She can handle herself well. Sohum tells her to go home.

Anuradha suggests they can postpone the wedding. Parmeet says he is not sure when he will return. It may even take four months. Anuradha says they are ready to wait. Jiya requests Anuradha to change her decision as 6 months is way too long. But Anuradha is adamant. Both of them get have a slight confrontation and Jiya angrily walks away. Parmeet goes after her. Just as he goes to Jiya’s room, Bani enters from behind but she doesn’t see him.

Rajji tells Sohum to come home but he continues drinking. Sohum doestn budge & hence Rajji angrily pushes the glass away. An agitated Sohum holds her hand and pulls her, thus causing Rajji to fall on Sohum. (BG- Dheere jalna) Both share an intense eye lock. Rajji tries to get up and turn but this time Sohum falls on her. Sohum again gets lost and tries to kiss her but Rajji turns her face in time and starts blushing. Sohum turns her towards him and then…

Anuradha tells Jiya that the wedding will take place tmrw only. An excited Jiya happily hugs her momma. Parmeet smirks as his plan has once again worked. Anuradha requests him to wait back for a cup of tea but he says he has lot of work to do. Parmeet walks away and Bani enters. Jiya tells that Bani and Parmeet are perhaps playing a cat and mouse game. This is because whenever Parmeet is here, Bani is not there & when she is here, Parmeet is missing. Now she is very sure that they’ll meet on the wedding day itself. Bani says that’s not possible as she is leaving on that day. Jiya says the wedding has been preponed. Bani is also happy. Jiya says it’s a mere co-incidence as Parmeet is also leaving on the same day for Canada. Bani’s face becomes dull. Outside, Parmeet thinks, that once he marries Jiya, he will leave her and this city forever.

Next morning, Rajji wakes up and blushes remembering the incidents with Sohum while he is yet asleep. (BG- Ishq Rangiya) She slowly takes the dupatta from Sohum. Just then he calls out to Bani in his sleep. Rajji is shattered.

PRECAP:Rajji pours a bucket of water on herself. Sohum apologizes to Rajji for last night as he didn’t return home last night especially when she was alone. He was heavily drunk and doesn’t know when he end up sleeping there itself. Rajji is flabbergasted.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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