Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the market
Parmeet is tensed what to do, seeing jia. He tears half of the face, so that jia cant recognise it. She says that she needs to finish something, and he would catch up with her after a couple of minutes. after she leaves, he is tensed to see the posters,a nd looks around for anymore. he thinks that he would have to do something, before his plan falls apart.

Jia comes and asks parmeet if there’s anything serious and why does he look so tensed. He says that its pretty serious and apologising profusely, he says that the thing is that he cant enter into this marriage. jia and her mother are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Dadaji explians that this isnt just a chain, but their ancestral blessing,

to take over everything, just how he had expanded his business, when his dadaji had given it to him, many years back. he says that he’s giving it to him, as he wants to give it in responsible hands. he says that he waited for 20 years, for this. All are shocked. Balbir promises with overwhelming emotions, sarcastically eyeing the other members, that he would take care of it, and expand it so much, that everything else sems small. they hug each other. balbir sits down to eat, on dadaji’s insistence, on his chair, and the other family members too take their seats. Balbir drums his fingers on the table, as a ruler, enjoying his victory over manpreet and the others. He remembers ranvir’s words, and enjoys how he’s sitting silently infront of him right now. the ladies start serving, while balbir remembers their harsh words. He intentionally shows manpreet an empty glass, and asks for juice. Unable to refuse, and having no other option, she goes and serves him juice. He thinks that they are silenced, those who were hollering at him. He thinks that they arent even able to face him now.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham comes home, to find a lunch array spread out for him. He remembers how she was sick, and he had asked her to rest. He gets angry and asks rajji whats this. When she doesnt respond, he asks what does she want to prove by working in fever. He says that she’s doing it intentionally, just to prove her ego. rajji asks whats he angry about, as she isnt sick or has fever anymore. He asks how is she okay in one day. She takes his hand on her forehead, and shows that she doesnt have any fever. He says that he still wants her to rest, as she isnt fine yet. She is adamtn that she would work come what may, as she doesnt want to rest. Soham takes rajji on his shoulders forcibly, while she continues ordering him to let her down. He throws her on the bed, and asks her not to leave this room, or the bed. But in doing so, he too falls on her, and they both have a romantic yet awkward embrace. He pins her on the bed, and asks her to rest till she’s okay. As he gets up, she too gets up. she asks what was this rude behaviour, and to someone who’s sick. he asks her to decide if she’s sick or not. She says that she’s fine and he doesnt need to fend out for her. he says that she forced him to do this for her, and that he’s doing this for her only. she says that she’s fine. He throws her on the bed, and asks her to do whatever she feels like, and not rest. He says that she can watch the house, while he leaves, as he isnt needed. as he storms out, she calls out to him, but he doesnt hear.

By night, as rajji is making dinner, she is mumbling about soham’s behaviour and unnecessary anger at her. She says that soham’s to blame, as this wouldnt have happened, if he had told her about bani, and justifies her anger to herself. She anxiously eyes the watch, and sees that its getting late, and soham hasnt returned yet. She starts getting angry, that soham knows that she’s alone, and till doesnt bother to come home, intentionally to worry her. As she is pacing around nervously, waiting for him to return, the lights go off, and he starts scrambling around in darkness for the candle. She wodners where’s soham, and thinks that she feels very scared alone.

Scene 4:
Location: In the fields shed
Soham remembers his angry moments with rajji, and yet her care, that he cant stop himself from doing. Gugi comes with liquor and asks if noone else came. Soham asks who was supposed to come. When he says noone, gugi is surprised that he ordered for so much liquor. Soham asks him to get water, as he would finish whatever he cant. Gugi is tensed and surprised for soham. As soham gulps down liquor, with great passion, remembering rajji pinned on the bed, and their arguements, gugi is concerned for him, and asks if he’s okay. He doesnt respond. After drinking too much, gugi asks him to stop, as he has had enough to drink. Soham says that he wont go home, and lashes out his frustration about rajji, and gugi is surprised to hear this. He asks soham if they had a fight. soham says that they are always fighting. Soham says that they are friends, and he lieks being with her, but is it necessary that whatever he feels he has to blurt it out to her. gugi asks him not to bother about these petty fights. But soham doesnt listen, and continues to drink, while gugi fails to stop him. In the extreme weather, gugi tries to get soham to go home, but he jerks his hand away. He tries to make him realise that rajji is alone. But when he doesnt budge, gugi says that he can stay here asnd drink all he wants, but he cares for rajji, and would go to look out for her, and if he needs anything.

Scene 5:
Location: Jia’s house.
As bani is taking gifts inside, jia’s mother asks her to stop working and let the servants do it. just then the doorbell rings, and the servant opens the door. Jia’s mother is surprised to see Meet on the door. Bani is hapy too, though he isnt able to see him. As bani steps inside the room, parmeet too steps in. they dont see each other. her mother calls out for her. Jia comes and he apologises that he came so late. She asks him not to be formal, and asks whats thw rok. He says that he wanted to talk something very important. Jia asks parmeet if there’s anything serious and why does he look so tensed. He says that its pretty serious and apologising profusely, he says that the thing is that he cant enter into this marriage. jia and her mother are shocked. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Rajji finds soham in the shed. She asks him to come along home, while he’s drunk. He doesnt listen to her and keeps drinking. He jerks away her hand, and they fall on the barn, in the collision. Soham in an inebriated state, consummates his marriage with rajji, while she too goes with the flow, overwhlemed by his emotions for her for the first time in her life. She too gives and surrenders herself to his passion.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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