Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji is moved to rethink her descision, when both angad and simran side with rajji, and that she shoudl be given a chance. Simran begs buaji to stay here, till the time she is assured that rajji is the right girl for soham and his marital life. soham is tensed and rajji stands non chalantly. Buaji asks if she too wants this, and she agrees. simran says that rajji too wants that. rajji goes to touch buaji’s feet to seek her blessings. everyone waits anxiously to see buaji’s answer. she finally agrres saying that she would give her another chance. she says that she’s giving rajji a chance to rectify what her family did wrong, and settles soham’s life, and fill soham’s life with happiness, in a month, in which she has to prove

herself as a good wife, and good daughter in life. Simran asks that its a little less of a time for her to prove. Buaji says that she cant stay here forever. She decides on one month, and says that if rajji fails, then she would herself leave rajji to her family, and then noone should protest. buaji goes inside, while simran comes to bani.

simran says that she has heard about buaji’s condition. She asks rajji to now get on proving herself as nothing is more improtant that soham’s happiness, and learns to live again forgetting bani. And if she manages that, she would be forgiven all her mistakes. Rajji is tensed.

As soham is laying the bed, rajji helps him. as he begins to go, rajji says that he doesnt need to go outside, as he can sleep on the bed, and she, on the floor. Soham says that they need no pretense as buaji already knows everything. He leaves, while rajji is sad. she lies on the bed. Soham lies on the sofa. Buaji comes out of the room and finds soham outside, and sits beside him. Buaji says to soham that she knows why is he sleeping outside, as he doesnt like being in the same room or the same house with that girl, and she understands his pain and problem. She says that she would leave no stone unturned in throwing that girl out of the house and his life, and that he wont have to bear her for long. He is shocked. Buaji says that what he saw in the morning was just a trailer, and the whole film is still to be seen. Soham is tensed and indescisive. Soham says that she isnt that bad too. Buaji says that she wont let such injustice be done to him,a nd that she would torture her so bad, that she would have to go back to her own family. Rajji, hearing this from her room, is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
bani says that she doesnt feel like going. Beeji and bindal tell her that she required there now, and that house is more important for her than this hosue, and that she shouldnt bother about their problems. she bids goodbye to beeji and bindal, and then awkwardly turns to desho, who is standing far away, and leaves without saying another word. Desho is in tears.

Later, Beeji and the ladies are shocked to see rajji there. Bindal asks if she has been sent back. rajji says that she came here herself. Bindal is happy that she came back, but rajji clarifies that she has come to meet them, and she has some work from them. Bindal asks what happened. rajji says that she wants to be a good wife, and daughter in law, and she needs their help in this. The ladies are happy, to see rajji’s desire to learn household duties. They are happy to see her maturity. Desho is ashamed. bindal teaches rajji how to work in the kitchen. Rajji remembers how she had dreams about living in a luxurious life, and how she had been dashed on the ground, after she saw dreams of the sky. Bindal encourages her and says that she would teach her everything. Rajji has a bad first attempt and she grows sad, but bindal doesnt let her lose hope.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
As all the ladies compliment bani on how easily she has accepted this family, gagan tries to instigate them that she hasnt cared back to her in laws’ home now. manpreet asks if bani called up, or there was any info about her or parmeet. Gagan says that they should call up the house. But manpreet refuses saying that she didnt call, as she wasnt sure if bani wanted to tell about their problems. Gagan is upset to see bani having won over their trust.

Bani enters the house, and greets gagan, who taunts her for coming when the entire work is done. Bani apologises for coming late. Manpreet comes and greets her, and bani apologises to her too. manpreet asks her not to bother for that. when manpreet asks if Permeet called, bani says that she couldnt know as her battery went dead. Manpreet hopes that so is the case and is tensed. She asks bani to charge the phone, and assures that he might be trying her call right now.

In her room, bani tries paremeet’s phone, but in vain. manpreet sees this and comes to her and caressing her asks why isnt she asleep. bani says that she isnt feeling sleepy. Manpreet asks if the phone came. bani says that there hasnt been a call, and is wondering if he’s alright. Manpreet tells her that he might be busy and hence is unable to call. adking bani not to bother, and go to sleep, manpreet leaves the room. Bani is tensed too and is unable to sleep.

Dadaji is tensed, and comes to manpreet’s room. He asks about parmeet’s call. Manpreet denies. He is tensed. He asks yet again, this is repeating. Dadaji tells manpreet that she has to forget whats in the past, and she has to move on. manpreet says that she cant forget those days, and she still can remember that screams, when she goes into flashback, remembering how another daughter in law of this hosue, had cried out in front of dadaji, that she doesnt have a place to stay, while dadaji very cruelly told her that she doesnt have any right nor any place in this house. He throws her out of the house. Manpreet remembers this and shivers. Dadaji says that its no use remebering the past. Manpreet asks if they should tell bani. dadaji firmly refuses, and says that they dont need to tell bani anything. dadaji says that God forbid, if the same thing happens, his descision too would be the same. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Buaji taunts Rajji that in the time given to her, she could have made a gallon of tea, when rajji just managed to make four cups. Rajji nervously gives her tea to taste and give her opinion. Buaji tastes the tea, and spits it out, trying to indicate the horrible taste of the tea. rajji is scared and tensed, as buaji taunts her about the foul taste of the tea.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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