Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Rano’s and parmeet’s place
Soham and bani are arranging and packing rano’s stuff from her house, while she says that she still cant believe that rano is nomore and that her wait would end like this. Bani tells soham what rano told her, about not being another rano and wait for her husband her whole life, like she did. Bani asks if she too is becmoning like that. Soham says that nothing lik that would happen and that parmeet isnt like blbir. Bani says that parmeet didnt come too. Soham is tensed but asks her to have hope as sometimes situations arent in one’s control. Bani too says that sometimes its like that and that she doesnt know why parmeet didnt trun up. Bani says that her in laws arent like rano’s, as manpreet still understands

her and that she keeps bani very close in her heart. She says that she doesnt know why parmeet did this, but she knows that manpreet wouldnt ever let anything wronmg happen to her. She eys rano’s wedding album. She takes it and says that rano had sop many memories attached to it, and today she herself is a memory. The album accidentally falls on the ground. as soham picks it up, from one of the pages, soham is shocked as he looks at the album. Bani asks whats wrong, but he is silenced. Bani is confused when she finds soham like this. Bani is shocked as she goes through rano’s wedding album, and finds that the people are her Inlaws. soham too is shocked. She is shocked that rano and bani were the bahus of the same house. She deduces that it was rano who was tyhrown out by dadaji 20 years back and that balbir is dadaji’s son. She is stunned at this revelation and collapses on the bed. She thinks that she was a fool to think that she wont have the same fate, and that her in laws especially manpreet wont let this happen to her. She is shocked at her foolishness. She says that she had thought that manpreet would take her back and dadaji would accept her too. She says that she had heard history repeats itself,. today she saw it too. she says that manpreet wont do anything for her, just like she didnt do anything for rano. Soham tries to assure her, but bani says that noone bothered to ask about rano or find out how’s she. She says that she had false hopes from such a family and chose to ignore the truth, when it was staring right at her in the eye. She says that now she understands, that her life’s reality isnt that house, but this house, where everything’s incomplete, where happiness, dreams and life are all incomplete. She comments that the walls which always listened to her voice, and the door through which noone ever came, the album, all this is rano’s past and her future. Soham is surprised. she says that she has a long wait, whose end she just witnessed. Bani says that she still cant believe that all his is true, about her in laws, and that one day, she too would become like rano. Bani is stunned by grief, motionless and tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: parmeet’s place
Meanwhile, Balbir’s return to the haveli, surprises manpreet. He comes and greets her, while she is still unable to believ that he’s actually returned. He asks her why isnt she happy. Manpreet says that he didnt anything of happiness, to come after 20 years. He says that he doesnt have to be subject to her questioning. He says that if he doesnt stay here, then that doesnt mean that this isnt his house too. She asks if he has come to impose his right. She asks where was he, when rano was thrown out, and his brother died. He says that he doesnt find it necessary to answer. She says that now that he has come, he would have to answer as this house is hers. He asks her to remember that she’s the bahu and he, the son of this house. Manpreet is shocked, while others are tensed too. She says that he has a misunderstanding, as 20 years earlier, dadaji has thrown him out of his will. He says that he would believe only when dadaji himself says it to him. Ranvir comes and says that dadaji isnt here, hence he is still standing here, or else he would be out. Ranvir says that he’s atleats talking, and doesnt force him to do something untoward. He asks him to leave. Balbir says that he wont go anywhere, and live amongst them, and if he dares he can stop him. As balbir takes his suitcase, ranvir stops him with his hand. balbir lowers it, and says that he knows how to raise his tone and if he does so, it would be a problem. Balbir asks manpreet to explain to rnvir that he isnt going anywhere. ranvir says that he too would see. He says that in the absence of dadaji and his father, he and manpreet would take the descisions of the house. Balbir says that none has stopped him ever. Ranvir is prepared to be the first one. But manpreet asks him to let be, if he thinks so, and that his room is still empty just like he left 20 yerars back. Balbir thanks her and praises her for being the mature one, and threatens ranvir that he knows how to get his way around and asks ranvir to see that his stuff reaches his room. He thanks manpreet and leaves for his room.

Surjit asks manpreet why did he relent, for the man who left it 20 years back. manpreet says that had she only been thinking of balbir, then she would have done what she is saying. But she is also thinking about rano, that maybe she too come back and gets her right, as dadaji cant ignore it now that balbir has returned. surjit asks how’s she sure of rano. Manpreet tells that rano comes everyday, and tells her about the wall. She says that rano’s wait has ended finally. Surjit asks if she knows where rano stays. manpreet says that she would find it soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji while cribbing for her jucie, finds rajji tensed and in tears and is asked curtly as to whats bothering her. But she doesnt respond. When simran asks what happened, she tells them that rano is nomore and that she committed suicide. all are shocked. Simran asks who told her. Rajji says that she had a talk with bani.

Scene 4:
Location: Rano’s Place
Soham and bani pack things up. As they begin to go, bani sks him to wait for one minute. Soham asks what does she want. she says that she wants a promise that he never tells her family that rano was the bahu of Kulhar family. She says that her family has got a hope after parmeet’s call, and now hearing his, their hope would turn into a doubt. She says that when they would know that bani is married into a house, where all are stone hearted, they would all break. soham says that he too cant see them like this, and hence promises that he wont tell anyone. He leaves to talk to the landlord. bani thanks him. As he leaves, the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Bani tells soham that manpreet came. Soham is surprised and asks why. Bani says that she had come to enquire about rano, as balbir has returned home now. she tells soham that she told manpreet everything, about rano, about balbir, and about parmeet. But she says that she forgot to tell one thing, that bani wont become another rano.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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