Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet is shocked to see bani standing in front of him, in the same clothes that she had worn on the day she died. He is stunned by fear. He rushes inside to his room. He tries to wake up Maya, but actually its guggi, who has covers drwan up and voice recorder saying that she wants to be asleep, asking parmeet not to disturb her. he is scared of the slightest noise, thinking whether its a ghost or a hallucination, and is determined to check it out. He slightly opens the door and again finds her there, as he continues doing so repeatedly. He is very scared. In his fear, he almost slips, and bani takes this chance to hide behind the pillar before he can compose himself. When he gets up, he finds her gone and is shocked evermore.

Bani stays hidden. He comes out to try and find out and confirm his doubts, saying to himself that he doesnt need to be scared, as this isnt a ghost but someone else, who’s trying to scare him, and he would find it out. As he senses some movement, he rushes inside the room, and starts walking up the staircase, stealthily, trying to catch the person. Bani goes out from the other way, all the while hiding from parmeet’s sight. Parmeet finds the door locked as he tries to enter but is unable to. Finally he sneaks in his room, and wakes up maya, while she is frustrated for having been disturbed in her sleep. maya teases him saying that all such things happen to him only. Maya asks parmeet that it maybe that he has some connection with bani’s death. He is shocked and is rendered speechless. Maya says that there are just two incidents in which this can happen, either he loves her too much, or else he got her killed, and asks if he did it. parmeet confronts him with the truth. Parmeet says that she maynt beleive it, but it actually is the truth. Maya asks if he means that he killed his own wife, as parmeet stares at her. parmeet gets into senses, before he speaks too much, and composes himself and says that there was no connection between him and his wife’s death, and that its was just an unfortunate accident, which makes him guilty about it, and hence he considers himself the criminal for not having been able to save his wife. bani remembers how he had been happy to see her die, while he tries to give an excuse, saying that he wants someone to have feelings for sharing, and goes onto hug her, despite her protests. Meanwhile, gugi finds a lizard, and is scared to death, and asks bani to give in, so that he can escape. After gugi is gone, she shoves him away, while he apologises profusely for this. bani thinks that had he hugged his wife, way back, then it wouldnt have been this late.

The next morning, Gagan is trying up numbers for job since morning, but in vain. She starts losing hope. Gagan says that she wants to have an identity which is different than the wife of her husband. bani too supports her as she starts doubting herself, if she would be able to work. surjit too advises her not to lose hope and get disappointed, and work earnestly. gagan gets boosted and thanks them. they are all cheerful. They begin to have tea.

Parmeet is haunted and disturbed by recent incidents concerning bani. As bani comes to give him tea, he turns around with a jerk, and the cup falls, and hot tea falls on his hands. Manpreet tries to ask parmeet what happened, but he leaves in haste, restless and anxious. Manpreet asks bani to take care of him, so that they can go a friend’s party in the evening. bani complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
While kuki, simran and rajji are sitting together, reyman comes in with her fake apology, and concern. she says that she came here to ask for forgiveness from both of them, as she has realised her mistake and that she wont ever come in between them, as she knows that she has lost all rights to be here, in this house, and this heart but asks for one small corner, for penencing. She says that she wants her support. rajji says that apology isnt in words but in deeds. rajji says that its good that she wants to change but for that, she would have to work more, as the more she works, she would be distracetd from such things, and that would be the prfect penance for her too. reymnan is disappointed that it backfired. She resignedly begins to start dusting. She overhears rajji’s plans with kuki. reyman finds while they go out. as balbir comes in, and reyman starts concocting things again, balbir asks her to stay quiet and not meddle in rajji’s affairs, for now, so that they can stay atleast. reyman is angry that she would have to work again.

While rajji is in the bathroom, kuki is waiting patiently, and is shocked when she finds rajji all dressed up to meet soham and confess her love. They both go to finish the arrangements. Reyman overhears this and evil plans begin to concoct in her brains.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Maya asks parmeet to get dressed to go, but he refuses saying that he isnt feeling really well and nice and hence doesnt want to go, and when manpreet asks what happened, he says that he couldnt sleep last night, hence has a splitting headache. Bani too asks her to let him sleep. manpreet asks bani to come along. she complies. manpreet leaves. While parmeet is sleeping, bani thinks that tonight she would be alone, and that she would make him confess to his crime tonight and expose him, as thats the true purpose of her having come back in this house. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As gugi drapes a shawl, and tries to intimidate parmeet as bani, he instead gets curious aned starts following guggi. guggi wonders what to do now, as parmeet isnt getting intimidated but rather getting curious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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